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  1. Is that the doc where you see the initial reaction of Lucas and McCallum after watching the first rough cut of TPM, and they are clearly realizing how awful it is?

    I think you already know the answer to the question you've asked!

  2. The documentary I mentioned can be seen by clicking on this link. It is a documentary on the making of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999), originally produced for the film's DVD release. It covers the entire production of the movie, from preproduction to casting to visual effects, editing, and theatrical release!


    The script I mentioned was entitled 'Chewie'. It was written by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux. Here is a link to a news article about the script.

  3. Would you be down to see a movie about George Lucas and the story of Star Wars?

    short answer : I don't think I'll be 'down to see a movie' for maybe ... a decade? How long is it going to end up taking for a vaccination to be developed, tested, and properly distributed? I'll tell you what, man, I'll be 'down to see a movie' when the total #s of detected cases here is back in the low hundreds and the number of new cases discovered daily is back in the low double digits!


    longer answer : I don't want to say anything potentially legally actionable, or even just disparaging or remotely negative, not about anyone anywhere on the face of God's green earth and certainly not about someone who has brought so much joy to so many people all across that same aforementioned green earth but, but, but, but, what are the odds on George Lucas being some sort of monster? I don't mean, like, a dianoga or what-have-you, I'm talking more a run'of'the'mill Hollywood exposé 'it was an open secret' 'we all knew about it' kind of monster.


    Like, the guy sold his life's work, this multibillion dollar franchise that he's also so obsessed with that he couldn't keep himself from returning to it years and years after the fact, possibly just so he could avoid having to make regular pay-outs to his ex, who played a once-long-denied-now-somewhat-acknowledged role in the initial creation of the same aforementioned franchise, whom he maybe HAAAATES, whom he never talks about no more. The guy adopted children as an aging single man. Like, watch the TPM behind-the-scenes documentary, watch it with a jaundiced eye, watch it fully aware of the darkness inside the heart of all of us, watch it with the memory of every other sexual predator who has been in the news for the past several years not far from the forefront of your forebrain, and then draw your own conclusions about what manner of man George Lucas is.


    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm being needlessly cynical, but I kinda think there might be more than a ghost of a chance that George Lucas is ... ??? I don't know? I don't want to say? Maybe the biopic would be more interesting if he's evil? I naturally hope he's just what he appears to be on the outside : an obtuse weirdo who got insanely lucky, one among the many of Roger Corman's protégés who REALLY made out good, a solid law-abiding citizen who's never done anyone no harm more than the inevitable outcome of a marriage gone bad and whatever awful fallout comes from being wealthier than Croesus.



    What would you want to see if such a thing were to happen?

    Wait, wasn't there a script sold a few years about Chewbacca? It might even have been called 'Chewbacca'? About the life of Peter Mayhew, the hospital orderly (?) who played Chewbacca? Kind of feels like it might have covered some of the putative material in a potential Lucas biopic as discussed in this thread.

  4. There's a very ... stripped down (?) aesthetic to a lot of the sci-fi make'em'ups these days that I don't really respond well to. Lots of muted colours, lots of Kubrickian symmetry, the whole thing feels v. ... restrained (?). I don't really have the eye or the technical vocabulary to truly get at what I'm describing but it's definitely there. Something is up. It's what's going on here. This sort of looks like the promotional material for the new Dune which sort of looks like the trailers for Alex Garland's stuff which sort of looks like the trailers for half'a'dozen TV shows which sort of seem to me to be like what I imagine some video games are.


    (P.S. As a kid, I loved these Don Punchantz covers. 1, 2, 3,)

  5. This isn't my own original thought (can't remember who came up w/it) but it's almost a sure thing that HBO isn't going to put out a movie; they'll re-cut it into a long enough mini-series ( maybe even incl. Man of Steel (2013) & Bat Lash v. Super-Chief : Dawn of Justice (2016) ) released weekly so they can get multiple months of subscription fees out of whatever potential audience this sort of thing is intended to attract.

  6. So the largest theater chain in the US is saying that coronavirus might kill them. If this does happen, what do you think will happen?


    I am not a swami. I can not predict the future!!!!111!!!


    Is someone going to jump in and buy it?


    Who????? The Metropolous Bros.? Bobby Axelrod from Showtime Networks Inc., a ViacomCBS Company's Billions?? The living popcorn kernels from the commercials they show in theatres before the movie starts up here!???


    Are they going to let Disney buy it so they can just control every aspect of film?


    I am not a lawyer!!!!11! But is that not against the law? ARE THERE EVEN GOING TO BE LAWS IN THE FUTURE!!!!!?????


    Or are we potentially watching the end of movie watching as we know it?




    Of course Disney also requires crowds to survive. If people aren't going to their parks in droves, and people aren't maxing out theaters for the latest blockbuster, what does that mean for them?


    I think the answer to this question can perhaps be found within the pages of Seaguy & Seaguy : Slaves of Mickey Eye. Comic books written and drawn by Grant Morrison & Cameron Stewart!!

  7. The stress is killing me. That's weird about the diet coke thing. At the very least you should have seen an improvement slightly because aspartme affects you that is in diet coke.


    Yeah! Help! I don't really understand why this is! Perhaps the same scary alien machine intelligences which have spent the last several months sending their sky ghost snake robots out at night to slither into people's homes and shove the covid-19 down people's nostrils with deep nasal mid-turbinate swabs WHILE THEY SLEEP are also maybe ordering them to steal the aspartame & caffeine from out of my Diet Coke® while they're at it. Perhaps!!?!!1!

  8. Every single other sequel and/or spin-off show is about different people in a different place. This is a show about some of the same people in the same place. I have to assume, even if only for purely commercial reasons, that it would make sense to just call it by the same name in order to try to attract the largest possible audience. I don't understand the television business (how come a Star Trek show could get cancelled for ONLY having two and a half million live television viewers in '05 but now that there's nearly no live television viewers it's time to have a Star Trek show and another Star Trek show and another Star Trek show and another Star Trek show) or how Star Trek makes any sense (so there are magic crystals in the engineering room that somehow use the combination of matter and anti-matter to generate some sort of magic plasma that is then sent throughout the ship to somehow make the ship able to go magically fast?????) and plenty else besides (why have we re-opened things here in Ontario when we're in the midst of increasing numbers of positive cases EVEN AS the number of tests we're doing is plummeting!!!!!!) but your explanation of head canon (I wish I could get some head canon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) sure seems a-okay to me!!!!!!!!


    I do not understand ...


    a) why this isn't just going to be called Star Trek ???




    b) why this isn't going to be airing on television ????




    c) how could the Discovery travel to Talos IV if it's a capital offense under General Order 7, wait, what's the point of prohibiting travel to that planet if the inhabitants are still capable of telepathy over interstellar distances, wait, why is Pike uncomfortable w/women on the bridge if he's served alongside them his whole life

    Discovery and Strange New Worlds are an alt timeline? That works for me, anyway.



    What kind of פֿאַרקאַקטע timeline do WE live in that they're going to be make a Star Trek featuring a familiar concept and familiar people in familiar uniforms and they're not just going to air it on TV with a familiar title where an audience of aging baby boomers can tune in and watch? When they re-made Hawaii Five-0 they didn't call it Hawaii Five-0 : No Snakes Here or what-have-you and make it only available by dialing in to the CBS MUD!!!




    If it's an alternate timeline why would they deliberately centre the events of 'The Cage' not just on the level of narrative but exe-diegetically cutting in footage from TOS into the program itself which speaks to the larger overall point that Discovery is only meaningful (currently) as a prelude to established canon, they end the most recent season w/Michael Burnham tearfully begging Spock to become friends w/Kirk, how can that be an 'alternate timeline', the story only works because of its deep ties to these other older stories; the final imagery of the second season is the USS Enterprise going off into space w/classic Spock in classic uniform on its bridge, Burnham has reconciled the conflicting portions of herself so successfully that it has summoned into full being this totemic emblem of what the franchise IS, she (and the show!) is free to go be in the far future because of this v. specif. past she's wrought

  10. I do not understand ...

    a) why this isn't just going to be called Star Trek ???


    b) why this isn't going to be airing on television ????


    c) how could the Discovery travel to Talos IV if it's a capital offense under General Order 7, wait, what's the point of prohibiting travel to that planet if the inhabitants are still capable of telepathy over interstellar distances, wait, why is Pike uncomfortable w/women on the bridge if he's served alongside them his whole life







  12. Oh boy I had, like, 3 reactions to this news :


    • Seeing as this is after Disney™ told me Josh Trank was going to direct a Star War and Lord & Miller were going to direct a Star War and Benioff & Weiss were going to make a Star War, well, I no longer really believe them when they tell me anyone is going to be directing a Star War.


    • I do not think Taika Waititi is smart, or funny, or good[1]. (He is v. handsome, tho.) But my favourite Star Wars were all stewarded by an obtuse weirdo who was neither of those four things so I'm going to try and reserve judgement about the final product until and unless I've seen it. Maybe this time Taika Waititi will direct a science fiction/fantasy action-adventure comedy that I'll wholeheartedly enjoy? Stranger things have happened!


    • Even if they manage to shoot this in New Zealand or wherever they're still going to have to release it into movie theatres. But by the time it's finished, well, movie theatres probably won't exist anymore!? Is this going to be the first Star Wars movie released directly to Disney+? Are we going to watch it in ten minute chunks on our phones? Are they going to pulse it into our eyeballs & earholes with lasers!?


    [1] And I think my real problem w/his work is HE doesn't seem to think his audience is smart, or funny, or good. Every joke telegraphed & repeated, every story beat enunciated in the loudest possible voice; he's like the robot in that Futurama episode making fun of M*A*S*H - only has two settings and just constantly cycles between them w/o rhyme nor reason.

  13. Actually [1] the best:


    the Tartakovsky ones
    the Jar Jar episodes
    "Clone Cadets"
    the one where Ahsoka learns a lesson from the old Jedi guy
    the one w/Tarkin and the Jedi prison and the neat-o droids
    the General Krell arc
    the ones w/the Wookiee padawan, the Wookieewan



    [1] Caveats : all art is intersubjective, all informed opinion equally valid, we're all entitled to our own thoughts, life is a rich tapestry, go w/God, etcetera etcetera.

  14. From a few weeks ago in my, uh, plague diary :

    There's a bit in that dumb Nick Kroll / John Mulaney stageplay where John Mulaney's nefarious evil alter ego is shattering the world of Nick Kroll's delightful baby alter ego by listing all the actors of NYC stage & screen who are better than him. Each and every one of the guys on that list (Bobby Cannavale, Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt, Liev Schreiber, Vincent D'Onofrio, Nathan Lane, Griffin Dunne) are probably around old enough to be at semi-serious risk of dropping dead from all this. I'm betting we go seven for seven, I'm betting maybe both Kroll and Mulaney bite it too, I'm guessing Pete Davidson caves in Mulaney's head with a clawhammer while in a drug-induced rage and I think Nick Kroll just mysteriously vanishes off the face of the Earth once all that family money gets suspiciously tucked away into a Swiss bank account. Is it healthy for me to be sitting here speculating about the imminent deaths of nearly a minyan's worth of people, good people, creative people, craftsmen? No!? What is healthy then? I can't touch my face!!!!11!

    I agree that it's all a touch too morbid but those are my ten guys, yeah, I'll feel real bad in a v. specific way if there's a news story about any among the aforementioned persons catching the virus, different from how I'd feel about all other slebs individually.

  15. Contemporary:


    yer John Wicks (2014, 2017, 2019)


    The two sequels to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), but not that movie in and of itself, are the absolute pinnacle of the modern movie business' particular melange of blockbuster action & nerd-franchise worship. Those'd be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) and War for the Planet of the Apes (2017). In fact, that latter one is kind of a proper filuhm, it's, I don't know, it's the Wrath of Khan (1982) of the monkey movies.


    Stone cold classics:


    Dog Day Afternoon (1975)


    The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1973)


    [Edit : I thought I'd be able to list, like, a dozen unnamed movies for each of these two categories without hesitation but my mind is blanking. Do I not actually like action movies? Am I just frazzled because I checked the updated Ontario covid-19 list and yesterday we had 150 new cases and by today we have 209 new cases and it doesn't take, like, a prophetic genius to see that's a bad sign? I don't know.]

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