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  1. The thing with Stanley at the beginning --- didn't they do the whole "absent minded character gets his stuff switched out without him noticing" bit a couple of years back? I seem to remember Creed biting into a potato instead of his apple.
  2. It's great. Some of the best Sherlock Holmes ever. The guy they have playing Watson (Tim from the original Office and Arthur Dent from the Hitchhiker's movie) is really good. So is the guy playing Holmes (Benedict Cumberpatch).
  3. The Glister by John Burnside. It is okay I guess.
  4. I'd watch it without him so long as the rest of the cast stayed.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql-N3F1FhW4
  6. "I'm Jolene Bennett. Jo for short. I'm a breast cancer survivor and a close personal friend of Nancy Pelosi. Truman Capote and I slept with three of the same guys. When I was a little girl I was terrified to fly and now I have my own pilots' license. I am CEO of Sabre International and I sell the best damn printer machines Korea can make. Pleased to meet you." This and last night's 30 Rock really got me.
  7. I gave up on Warlock at a little under halfway through (might come back to it some other time) and am now reading John T. Irwin's The Mystery to a Solution. I like it and it is great.
  8. Oh hey it's the guy from In The Loop and Kathy Bates and Agent Haladke from that first season of Alias.
  9. CLIP SHOW! With yet another guy from The Wire. Cool. The bit with the cat still gets me.
  10. Finished The Remarkable Andrew by Dalton Trumbo and on to Warlock by Oakley Hall.
  11. Painfully bad. There was, like, fifteen minutes of story in there stretched out to fill a whole episode.
  12. I love how the series has slowly come around to the point where the show's characters seem to need Michael as much as he needs them. This motley crew wouldn't have thrived under Michael's predecessor ("His cap was de-tated!") and didn't under that new guy played by Idris Elba. So if the show is going where I assume it's going and Michael is about to be fired then that should hammer home what's been going down.
  13. I also like The Unwritten it is good.
  14. "He needs me. Seat save infinity."
  15. Tonight was non-stop fun. Laughed out loud at Creed's reaction to the opera music, the word "Kaiser", Toby's quivering Kermit-esque voice, and any time the new secretary said anything. I don't know quite why but her cheerful obliviousness is just great.
  16. Dry as dust? IT BEGINS WITH THE GREATEST EXPLOSION OF ALL TIME!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!1
  17. Hey you guys it is totally Maps of Time : An Introduction to Big History by David Christian.
  18. Hey it is The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer for the second time.
  19. I've been settling Catan, reading every JG Ballard short story, and eating ice cream. Also : school. Summer TV shows I'll be sorta kinda watching --- Kings, Nurse Jackie, Better Off Ted.
  20. SHADOWDOG IS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. 2) Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler, and Stephen Corbert What did they ever do to you? 3) People who like Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler, and/or Stephen Corbert Same question. 4) People who feel compelled to tell me they don't like something just after I've annouced that I like it. "Man, I really like Cherry PIE." "I hate Cherry PIE." "Gee, thanks for the ****ing update, but I wasn't asking." Haha this is exactly that situation but somewhat reversed 5) People who bitch about seeing movies in theaters. I've been to see at least a thousand movies in the
  21. This and the last one really feels like the cast & crew decided to goof off a little and then filmed the results. I laughed out loud at "WENT TO VOLLEYBAHL CAMP MOS' SUMMAHS!" and the Toby / "Toby" exchange.
  22. He's got Jan's old job (the one everybody was trying out for and then Ryan got in the classic Jim-loves-Pam & Pam-loves-Jim season finale) and was only micro-managing the branch. I like how Michael found an incredibly roundabout way to end up with a situation he could have easily gotten far easier if he'd only talked things out with Wallace a few episodes back.
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