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    P.S. Lady Trieu is Laurie's half-sister. I am only, like, three fifths kidding. [Edit : wait, I googled it and other people think this too! I have to come up w/something more farfetched!] [Edit again : Senator Bob from Mad Men is going to become a red version of Doctor Manhattan and they're going to fight!] [Edit again again : wait, I think that was Chip Zdarsky's joke from years ago of what he would do as a sequel. I am trying to come up w/something for the silver guy who slid into the drains and I got nothing!! I think we've reached the point where predicting what's happening next woul
  2. R.CAllen


    Going to divide this into two rough categories : extratextual and within-the-text-itself. 1) I have seen Damon Lindelof's actually good television show and so I kind of feel I have a rough sense of his obsessions as a writer : the things he likes, the subjects he finds appealing, what goes around and around in his balding head (minor aside : it's mostly just 9/11). My assumptions for how he would use the character of Doctor Manhattan, even before seeing the first episode of this show itself, is basically just one of two approaches : a) as an absent presence, never actually elaborated or tr
  3. Please just let me continue to resurrect this stupid thread every couple of months/years. Thanks! ... Hustlers (2019) C+/B-
  4. I had myself a little noirvember. Act of Violence (1949) A Mystery Street (1950) D The Blue Dahlia (1946) D Border Incident (1949) B+ City That Never Sleeps (1953) B+ Crime Wave (1953) A Decoy (1946) C+? B-? Moonrise (1948) D His Kind of Woman (1951) A The Phenix City Story (1955) B+? A-? These Letter Grades Can Get Kinda Arbitrary & Inconsistent, I Assume That's Understood But Nevertheless Dial 1119 (1950) B Pitfall (1948) D+? C-? Private Hell 36 (1954) B- Road House (1948) D-, But I Was Maybe Just In A Bad Mo
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    Seeing this guy in the opening of the most recent episode, well, what came to mind once I realized/remembered what Sunday Evening Watchmen was doing this week (i.e. having Regina King's character hallucinate herself as Jovan Adepo / Louis Gosset Jr.'s character) was the 100th episode extravaganza gasleak clipshow of 30 Rock where Cheyenne Jackson's character of Canadian Danny hallucinates himself as the character he replaced, Lonny Ross' Josh Girard. This bit, here.
  6. The Lighthouse C+ Parasite A Terminator : Dark Fate D+
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    GLYCON FORGIVE ME BUT I HAVE WATCHED THREE EPISODES OF THE WATCHMEN TV SHOW AND HEARTILY ENJOYED EACH AND EVERY ONE - IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR The Leftovers (2014-2017) BEING ONE OF THE BEST TELEVISION SHOWS OF ALL TIME I WOULD HAVE JUST SKIPPED THIS BUT, NOPE, I GAVE IN AND I'M GLAD I DID SO FAR - THANK YOU TRENT REZNOR FOR TAKING THE Knight Rider (1982-1986) THEME AND MAKING IT SLAP I think something's going to happen (can't really back it up in the usual fashion; it's not a fan theory because I'm not offering any fan evidence, nope, no sir, this is totally not a return to the endless episode
  8. R.CAllen


    Every time I see a trailer or piece of promotional advertisement or online-speculation/confirmation-that-Michael-Dorn-is-gonna-be-in-this or what have you it really gets me how weird television is, how weird the entertainment landscape in general is, that this is going to be a for real TV show instead of like a video game or an IDW comic or series of licensed ghostwritten books 'authored' by Patrick Stewart or whatever. They're making this. They (Michael Chabon?!) already made it.
  9. As with so many other good1 things in this woebegone world, well, we all owe the existence of the Happy Death Day franchise to my sweet sweet sweet sweet2 man, Mr. Scott Lobdell. 1 Well, you know, for locally-accepted-values of good. 2 Yes, it is a nigh-universally accepted intersubjective fact that Mssr. S. Lobdell is four hundred percent sweeter than average!
  10. I forget who it was from here who had a kid who'd mispronounce the word 'popsicle' as fucksickle and then once they corrected him (her?) on it the kid would solemnly tell them each time THEY said the word 'popsicle' that it was "a no no word" but I think about that roughly three or four times a month, easy.
  11. I'm not a hundred percent positive but I most probably may have been thinking of Naomi Alderman's The Power. You're welcome! I remember way back when really liking the short story in this'n about Gotham City's tailor-for-hire. (Google tells me this was 'Neutral Ground', by Mike Resnick, about a guy named Kittlemeyer who made, maintained, & replaced the costumes & specialized gear for Batman and all his villains.) Don't think I've read that one! May add it to the list! Thanks!
  12. The first three that came to mind : And, naturally, "Never! Never, Marge! I can't live the button down life like you. I want it all! The terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creaaaamy middles! Sure, I might offend a few of the blue noses with my cocky stride & musky odours - oh, I'll never be the darrrrling of the so-called 'City Fathers' who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about 'What's to be done with this Homer Simpson?'!"
  13. In roughly descending order of vehement enthusiasm : Al Ewing's portion of the Pax Brittania series - that'd be El Sombra, Gods of Manhattan, and Pax Omega (apparently, all three are collected in The El Sombra Trilogy omnibus)Elliot S! Maggin's two Superman novels - that's Superman : Last Son of Krypton and Superman : Miracle MondayRobert Mayer's Superfolksthe Masked anthology of short stories edited by Lou Anders - incl. work by Paul Cornell, Gail Simone, and Mike Carey!V.E. Schwab's Vicious (although I can't even half-vouch for the sequel or anything else in that particular series; but I d
  14. I like the skids & the McMurrays, too, but the preacher character (played by one of the show's co-creators?!) is kind of halfway to being a hate crime and the high-pitched-voice upside-down naked guy is more miss than hit for me.
  15. "The Rise of Skywalker"!? As titles go, well, that seems more like the name of a fanfic spec treatment for Episode II that was available online at, like, starwarsprequelsrumoursandmore.ezboards.ca during the fall of '00 than a for real movie coming out nowadays.
  16. Uh? Thirteen years? More? I was never big (or medium, even) into buying music though.
  17. Captain Marvel (2019) C+? B-? Captain Marvel! (2019) B-? C+?
  18. Meanwhile, on Earth B, this only-slightly-less-crazy cast list was announced ... (Addendum : Yes, I too, am v. excited for the new Star Wars show, pew pew pew!, AHGHHIAH, etcetera, etcetera.)
  19. I project a 95% confidence interval if I walk into my local movie theatre and pay for my ticket that is EXACTLY WHAT I SHALL BE RECEIVING. So, it's not just you!
  20. You're absolutely right! I still think that my sweet purple arrow boy, my Hawkguy, is going to use a purple arrow on the purple man to bring back his family in the upcoming movie; but now that you've mentioned the word 'Ronin' I am just mad, full-on online Internet argument angry mad, at Mssr. Brian Michael Bendis for all that Ronin rigmarole1 in the first place. 1 Ronigmarole? Rigmaronin?
  21. It's no Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (1970), or Metropolitan (1990), or Gremlins (1984), or The Lion In Winter (1968), or A Midnight Clear (1992), or Die Hard (1988), or Elf (2003), or Cash On Demand (1961), or The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) or The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), or Eyes Wide Shut (1999), but it's still a perfectly acceptable Christmas film!
  22. My sweet purple arrow boy (who is starting to physically resemble Rainer Werner Fassbinder more and more these days) is going to use a purple arrow on the purple man to BRING BACK HIS FAMILY!!!!11!
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