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  1. Nothing #4 He keeps doing this thing where he gathers together a large group of cronies in a big big room (it looks like they’re on the planet Naboo! it looks like they’re debating what they should do about Nute Gunray’s latest plot! it looks like those dumb scenes from TPM and AotC where they’d sit around in a semi-circle and calmly argue in cool but stentorian tones about something or other! the ones with Sio Bibble!) none of whom get to sit at an actual table and sort of advises/admonishes them about what’s going to happen next. At the last time he did this – before
  2. Nothing #3 Sean Penn!? Uh oh! Stay safe, Spicoli!
  3. Nothing #2 Oligarchies don’t function like, I don’t know, S.M.E.R.S.H. in the movies. There’s not one big guy at the top with absolute control giving orders to obedient underlings. Putin is the tip of the spear. He manoeuvred himself into a position of power on behalf of existing interests. Some of whom he immediately betrayed once his position was secure! What he’s doing now makes no sense (asides from being, of course, evil! The making of unprovoked war by one country upon another was adjudged by the Nuremberg Tribunals to be the supreme crime!) so it’s best
  4. Nothing #1 I understand that looking for consistency among these sorts of people is a lost cause (e.g. “So much for the tolerant left!” or “Christian values much!?” is kind of dumb; seeming hypocrisy or apparent incompatibility among moral stances taken by ideological outsiders always always always have an explanation that to the ideological outsider themself is convincing and obvious and immediate — and, in any case, what are we doing here, this isn’t debate class, there’s no referee, there’s no umpire, who cares if someone you disagree with has taken incommensurable positions. if
  5. I thought I had nothing really to say about it, no opinions, but a quick check of my notebook shows more than a little nothing. Like a couple heaps of nothing. Three or four nothings, at least! Here you go! [Edit : Each time I try to post I get an error message. Going to try and divide my post up a bit into multiple posts. Trying to see if whatever the problem is (hyperlinks? the image?) sneaks through that way. You're welcome and/or I'm sorry.] [Edit : yeah, it was some of the links in the very last part! Or one particular link? Whatever, I dumped most of the links from there. You c
  6. short answer : no, not me less short answer : I can recall reading and enjoying Kieron Gillen & Dwayne Harris’ Warhammer : Crown of Destruction and Kieron Gillen & Jacen Burrows’ Warhammer 40,000 : Marneus Calgar (which ganks a twist from, of all things, Paul Jenkins and Adam Kubert’s Origin; not sure where those guys ganked that twist from but it’s a good one, it’s solid, it’s serviceable, it’s maybe kind of the Saving Private Ryan (1998) twist). I’m sort of familiar with the broad strokes of the franchise but I don’t think I’ve read much else. Haven’t played the games or the toy
  7. It seems obviously insufficient to merely say the following — especially when one considers the scale of what you’ve done — but, nevertheless, well, I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t say anything at all so ... Thank you for doing this! I have genuinely enjoyed reading your summaries and commentary. I think maybe my favourite bit out of so so so so many was way back when you were keeping track of all of Lando Calrissian’s derogatory nicknames for his droid sidekick Vuffi Raa? In any case, loved every entry I read! Couldn’t get enough of them! I thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my he
  8. I was about to say that I found the last season to be kind of not quite up-to-snuff but then I remembered it’s got this episode in it so, uh, forgettabout it.
  9. Oh no! I gotta hope there’ll be a spin-off to the spin-off. Something Kim-centric, maybe!? Well, in any case, I’m looking forward to what’s left of the show.
  10. Yeah, GoodReads lets you set a Reading Challenge for the upcoming year. I think the last time I did it was ... 2018!? It’s got kind of an accountability feature baked in to the process because if you do the challenge and any of your friends do the challenge it shows that information on the page where the challenge is, the, uh, the webpage. That’s your accountability right there! It also keeps track of the books you’ve read for any given year.
  11. If you want to play old wordles click here. If you want to play the wordle game all you like, well, here’s a clone. If you want to play an alternative version of the game where the choice of word cheats but in a fair way where you can eventually narrow down the answer then click here.
  12. I saw it. Clancy Brown great! But of course Clancy Brown great even if reading the phone book or whatever. It’s not news at this point in time that Clancy Brown great. We all know Clancy Brown great! Ending terrible! Not a good ending! Can’t figure out how to do a spoiler tag anymore but I suppose telling y’all what I thought was going to end up happening (but didn’t! it didn’t happen! and nothing equally or more satisfying — or even satisficing — happened! what DID happen suuuuuucked!) doesn’t really count as much of a spoiler. If it does, well, sorry. Stop reading these words, maybe!
  13. My nose is doin’ just fine, thanks for asking! So fine, indeed, that I am deeply jealous of it! In fact, it’s already surpassed me by attaining the rank of State Councillor. Not me, nope!
  14. Got my booster shot the day before yesterday. Call me Booster Terrik, call me Booster Gold, call me Booster’s Millions because I gotta say I am feeling pretty boosted. Fatigued, arm fairly ache-y (not as painful today as it was yesterday, though) but all in all, well, not too bad. Can’t complain. Not going to take any more Tylenol® Acetaminophen Extended Release Tablets to deal with it. Just going to let it sort itself out on its own. Certainly no worse than the last two shots of vaccine, that’s for sure.
  15. I thought there was already a Christmas thread posted a few weeks ago but turns out that was ... last year. Time! It’s a terrible thing! That’s a good one! Never heard it before today!
  16. Saw it. Liked it a lot! Don’t really grasp the general critical skepticism towards it on behalf of a fair number of folks — I think it might be his best one yet! But, then again, I thought that about Baby Driver (2017) and also before that thought much the same about The World’s End (2013). I’m a mark, I’m a rube, I’m buying what he’s selling, on the Wright train for life, choo choo.
  17. Saw it. Thought it was great! Don't really understand the critical or commercial reaction to the film (well, that's not entirely true, of course — I do understand it, fans of anything and everything are always disappointed by the new stuff, that's the same old song, plus the show ended fourteen years ago so it makes a good deal of sense that "Hey, why don't you come on down to a movie theatre during a pandemic and watch our fifty million dollar webisode" wasn't an instant success) because it's a really beautiful piece of work. Haunting, funny, in its own way better
  18. Saw them. Thought they were neat! Wish there was more episodes. Always enjoyable to shovel the Star Wars into my eyes and ears. Had a visceral dislike for Toby the Astroboy and his stupid trashcan jetpack-backpack companion. Hated his dumb fleshy face, hated his hopes and dreams, really just could not stand his whole deal at all. I wish the Jedi hunter had killed him, sliced him right up, but seeing as he survived their battle I can but hope there's no hyperdrive on his T-16 Skyhopper so he's doomed to spend the rest of his existence drifting through the cold void of space. Liked the
  19. Summer of '99 at first. Joined up again in Summer '05; I did so a couple more times in between, too.
  20. Saw it! Loved it! The movie super duper surprised me by avoiding doing something that I was sure it was heading towards — a hacky twist that's still latently present within the movie itself but I was glad that it avoids explicitly foregrounding. I'm fairly sure what I'm thinking of (it's kind of a spoiler, I suppose) is even now providing fodder for dumb dumb YouTube clickbait video essays about 'The True Hidden Secret Identity Of Gawain', actually, no, whatever, I shouldn't be so dismissive of the imagined and assumed opinions of unknown others, that's not my bag, go with God.
  21. Yeah! Pretty odd when you consider that it all comes from a grand sum total of two (2) lines in ANH : "You fought in the Clone Wars?" and "General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars." That's it. Nothing else in the movie and nothing else in the rest of the Original Trilogy.
  22. I gave up on this about five minutes in. The animation style is stilted, weird, downright unheimlich. It reminds me of the brainwashing animatics from the Jonathan Demme Manchurian Candidate (which also co-starred Jeffrey Wright!) or those rotoscoped flicks like Waking Life and the Philip K. Dick one whose title escapes me at the moment, wait, it was A Scanner Darkly and it was ALSO directed by Richard Linklater!!!! And the voice acting in it registers to me as equally off-putting, everybody’s performance is just way too low key. I think I’ll skip this show until and unless they adapt
  23. I take stuff fairly often. My body! It hurts me! You've gotta be careful, obviously, because too much of it at once or too regular use of the stuff will ... I'm not actually super duper clear on what'll happen. Burn a hole through my belly? Mess up my internal organs? Imbalance my humours? In any case, I haven't exhausted all the available remedies offered by the local apothecaries. There's still more kinds of pills to pop. I've been exercising fairly heavily (for me, that is, by my own personal standards) this summer and for a few weeks there that seemed to offer me some relief, the p
  24. I gave up about an hour and fifteen minutes into it. Wasn’t feeling it! None of the jokes really landed for me (because they were mostly my least favourite kind, Mr. Monopoly, just an unending sequence of Mr. Monopoly jokes over and over again) and there was maybe one (1) halfway good action sequence in the entire picture up to that point : when the three varieties of soldier action figure (the movie emphasizes how Peacemaker and Bloodsport are basically the same, yeah, but so is Rick Flag!) are being carted away in the back of a jeep to their deaths and they have to frantically best their cap
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