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  1. And then he does the little thumbs up with the lighter appendage!!! BB-8 > Rey > Finn > the little Oompa Loompa lady ("Where's my boyfriend?") > that weird bird futilely trying to break open the piece of wreckage > Poe [edit : okay, fine, no reverse that, that's kind of unfair, he's much better than the weird bird, had a lot of funny lines, very nice of him to loan out his jacket, very generous, much handsome, many Bothans]
  2. Aww! Thanks! Whatever number they're up to by then. Is that the name of the bad guys' ship? Uch. That's not a very good name for a bad guy ship.
  3. Man, every single boop and tweedle from BB-8 was absolutely perfect.
  4. I'm going to put this in a spoiler box for length and, uhm, because nobody should read it who doesn't want to because seriously come on.
  5. Verdict : not completely terrible and often kind of good sometimes! There’s plenty to like (the overall tone is light, goofy, and optimistic --- I’m glad that this is a show more about Supergirl ably dealing with the anxieties and pressures of being out and about and heroic with the help of her friends and family rather than some dark brooding revenge-fest; the action sequences are generally well done; Perd Hapley is here, that always makes for a good show in my book, just keep putting Perd Hapley on the news in all the things and I’ll tune in for them) and plenty to not like (the dialogue,
  6. I watched this. I gave up on The Walking Dead comic (or, as it's identified in the credits on this show "series of graphic novels" hah hah what) at some point or another (I think it was either after Kirkman did something really horrible, like I think maybe a baby died, or one of the people who had been around for a long long time got gruesomely eaten after pouring her heart out to another character [maybe the main one or the main one's wife?] about how she wanted a polygamous relatonship, actually no wait I think it was the issue after he had a big splash page with the main guy yelling out to
  7. Man, I know everyone and their cousin is too cool for school (or, umm, in actual reality are in possession of even the merest tiniest scintilla of literary taste and good aesthetic judgment) for these books and comics but Dark Empire and the KJA trilogy were my first exposure to the idea of there being more adventures for these characters after the movies ended and so despite all that's so very wrong within (and, honestly, about) them I still kinda have a soft spot in my heart of hearts for them.
  8. Are these questions 1) for the upcoming movie only 2) for the Sequel Trilogy as a whole 3) for all future Star Wars live action spin-offs, anthologies, etcetera 4) just a friendly innocent poll, define it any way you like, jeez RC it doesn't even matter ????
  9. Who is this creature? That scene is such a Spock scene and that line ("What does God need with a starship?") is such a Spock thing to say and yet Shatner stole it all for himself.
  10. The usual nerd news sites didn't tell me about this SDCC message the show did so just in case I wasn't the only one who missed out here it is : [edit : and they also did one last year I never knew about up until now link man, nerd news sites really got to get it together, let me know about the nerd news in a more timely and complete fashion, not just focus on the big splashy nerd news that gets the sweet clicks, really cover the nerd news beat comprehensively, I guess my main take-away from today's revelation of something like five new minutes of Archer is what else is out there that I
  11. No but I get the feeling now would be a really good time to start.
  12. I don't know what to say. Them turning the Shannara books into TV is like them turning the milk'n'cookies I used to eat after school into TV. Maybe just go with the usual nerd formula CBGIDR but were those Shannara books even any good to begin with? Is milk good? Were those cookies delicious or did I just think they were delicious because I was too young to know any better? Will I even watch this Shannara show? I'm watching this show called Dominion --- it's not good, I can tell, but I'm still watching it anyways because ... ??? anyway very important questions clearly, super duper important
  13. So the part where Martha Kent says : "People hate what they don't understand. Be their hero, Clark. Be their angel. Be their monument. Be anything they need you to be." YAAAAAY AND SUPERMAN IS SAVING A ROCKETSHIP WHILE SHE SAYS THIS HURRAY and then her next words are : "Or be none of it. You don't owe this world a thing. You never did." whaaaaaaaat
  14. Chewie better be in it. In fact, I hope this is like the new Mad Max and it's more Chewie's movie than Han's. They better not save up all the Chewbacca for a sequel is what I'm saying --- they better realize they can more easily convince me I'm seeing Chewie on screen (and, therefore, whatever blob of flesh is wearing the classic vest'n'pants next to him must be New Han) than the rough uphill climb it'll be to make me (or, one assumes, everyone else too) believe even for a second that some joe shmo actor on his own is a Young Harrison Ford.
  15. I wish I had a Google Image Search for my brain because a Fred Hembeck gag strip where he does just that is floating to the surface of my memory --- then again, it's probably just a delusion paired to whatever particular type of semi-aphasia makes me think it makes sense to string 53 sentences together into a single paragraph. anyway back on topic : a sixth Spider-Man movie so exciting I have such high hopes for it; I bet it'll make Spider-Man 2 (2004) look like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
  16. At first my post was all perfectly formatted as a series of individual one-to-two sentence paragraphs with the quoted lines from the Sony/Marvel agreement in bold to differentiate them from my super important commentary but then something happpened (either with my computer or the buggy Nightly interface) and it all ended up on the screen in a single giant block of text and I decided that I liked it better that way. I did, however, go back and edit the last line so it stood out on its own. I'M NOT A MONSTER.
  17. It's weird. I'm not the biggest Spider-Man fan in the world (some affection for the classic stuff, can remember really liking what I saw of the 90s animated series, but I go hot and cold on contemporary Spider-Man and seem to prefer it when he shows up as a guest-star in other books or in team series rather than on his own) but even I can think up times where all these Musts and Does Not's have been set aside. Must be male? Ummm Spider-Girl ran for like 100 issues. Does not torture? Pretty sure there was some blogspot brouhaha about Spider-Man torturing people a few years back and even disrega
  18. I don't know. The animation style adapting Vader's look to the medium makes him seem kind of ... skinny ? I didn't really notice last time he showed up but here it didn't look like him to me. #notmyvader Other comments/complaints : - Why does Commander Sato have a Neimodian accent? - Was Ahsoka lying? - A-wings hurray!
  19. It might but I'm betting now The Force Awakens doesn't. There'll probably be some twist : it'll either come a few minutes into the action or possibly at the very end of the movie. Or maybe maybe with the usual placement right at the top but integrated into the film itself in a way that hasn't been done so far. And yeah I could be wrong and they'll just go the traditional route but just in case they don't I want to be able to point to this post in the future and be all like "I won this bet with myself!". [Edit : just in case Nightly isn't around in six months I just want to let you know tha
  20. hooooooo boy It just seems to me that a lot of this is like going on about magicians' tricks and asking questions like "Why did they kill off the bunny?" or "But where did the handkerchief go?”. Is it a gimmick? Of course it is. It’s all gimmicks. It’s all magic. It’s all story telling. Is it pointless? Yes! It’d be pointless even if they did it in a way that seemed, on the face of it, to have a point. And clichéd or poorly executed suspense is still suspense; especially in the eyes of naifs. Should the people who make the shows not lie about what they’re going to do? If you’re throwing
  21. Now that's a trailer.
  22. Awful. The last thing I saw him in was 1961's Scream of Fear and, as was so often the case, he's the best thing in the whole movie. Maybe the best at being bad guys maybe ever? Surely the only good non-skinny Mycroft in any Sherlock Holmes adaptation.
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