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  1. Best of the new : Human Nature / Family of Blood (aka David Tennant Is A Human And Makes Out With The Girl From 'Spaced') Blink (aka Steven Moffat Emotionally Scars Entire Generation Of Children) Dalek (aka The One With The Dalek) Father's Day (aka Rose's Father Dies And It Is Sad) The Girl In The Fireplace (aka The Doctor Is In Luuuuuuuuurve) Honorable Mentions : the episodes where the Doctor teams up with Dickens or Queen Victoria or William Shakespeare (but not the crummy Agatha Christie one) anyone of the episodes where the giant flying spyship Valiant shows up the ones w
  2. Not just you. An idea one step removed from the level of fanfic. Potentially justifiable in that it provides a way for Tennant to return to the Doctor Who role for a special appearance once he's moved on to better things. Is this the last of RTD on the show or is he gonna be doing the specials and stuff?
  3. Spoiler! --Click here to view--There's no way they could have someone replace Tennant without the press finding out, right?
  4. More like **** ****. Spoiler! --Click here to view--Why the hell couldn't Rose just stop traffic herself instead of sending Donna off to die?
  5. Moral of this week's episode : it is WE who are the monsters. How very innovative, Doctor Who. At least spend a little more money next time you want to shove the most obvious of messages down our collective throat. That being said - the whole talking at the same time thing was actually quite creepy towards the end.
  6. A neat conclusion. This ranks as my second favourite two-parter. It'd be interesting to hear how this one was written. I get the feeling (no idea why) that they came up with the need to keep River Song alive and then backtracked from there to integrate the plot device into the story. Except it was done so well that it's almost seamless. The bit with the Vasco Da Gama was a little lame, though. The Doctor basically bluffs his way into a truce ten minutes before the end and then they never mention 'em again? Pfft.
  7. That bit with Proper Dave just kept getting better and better. Professor River Song <blech> is totally going to die. This may be the Doctor's first adventure with her but it shall likewise be their last. Dun dun dun dun!
  8. I didn't really pay all that much attention to the most recent episode but I was wondering if anyone who did could answer the question of whether or not ..... Spoiler! --Click here to view--... the giant bee thing was related to the comments from earlier in the season about the bees disappearing?
  9. Spoiler! --Click here to view--What? What? Bad episode, Doctor Who. Bad episode. Poorly written dialogue, poorly plotted story, poorly just about everything. It's nice that they tried with the Hath, though. And why did they go through the trouble of creating an episode twist where the incredibly long-lived conflict was actually incredibly short and then have to search for a reason to kill off Doctor Juniour? Come on. She's got a limited lifespan, just like the rest of them! Right! Right! Oh, hell. A couples things which were interestingly albeit awkwardly done : examining why the Doctor's p
  10. There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo of Rose during the bit where the Doctor is having wacky webcam fun with the Sontarans, U.N.I.T, and Donna. Specifically, on the communication screen of the TARDIS you see a fuzzy image of Rose shouting something while the Doctor is trying to surreptitiously hint to Donna that she should give him a call. Wikipedia or Who-kipedia could probably tell you if it was new footage or if it's possible to hear what she's saying or whatever.
  11. Spoiler! --Click here to view--It was actually in this week's episode, not the last one. And it wasn't subliminal at all. Oh, and you're wrong about something else.
  12. That episode wasn't all that great. People were vomiting out their own brains so it kinda redeemed itself there but otherwise : sucked. I get it, Doctor Who. Slavery is wrong. Telepathic magic is wonderful. Those Ood-costumes from last year were cool so they had to be brought back. But howsabout having the main characters do something for once instead of just stumbling into trouble for no reason and then stumbling out again? Every single thing which happened in this episode would have happened whether or not the Doctor was there. The most you can say is that if it wasn't for the Doctor maybe m
  13. I'm okay with the new theme. It fits well with the general tone of a series which always seems to assume that the audience can't hear the background music so they decide to MAKE IT REALLY LOUD ALL THE TIME. Why can't this show manage to keep the Doctor's sidekicks around for more than a season at a time? Do they buy the actresses wholesale or something? Or are they planning for a battle royal in the final Tennant episode where Rose, Martha, Catherine Tate, Kylie Minogue, Sally Sparrow, and Cap'n Jack fight to the death until only one is left standing to be the Doctor's true wuvv?
  14. I really don't get it. Why get Stamp to do the voice in the first place if you're not going to follow through with the obvious assumption an informed viewer would make about that sort of choice? It's even a deviation from their usual pattern of stunt casting to have a bad guy play a good guy, if you get what I mean.
  15. It was a Simpsons reference. Duh. In fact, the only reason I posted that was because the joke occurred to me and I had to work my way towards it in a matter that had some semblance of sense. Now that's just crazy talk. It's all so silly when you start with it. Oh, I have decided that Metallo's power source will be the Omegahedron from that Supergirl film where she fights a witch. And that the eventual destiny of Superman is to restore Krypton to existence as part of Jor-El's master plan to save his home planet. Also, the original civilizations from which the Kryptonian Adam & Eve (
  16. That's the problem, yeah. Which is why I imagine they'd come up with a character who is somewhat Zod-esque without being Zod himself. Son of Zod, perhaps. You do bring up a good point about the Stampage. He really is completely associated with the role. For a while there when I was watching 'Smallville' I was convinced that the show was going for a great twist in their presentation of Jor-El. They had Terrence Stamp doing the voice, y'see, and since the content of Jor-El's general message to Kal was something like "Rule over the humans!" I started to assume we'd eventually find out that it w
  17. Maybe. I can count the episodes I've seen over the past four years of that show on one hand so I can't be sure. But from what little I know of their approach to Krypton (portals to Earth? Superman's Mom hiding a picture of herself on the Kent farm?) I don't think it's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Unless you're specifically referring to the idea of "meteor rock freaks" which, yeah, should definitely be incorporated into the general Superman mythos. lovecraftian - nonsense. Retreading the fine works of those who came before us is the only thing that gives life meaning. And to think you
  18. What is wrong with you people? KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Or whatever off-brand equivalent they use (Jax-Ur, Dev-Em, etcetera) in the sequel. I agree that the animated series made a good move tying Brainiac into Krypton. Besides for the reasons you mentioned I also feel that it allows greater leeway in concocting Bottle City stories and that sort of stuff. Actually, if I had my way, pretty much all of Superman's villains would have strong ties to Krypton. Mxyzpltk as the trickster god in Rao's pantheon! Bizarro as the primordial neandarthalish Missing Link of the earliest Kryptonians! Metallo's kry
  19. Read that weird, weird book in any one of a dozen languages at the author's website. Which reminds me : I have his latest short story collection on hold at the library. I should pick that up sometime.
  20. I'm going to provide a quick summary of the Christmas Special for those of you who haven't yet seen it. DAVID TENNANT: We're off on another happy-go-lucky adventure. Why, you might even call it a Poseidon Adventure! FATTIE'S HUSBAND: *falls into engine thingmabob* FATTIE: *falls into engine thingmabob* KYLIE MINOGUE: *falls into engine thingmabob* THE BAD GUY: *falls along with her into engine thingmabob* DAVID TENNANT: Now I am Jesus or whatever. Again. Come, me angels! Away! KYLIE MINOGUE'S GHOST: Isn't it sad when the Doctor has to let go of a newly found girlfriend? AUDIENCE: Not really.
  21. Not a bad way to spend eight minutes. Best bit of it :
  22. I liked how Dwight had a whole serial killer fantasy all mapped out. In the deleted scenes from that week Michael even refers to him as "Dexter".
  23. Every single word that dropped from Kelly's lips this episode was laugh city. And that ending was the show's best piece of awkward pain in an episode that was chock full of it. And was then followed by a moment of utter weirdness. The Office is really a far better show than it needs to be. Dwight doing the names of his ping-pong heroes also cracked me up. I'm easy. Funny sounds is all it really takes to get me.
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