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    They are constantly having abnormal conversations over the entire episode. It's a work of fiction about government superagents spying on a witch in love with a robot. I just want someone somewhere in this episode to have one little piece of abnormal conversation so it's clear to me what's the deal w/this particular aspect of the show. If the idea of a conversation seems so abnormal, well, this could literally have been solved for me with just a prop during all the scenes where they're inside the base camp doing their little detective work. Just a little blurred out picture
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    Hah! I'm revising my previous concrete assumption that Kathryn Hahn is Agatha Harkness and I'm allowing for the possibility she's one of the Agents of Atlas. Venus or Namora, probably, but she could be any of 'em! M-11 The Human Robot, 3-D Man, Gorilla-Man, the Uranian, it's all up for grabs. Although, for real, if Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) does well I do expect them to start up an Agents of Atlas movie/franchise/series/whatever. Those dumb Guardians movies proved you can basically do an Avengers without having any of the characters be big names or a part o
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    I assume it's gotta be, yeah, as well as someone we've already seen on the show but something like the following — TEYONAH PARRIS: What's the witness' name? RANDALL PARK: The FBI can't share that information with any other federal agency on or outside this planet, Agent Rambeau. They're in witness protection. — would really help smooth it along. I mean, why isn't the witness' name & picture up on the big board w/everyone else? Why isn't Jimmy concerned about them at all after the initial pow-wow over it? It's just dumb dumb my
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    I really hated that bit. Either : - we as the audience should be clued into who this person is - or they should provide some explanation as to why they can't talk about who the person is (it would literally take two lines of dialogue) - or, and I think this is the least likely possibility, this person is an irrelevancy and shouldn't have been a part of the story in the first place.
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    Well, it's the first episode that I didn't like! I guess deviation from the formula accounts for that. Unless this week was supposed to be riffing on, like, NCIS ('03-'298) and shows of that ilk. Lost ('04-'10) did an episode kind of like this. But it wasn't the fourth episode of their show! It was, like, Season 3 or whatever. It's inherently uncompelling to just have a bunch of people hanging around watching stuff we've already seen for half an hour so their solution to that dilemma was to ensure the people doing that were familiar minor characters from the larger franc
  6. Working just from memory here : - there was a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Galaxies for a while and I think the nitty gritty of it was that someone somewhere in the story of Star Wars was assumed to have gone through what 'you' went through. Except the 'you' in the previous sentence, the antecedent of the pronoun, was literally hundreds of thousands of different people doing all sorts of different things while, like, wearing different hats. It was, in some sense, canonical. Someone really did see Darth Vader one time, sometime really did get their sk
  7. The final season of The Clone Wars ('08-'20) really coloured outside the lines with the music in a way that I found really pleasing. That last arc especially but as well earlier in the season there's this bit where Ahsoka is at an outdoor café and there's an alien pop song with alien lyrics playing on the jukebox and it sounds like ... David Bowie? There's a comedy bit in AotC where the John Williams score ceases abruptly. I love that little moment! Generally speaking any time in the Star Wars where aliens are singing alien stuff and/or playing their little alien instruments, well,
  8. There's this thing Jason Aaron did in the comics where Thor gets whispered some terrible secret into his ear about Gorr the God Butcher (who is going to be played by Christian Bale in the movie) and it so unnerves him and shatters his world that it makes him unworthy. He can't lift up Mjolnir! It's exactly like this thing Jason Aaron did in the comics where Frank Castle gets whispered some terrible secret into his ear by Bullseye and it so unnerves him and shatters his world that it makes him catatonic. He can't be the Punisher no more because of it! In b
  9. OH WAIT when you kill the Emperor in TIE Fighter. That's my favourite part of any space battle in Star Wars. Shooting down Emperor Sheev Eisley Palpatine's shuttle in the TIE Fighter video game. Final answer.
  10. My favourite parts of the space battles in outer space, listed as they come to mind : the metallic sprooooooing noise Ben Burtt made for the seismic charges Temuera Morrison uses in the asteroid chase in AotC (I think it's also used when he shows up in THE MΛNDΛLORIΛN) when they blow up the Death Stars the pairing of music & motion in that one sequence where the Falcon is diving away from the Imperial ships in ESB all the ships in the fleet jumping to hyperspace in RotJ I kind of like the shot of the Starkiller's rays reaching out like outstretched fin
  11. That's from The Office ('05-'13) right? Season 2, Episode 22? Michael says it to Toby?
  12. I will not be watching this or any other movie in a theatre! I am afraid! I am afraid of the virus! I am afraid of spending a great deal of time in an indoor space with other people! I am afraid of catching or spreading the virus!
  13. I have the most normie babybrain opinion of all time on this point because I'm pretty much always thrilled to see one lightsaber (or more!) fight another lightsaber(s). Love to see the blue light and the green light and the purple light clash against the red light. Or any combination of lights and shapes in conflict. I love the sounds, too. Vhrrrr! Flurrrrrrm! I don't know how many lightsaber fights there are in the entire corpus of the GFFA but let's say for the sake of argument it's 2098. It's a two thousand and ninety-eight way tie for me on which ones are the best. Can't wait
  14. I think Pacific Rim (2013) has a post-credits scene with the surprise revelation that Ron Perlman is still alive and Godzilla : King of the Monsters (2019) has a post-credits scene with the surprise revelation that Charles Dance is still alive.
  15. Okay, I have reconsidered. That makes more sense! I also don't remember but that sounds familiar!
  16. Also, it is clear that in the new movies Godzilla has only the weakest understanding of humanity and sees us, if at all, as little more than commensal organisms at best on the skin of the ecosystem it bestrides. Kong seems more capable of understanding us, valuing us, and responding to us. In a sense he is us, just bigger and stronger. Godzilla is more like Moby Dick. I think the raw nihilism of Godzilla will triumph over the humanity embodied by King Kong. Kong feels love, love for beauty, but Godzilla can feel nothing but rage at his fellow monsters. Please do not ♥ this post. Be like Godzi
  17. Have not seen the trailer. Godzilla will win because he has God in his name and God > King. ♥ this post if you agree.
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    Saw the third episode. Liked the third episode! So, I assume this is kind of obvious but the man & woman in the commercials have to be Wanda's parents, right? I don't mean Magneto & Magda, I don't mean the cow woman made by the High Evolutionary that lived at the foot of Mt.Wundagore who adopted her & Quicksilver, I mean Mr. and Mrs. Maximoff. Her and Aaron Taylor-Johnston's parents. The products they're shilling are all references to formative experiences in her and her brother's life (Stark who dropped the missile on their home, Strucker giving 'em superpowers, Hydra) that
  19. The first movie that came to mind is obviously The Thing (1982) but the second was The Abominable Snowman (1957). Peter Cushing stars, Nigel Kneale script. It's been a while since I've seen it but if memory serves it's good good. Not just cheesy good, not just Hammer Horror good, it's a quality li'l film wherein the yeti is not some mere monster but an elevated state of being the cast strives to meet and match and live up to.
  20. Sounds like you gave him just the confidence he needed to let his true self shine out to the world. Congrats!
  21. I think we're kind of sympatico on this. If I were making a list of, like, top best all-time unquestionable cinema classic 100 films I'd probably choose Raiders but my favourite 'Indiana Jones movie' is Last Crusade, it's the one I rewatch every few years. I really love the following bit :
  22. A thing about the movie that blew my mind was pointed out, years and years ago, by Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio on their website. So much of the movie is about Indy losing. He doesn't keep the idol at the beginning, can't bring himself to blow up the Ark, he pretty much never really wins any of the fight scenes outright (just manages to escape), the movie ends w/the Ark being sealed away. There were more examples, including a scene by scene breakdown, it's not all coming to mind for me at the moment. (P.S. I kind of like Last Crusade more so I guess that counts as them being able to top
  23. Watching the inauguration reminded me of a specific set of parody videos by Adam Buxton. This one and this one and this one. The whole event just seemed so eerie. I mean, everything feels like that nowadays so it's not that unusual but still still still still.
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