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  1. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but, for me, my "time portal" is mostly just the literal actual factual morbid truth that sometimes people I care about (in a particular way), uh, y'know, die (e.g S. Lee, S. Ditko) combined with the much happier and more pedestrian reality that sometimes Nightly will e-mail me if someone messages me through it or Likes my posts or whatnot. Oh, and also, there is sometimes a new Star War, too.
  2. I don't particularly mind consolidating most of the forums and I'm fine with denying access to people who have only made nine hundred and ninety nine posts here (why? because those people are despicable <1000post scum, they deserve the ground, I hate them, I hate their families!!!) but please don't delete anything in the Archives.
  3. No, it couldn't get made today; because RDJ gets fifty million per picture now and Tom Cruise doesn't need to rehabilitate his image no more. (You could probably still do a comedy w/blackface, though).
  4. B'DE. My favourite story he ever co-created (and there may be no way to know for sure now what exactly his role in it was; if he edited it, wrote it, plotted it, co-plotted it, scripted it; the exact level and nature of Stanley Lieber's involvement in this story (and so many others!) might now be lost to the mists of time) is the one about the comic book artist, stymied by his past successes and urged on by two demanding taskmasters, who is hypnotized by the tools of his trade into creating a monster in a foreign land, a monster so realistic it actually becomes real, a monster that --- actua
  5. Saw six more of these and re-watched a handful of them, so, as has been long overdue for quite a while, well, time to ♫ ADJUUUUST THE RANKINGS ♫ 19. The Incredible Hulk This'n's the worst! Don't believe the contrarians. I'm not so sure where the fault lies here but I think it's with one among the following : a) Ed Norton re-wrote the script to fit with his particular obsession w/playing roles defined by the idea of a divided self and just botched the job. b) It was real early days for the script formulae of Typical Marvel Movie (I don't think there's even a tease for Hulk returning in th
  6. A page from Amazing Adult Fantasy #14, in 1962, one issue before the title dropped the Adult (and the debut of a certain hyphenated teenage superstar) : From the letter column of Monster Menace #3, in 1993 : A sample of his correspondence, circa 2018 :
  7. Saw it. I have, like, two version(s) of my thoughts regarding this movie. Short version : Slightly longer version :
  8. I have seen the new Darin Morgan episode starring Brian Huskey (whose presence was teased a few episodes prior in the Langly one when they were looking through the Xeroxed X-Files and this showed up) and guest-featuring Dan Zukovic (as the guy in the opening Twilight Zone riff) and I liked it a lot --- but not enough to watch the one that came out before it or the one that came out after it. Or, maybe, didn't dislike it enough --- unsure of how my relationship w. The X-Files (1993-2003, 2008, 2016, 2017-????) functions --- I watched tons and tons of the bad episodes when they were first airing
  9. Phantom Thread A? A+? No, It's An A For Me But Could Be An A+ To Others, Who Can Say For Sure Call Me By Your Name B+ The Post C Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri B+
  10. Predictions (hah hah, no, really just futile hopes) for the season finale: * TOS era Klingon make-up and couture! * they meet the quote unquote real Lt. Tyler, stuck within Voq's body, in Klingon captivity! * they meet the quote unquote real Captain Lorca, also taken captive by the Klingons! * they ditch this dumb plan, go to the Mirror Universe instead, track down the alternate T'Kuvma, convince him to come over to the other side, have him claim to have returned from Sto Vo Kor and thus unite the warring Houses in opposition to their true enemy ... the Rihannsu! * the Cyborg Redhead and Cad
  11. Buddy, that is clearly not the case but if you're talking about the movie then, yeah, sure, I hope to not-miss it as many times as un-possible.
  12. I have not yet seen and am not currently planning to see The Last Jedi but, as this is clearly some form of competition, I am going to lie and say SEVEN TIMES so I can win. And I reserve the right to amend my final answer to +1 of anyone else's in the future. (Realistically speaking, once? Twice? I'll probably see it sometime soon-ish and I might see it again. Saw TFA once, saw R1 twice.) (Edit: it just occurred to me that the winning score might be the lowest possible answer! If so, then I will have seen The Last Jedi like, -7 times, and again, I reserve the right to amend my final answer t
  13. The new X-Files re-start is mostly bad (is this the third time they've brought back The X-Files?) but, fortunately, the upcoming Darin Morgan episode is going to be a brand-new Darin Morgan episode unlike the last time they re-started The X-Files when the Darin Morgan episode was just a mere re-write of a previously unfilmed Darin Morgan episode from when they brought back Kolchak The Night Stalker (hah hah, I checked Wikipedia and they technically brought that back three times as well --- once as a TV movie sequel and once as a TV Series and then once again in the 2000s as a reboot). So this
  14. Tonight's new episode ... * is good! * was directed by Jonathan Frakes! * seems like it could be watchable even if you haven't seen the other ones and probably makes a good introduction to the series as a whole so far * is plotted around a piece of Star Trek lore familiar even to semi-casual audiences, but, also ... * references THE LAST TIME a spin-off show did the above thing! We also get to see Saru's threat ganglia (again), Mary Wiseman gets a li'l makeover, there's some stabbing, bright lights, it's a real fun time!
  15. Saw these first nine episodes. Well, short version, I really liked it! Slightly longer version, written up because I now realize I will have to avoid much of the Internet until I see Force Awakens II : The Force Is Really Up And Out Of Bed For Good This Time, No Snooze Setting On Its Alarm Clock At All :
  16. He is a director who has made at least one (1) film I have liked!
  17. My technical (and other!) skills are limited but I thought I'd go ahead and give that a try! (Naturally, uh, congratulations.)
  18. Kong : Skull Island D+ Alien : Covenant D+ The Founder C+ Menashe C+ Pirates of the Caribbean : We Will Never Be Free Of This, Will We? D-
  19. I am glad that the director who has never made a single film I liked is not going to be making one of the Star War(s) and I hope he is replaced with a director who has made at least one (1) film I have liked!
  20. The Descent Martyrs (2008) Patrick (both original & remake) Ginger Snaps Dog Soldiers Trick R Treat XX Event Horizon In The Mouth of Madness Body Parts The Convent (2002) Grabbers The Final Girls Cabin In The Woods Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil Behind the Mask : the Rise of Leslie Vernon May The Signal (2007) The Last Supper Dogtooth The Changeling (1980) Session 9 Lifeforce (TOBE HOOPER RIP) The Sender (1982) Near Dark You're Next Cheap Thrills Plus, y'know, of course :
  21. Look, you know that line J. Michael Stracynzki (sp?) wrote in a comic book and they cannibalized for Emily Van Camp's speech in Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014)? That line about how sometimes the world is wrong, and if everyone is telling you to move, you gotta plant yourself down in the ground and tell the world : "No, you move,"! You know that line? Do you remember that line? Well, that line means to me that the Thor movies are good, the Iron Man movies are not that great, and some of the ones you haven't seen were a real disappointment.
  22. ♫ TIME TO COMPLAIIIIIIIIN ♫ Game of Thrones --- Once the books are finished I will make a decision about whether or not I will read any of them books. Once those necessary and sufficient conditions are met, well, then I'll decide about the TV show. I feel that this is a reasonable and understandable approach to take regarding the absorption of long-term iterated art and its adaptations into other media, but hey, world, as the kids say, you do you. I feel like I could semi-accurately describe the events on Planet Westeros pretty well despite never cracking open one of G.R.R. Martin's tomes or
  23. Look, it's very simple. I love ugliness, hate beauty, and do opposite of all Earthly things. [Edit : hah hah, I just realized I like all the ones w/ Jeremy Renner in 'em --- that's my dividing line of quality, somehow, inexplicably, the movies with Hawkeye in them get a pass from me for no apparent rhyme or reason.]
  24. Haven't seen the Ed Norton Hulk or the second GotG. 1. Captain America: The First Avenger Stylish, witty, long on heart and short on flaws. Great performances, some extraordinary technical achievements (when they Benjamin Button up Chris Evans, duh-doy, but a lot of the usual SFX is better in this'n than it is for a lot of the others, at least to my eyes) and it ends great (I wonder if it might even count as a twist ending for an uninformed audience unaware of who Cap is and what he's about; maybe not since the movie opens with a prologue establishing the recovery of the ship [and shield!]
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