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    I thought it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. • Repetitive! Picard has a dream and then Picard has a dream! Picard goes to a sci-fi place (Starfleet Archives) and then Picard goes to a sci-fi place (Daystrom Insitute)! • It can't decide whether it's for die-hard dyed-in-the-wool Memory Alpha editors or casual fans of Star Trek (a category which probably includes, well, possibly a large plurality of literally all living fans of televised non-'reality' non-sports narrative programming). What needs to be explained and what doesn't need to be explained shifts from scene to scene because of this!
  2. Obi-Wan dual wields both lightsabers facing down a krayt dragon by the third episode or I'm out.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly! I have never seen this movie and, בלי נדר‎, never will. So I have no reason to doubt that it's the best sci-fi movie ever because I have seen literally no evidence to the contrary, I'm fine w/that, that makes sense to me, it all adds up. I've seen some (or all? They're pretty much the same movie over and over again so it's tough for me to tell which ones of the five or six that have come out I have seen or not seen) of the Michael Bays (Michaels Bay?) though, and they're kind of okay (well, no, they're terrible!) enough for me. I don't really remember off hand much o
  4. Sorry! There was a time when the unpaid content creators here @ Ricardo Champignon Allen Industrial Posting Facilities would've hyperlinked each individual scene but those days are long gone by now. Ever since editorial was sacked back in '11 standards have really disappeared : it's little more than just a clickbait factory paired w/incomprehensible ramblings and/or injokes that make sense to a grand total of one (1) person(s). What is this, I don't remember thisThe Hardware Wars homage in TLJ. What is this, I don't remember this In TLJ when Finn, Rose, DJ and BB-8 sneak onto Snoke'
  5. Of all the things I liked about this movie, well, I'm not sure "ideas" would really top the list.
  6. Just gonna try and throw ten things out here and now w/out giving it much thought : * Han Solo saying "Move, ball" contemptuously to BB-8 * Threepio calling Babu Frik one of his oldest friends * Luke slurping down that milk while eyeing Rey w/disdain * BB-8 giving a little thumbs-up flare to Finn * Luke screaming out "the sacred Jedi texts!" to Ghost Yoda * the fake-out shot of what seems to be a spaceship but is actually space laundry equipment * the ending of TFA * Rey, alone, on Jakku * the troopers reacting to Kylo Ren's temper tantrum * Leia telling Han, "If you see our son, bring him h
  7. I, too, remember that classic episode of the classic television show "Simpsons Family" wherein Herman, Sarge, Burt, Dana, & Baby Simpson all had their rambunctious adventures in the kooky town of Spoonfed! Season 4, Episode 12, "Sarge vs. the Streetcar", guest-starring Martin Short & never mind, I just remembered the episode where Marge is in a musical adaptation of "A Streetcar Named Desire" and the Simpsons characters sing "STREETCAR!", sorry, sorry for assuming someone else made an obvious mistake when it was clearly me
  8. So, again, just to clarify, for my own personal edification, once more, correct me if I'm wrong but the following things (exact quotes in bold) make sense to people : - "Their [Disney/Lucasfilm/unnamed higher-ups?] goal is to make JJ look bad to potential investors/shareholders." - "Disney insisted on more fan service, less controversy." FELLOW NERDS, THE MOUSE IS ON OUR SIDE! - "The force ghosts weren’t meant to be voices because they shot that footage on camera. The actors were in costumes." The movie has been out a month and this is, like, a dozen different people, some of them fairly
  9. Oh boy, #ReleaseTheJJCut, what fun! I had next to no idea confabulating nonsense (Disney hates JJ Abrams so much and are scared of the opposition so badly they're going to tank their own movie just so, what, he'll be paid a little less to write & direct some DC properties for Warner Bros?), semi-plausible possibly true insider info (I think I read somewhere JJ hates directing kissing scenes so him not being on board for the big kiss between Ridley & Driver sorta makes sense) and blatant fan wish fulfillment (wouldn't it have leaked already if all those actors showed up to play blue g
  10. I Heard You Paint Houses (2019) B+ Frozen II D-
  11. Nope! Sorry --- that post was just me saying I wanted a re-edit of the finale where the audience never sees the face of The Mandalorian.
  12. The real dead beat dads are Chris Sherman & Jedi Apprentice.
  14. You're welcome! It was definitely e-mail but I can't remember for a certain fact if it was you (it might've been ... not you?) and everything on my end was sent from an old, now defunct & inaccessible, hotmail address --- I guess we should consider this one of the many mysteries of continuity now lost to the mists of time, much like the Third Summers Brother (no, wait, Brubaker brought that back) or the final identity of The Twelve.
  15. Just not gonna think about it and type out a list of nine movies, easy, no sweat : 1. A New Hope (1977) 2. The Last Jedi (2015) (I think being so good when I wasn't expecting any of the new ones to rock my world has really inflated its rep in my brain) 3. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 4. The Phantom Menace (1999) (yes, I think this coheres together as a moment-to-moment narrative better than RotJ) 5. Return of the Jedi (1983) 6. Attack of the Clones (2002) (I overvalue Lucas's insane auteur wackiness above the smooth feel of the new stuff) 7. Revenge of the Sith (2005) (wait, do I really th
  16. - Saw it again! No real new impressions or changes to the status quo - it's still bad, I still enjoyed it, still think it's the best of the bad ones! - Look. Say what you want about Lucas, sure, go ahead. But when he re-did the Cantina scene three times over in The Phantom Menace (once as competitors in the Ben Hur style pod-race, and then again as staid austere elder statesmen in the Jedi Council, and then a third time as what Patton Oswalt's brother Matt called "C-SPAN with monster masks" for the Republic Senate) he made to sure to put lots of different aliens on the screen, didn
  17. You still can! I'm not sure the way I process and evaluate entertainment tracks v. well w/the way everybody else does; there's obviously a great deal of overlap but things about stories that ruin or elevate them for me will either go unnoticed or have inverted valences for others. As always, and apropos enough for this particular flick, your mileage may vary! Jojo Rabbit F A Hidden Life A
  18. I have seen Star The Rise of Skywalker Wars and I have liked Star The Rise of Skywalker Wars. Surprise! No one's more surprised than me! - It's not a good movie by any means, and certainly not a good capstone to either its particular trilogy or the Star Wars Saga as a whole. But it is consistent in its quality (in a way that JJ's last outing w/the series just plain wasn't, that was just a good first act and a dynamite ending moment with a whole lotta messy nothing in between), it offers a lot of itself from the start and doesn't stop. It kind of does a little miniature Star Wars in the first
  19. R.CAllen


    Saw the final episode. Well, there's always a pleasure in being surprised! [Edit: SNEAK PEEK @ SEASON 2 : https://videopress.com/v/uqRydNJT]
  20. I think 1) this reverent approach to earlier pop cultural material and integrating of the processes of production into the narrative embodied by this trailer is just going to be the default for every one of these make'em'ups from here on in until the seas boil and the sky falls down, huh? Everything's gonna be a Force Awakens / Jurassic World (which literally had Jake Johnson wandering around inside itself wearing old merch commenting on plotholes) / Endgame no matter how poorly that angle of attack matches the story they're continuing, because that's what made the biggest bucks and if you'r
  21. Re: HoxPox, I found my reading of it was smoothed and enriched by Matthew Perpetua's commentaries and Paul O'Brien's annotations; any sort of questions or queries prompted by a lack of familiarity with X-men continuity past or present (such as : Wait, why is Xavier alive? What happened to the younger time-travelling X-Men? Wasn't Wolverine dead? I don't understand - was Orchis already around or is it Hickman's innovation? Who ARE these people and those people and those persons and associated artificial and organic intelligences?) were ably addressed by the former and deeper themes and consiste
  22. R.CAllen


    LOL. Yeah! I saw it! I was wrong about so much. (Lindelof making use of the signature Black Mirror song 'Anyone Who Knows What Love Is' during the bar scene and then dropping two more Irma Thomas songs, well, - .) I don't have the $$$ to bet any money, good or otherwise, on anybody being anybody's daughter but I don't think Lady Trieu is literally Ozymandias' flesh'n'blood offspring - she might just see herself that way (perhaps the child of one of the servants he murders in the atrium?) and I base that supposition on how Adrian Veidt describes the origin of his own intellect, as a choice
  23. Yeah, I wouldn't swear to this in a court of law or anything but I'm pretty sure I got into the X-men comics during the lead-up to the movie, dipped into the concurrently published line roundabout that period but found it to be nigh-incomprehensible mush, picked up some of the Ellis-driven re-launches of the satellite books, then once the Grant Morrison / Frank Quitely / Igor Kordey (sp?) / Phil Jiminez (am I missing an accent on Jiminez?) / Arthur Adams (wait, did he draw some of those? Who am I thinking of?) / wait, did Whilce Portacio draw 'Here Comes Tomorrow' / [uhh, I can't really rememb
  24. I have seen six episodes of THE MɅNDɅLORIɅN and liked all six at more or less the same level with no real ability to critically discern the level of quality fluctuating between them so I guess I'm just gonna be watching this dumb show until either the baby or Mr. Mamdamamorian dies in the series finale or he drops the baby off @ Planet Minch or what-have-you. I'm in for the long haul on this, this is not a Rebels (2014-2018) situation where I give it up after a few seasons. (Am I a mark? Am I a rube? Will I dump anything into my eyeballs and earholes so long as it's familiar and satisficing an
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