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  1. Baby Driver A++++ Transformers V (?): The Last Knight ??????? The Mummy C+
  2. Saw it yesterday. Putting my thoughts behind a spoiler warning both for tautological reasons (there are spoilers in what I say!) and because, come on, you get what my deal is by now, one hopes.
  3. It has to be the for me to like it, God help me.
  4. if it was "Last of the Jedi" I think I would like it more! Because he probably isn't in charge (and/or doesn't really get final say) of what his movie is called, I assume.
  5. I do not like this name for this movie at all! Unless it turns out in the future 1 that Episode IX will also a have a three-word title beginning with the same definite article. If that is the case then it is fine 2. If that is not the case, if, say, Episode IX is called "Han Solo's Ghost Has Advice" or "Lightsabers Of Alderaan" or "More X-Wings For Everyone" or what-have-you, then this title for Episode VIII is bad. But if it's something like "The Next Republic" or "The Grand Finale" or "The New Ewoks" or as-you-like, then, yes, this title will retroactively seem pretty good to me. All t
  6. I'm tippy-tapping this out on my tablet so I'm going to be a little m. brief than usual. THE GOOD Jyn nonchalantly kneecapping that stormtrooper w/out even looking at him, just walking by and a blaster shot to his leg, ba-boom, wonderful. Darth Vader cutting down rebel troops, sans mercy, sans pity, sans effort. Ben Mendlesohn's performance. Forest Whitaker's line delivery. Donnie Yen's little stroll. Plenty of good open handed slaps to the face, that's always a treat. THE BAD Just ... all of it (?). Almost all of it. Our main character makes a decision offscreen not to join the good
  7. Saw it yesterday! And still kind of mad (well, not really, but, yes, sort of) about it.
  8. At the end of the last season I wondered if the status quo for the next season would be a lot like the later years of ReBoot (the younger protagonist grew into the role inhabited by the older one, each sort of lost their way for a while and struggled with the difficulties imposed by their new circumstances in ways they previousy hadn't, sorry if this is a sort of vague summary but I don't really remember too well what happened in that series, it was just an idle thought if maybe this time around Enzo = Ezra and Bob = Kanan, it's mostly just half-memories of them flying around the 'Net in a s
  9. I saw Star Trek Beyond (2016) and I had some semi-sort of "thoughts" but they're going to go behind a spoilerbox because of spoilers and length!
  10. YESS All those Rey-alone-by-herself sequences were the highlight of the film for me but that was kind of the best of the best (I dunnaknow ... maybe her eating that weird mouldy bread and putting that helmet on was a close second). Maybe the TIE Fighter cockpit conversation between Poe and Finn (which had a real this-nes to it, for me) is the only other runner-up playing on that emotional level the way I experienced the film.
  11. Yes. Very. But, even more so, a mere three years from now A NEW LIFE AWAITS ME IN THE OFF-WORLD COLONIES
  12. I actually really like how they paid him 4 billion dollars and yet he even still can't help himself from saying something like that.
  13. I don't think Star Wars is racist. It's just that all the mythological and cinematic materiel it's drawing upon for its points of reference is racist. No real life Japanese people tallk like the Trade Federation talks but the Japanese bad guys in World War II movies sure did. I don't think the hooknosed slave-owner with the Mediterranean inflections is there to make a statement about how George Lucas feels about Jews, or Arabs, or Italians, or Greeks; he's just mindlessly and insensitively drawing on some archetype from some old sword'n'sandals movies he's seen from when he was a kid. The new
  14. That's the answer to just about any question about what happens in TFA. But .... 1. I think the red right hand thing is a little bit of a piece with all this clearly awful horrible stuff that's gone down in the interval between the original movies and these new ones; a real Empire Strikes Back level of trauma has come to bear on the main characters and has sort of torn them up and turned their lives upside down. So even Threepio has had his arm severed and even R2-D2 has been frozen in (metaphorical!) carbonite. But because the droids are who they are it's not like they're going to be sad mo
  15. Mon Mothma film(s) Jimmy Smits flying around the galaxy with the droids and the wife in the Tantive IV, getting in and out of scrapes and helping the needy a bad guy movie, the bad guys hunting down rebel scum, flying those bad guy ships while the Imperial March plays (they could even call it that, it's not too bad of a title) scoundrels and smugglers If they're going to go the full Marvel and just have a Star Wars Cinematic Universe with a movie coming out of every seven months there's really no end to what they can do, is there?
  16. 1. Star Wars '77 2. Empire Strikes Back (some drop-off in quality between the original and the sequel, we don't really notice because we're just glad to see these guys having fun and/or getting tortured and that ending is such a punch to the gut [in a good way] that it makes up for any unnoticed deficiencies in what came before) 3. Return of the Jedi (the rot really really sets in here, this is like three movies stacked together, the Rescue of Han Solo, Jungle Adventure Among The Cannibal Teddy Bears, and Superb Dramatic Finale, and the last two don't really gell together for me anymore) 4. Th
  17. I would think so too but then again I also used to feel that Han Solo wasn't the sort of character who ever really needed a story about his end (nor a beginning, neither), just fun to imagine him off in some bar somewhere, resting from one stupid adventure on his way to another one, but some people out there apparently disagree with me.
  18. blue ghosts Rey keeps her pole Finn wakes up from the coma for an in media res start for whatever the new status quo is rather than having him do that offscreen years before the movie starts; I don't need all these guys to have a bunch of offscreen adventures together in the interval and that character is so much fun when he's just winging it with no real clue what's actually happening some cool new spaceships this time around they're going to blow up the Falcon, aren't they, ucchhh they are probably going to blow up the Millennium Falcon or kill Luke or Leia
  19. I don't think she's Luke's kid (although, super-obviously, yes, there's no way that can be ruled out). I think Luke is kind of her Obi-Wan rather than her literal actual father. The three v. important clues (which, again super-obviously, don't automatically and authoritatively point in the direction I see them going but do seem to suggest something to me other than the standard assumption of her being Rey Skywalker-Captison-vonCallista-Fitzjade) : 1) Luke went off to find the very first Jedi temple and I assume that's where he is when she finds him 2) Kyle Lauren reads her mind and talks a
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