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  1. I am not a swami. I can not predict the future!!!!111!!! Who????? The Metropolous Bros.? Bobby Axelrod from Showtime Networks Inc., a ViacomCBS Company's Billions?? The living popcorn kernels from the commercials they show in theatres before the movie starts up here!??? I am not a lawyer!!!!11! But is that not against the law? ARE THERE EVEN GOING TO BE LAWS IN THE FUTURE!!!!!????? SIGNS POINT TO YES!!!! I think the answer to this question can perhaps be found within the pages of Seaguy & Seaguy : Slaves of Mickey Eye. Comic books written and drawn by Grant Morrison &am
  2. Yeah! Help! I don't really understand why this is! Perhaps the same scary alien machine intelligences which have spent the last several months sending their sky ghost snake robots out at night to slither into people's homes and shove the covid-19 down people's nostrils with deep nasal mid-turbinate swabs WHILE THEY SLEEP are also maybe ordering them to steal the aspartame & caffeine from out of my Diet Coke® while they're at it. Perhaps!!?!!1!
  3. I spent ~50 days or so w/o drinking any Diet Coke® and felt lethargic & akratic & unhappy the whole time. And then I just recently in the past few days resumed drinking Diet Coke® and yet nonetheless I still feel the same way! No change! No improvement! Not even a return to baseline! I'm drinking the Diet Coke® as I type this and nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch! The Diet Coke® --- it does nothing!
  4. Every single other sequel and/or spin-off show is about different people in a different place. This is a show about some of the same people in the same place. I have to assume, even if only for purely commercial reasons, that it would make sense to just call it by the same name in order to try to attract the largest possible audience. I don't understand the television business (how come a Star Trek show could get cancelled for ONLY having two and a half million live television viewers in '05 but now that there's nearly no live television viewers it's time to have a Star Trek show and another S
  5. Discovery and Strange New Worlds are an alt timeline? That works for me, anyway. What kind of פֿאַרקאַקטע timeline do WE live in that they're going to be make a Star Trek featuring a familiar concept and familiar people in familiar uniforms and they're not just going to air it on TV with a familiar title where an audience of aging baby boomers can tune in and watch? When they re-made Hawaii Five-0 they didn't call it Hawaii Five-0 : No Snakes Here or what-have-you and make it only available by dialing in to the CBS MUD!!! AND FURTHERMORE If it's an alternate timeline why would they del
  6. I do not understand ... a) why this isn't just going to be called Star Trek ??? & b) why this isn't going to be airing on television ???? & c) how could the Discovery travel to Talos IV if it's a capital offense under General Order 7, wait, what's the point of prohibiting travel to that planet if the inhabitants are still capable of telepathy over interstellar distances, wait, why is Pike uncomfortable w/women on the bridge if he's served alongside them his whole life
  8. Oh boy I had, like, 3 reactions to this news : • Seeing as this is after Disney™ told me Josh Trank was going to direct a Star War and Lord & Miller were going to direct a Star War and Benioff & Weiss were going to make a Star War, well, I no longer really believe them when they tell me anyone is going to be directing a Star War. • I do not think Taika Waititi is smart, or funny, or good[1]. (He is v. handsome, tho.) But my favourite Star Wars were all stewarded by an obtuse weirdo who was neither of those four things so I'm going to try and reserve judgement about the final produc
  9. I'll say what (I think?) I said last time : please don't delete the Archives. Password protect them, hide them away, make them inaccessible to all but admins, whatever, sure. Just please don't get rid of 'em entirely.
  10. The Goes Wrong Show The Trip To Greece The Simpsons Season 5 The Office Season 6 Wolf Hall Future Man Season 3
  11. Actually [1] the best: the Tartakovsky ones the Jar Jar episodes "Clone Cadets" the one where Ahsoka learns a lesson from the old Jedi guy the one w/Tarkin and the Jedi prison and the neat-o droids the General Krell arc the ones w/the Wookiee padawan, the Wookieewan [1] Caveats : all art is intersubjective, all informed opinion equally valid, we're all entitled to our own thoughts, life is a rich tapestry, go w/God, etcetera etcetera.
  12. I cough all the time and never noticed it up until now. I cough! I'm a cougher! I'm, uh, Father Coughlin!!!!11!!
  13. Who was it here who said Vincent Price for Doctor Strange the last time we did this? That would have been fun to see.
  14. From a few weeks ago in my, uh, plague diary : I agree that it's all a touch too morbid but those are my ten guys, yeah, I'll feel real bad in a v. specific way if there's a news story about any among the aforementioned persons catching the virus, different from how I'd feel about all other slebs individually.
  15. Contemporary: yer John Wicks (2014, 2017, 2019) The two sequels to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), but not that movie in and of itself, are the absolute pinnacle of the modern movie business' particular melange of blockbuster action & nerd-franchise worship. Those'd be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) and War for the Planet of the Apes (2017). In fact, that latter one is kind of a proper filuhm, it's, I don't know, it's the Wrath of Khan (1982) of the monkey movies. Stone cold classics: Dog Day Afternoon (1975) The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1973) [Edit : I tho
  16. Good for you! I, naturally, hope it all works out for the best!
  17. R.CAllen


    Terrible! Fumbling towards profundity and failing at it miserably (sole possible exception : The Tempest quotation) in nearly every instance. • Why introduce a magic fix-it machine and have scenes elaborating upon how the magic fix-it machine works and not bother to include a single line about how the one thing we all REALLY need to fix can't be fixed with the magic fix-it machine? Either have Raffi & ... Rios (?) (I literally forgot the character's name for a minute there, I can remember that Doctor Julian Bashir scuttled his number one spot at graduating from Starfleet Medical School b
  18. R.CAllen


    Gonna be tough to do Season 2 of this thing when, what, probably Patrick Stewart, Michelle Hurd, Santiago Cabrera, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Orla Brady, Tamlyn Tomita, and Kurtzman himself are all, like, dead or hooked up to a makeshift ventilator. And even if they all make it through alive and in good health (an outcome that I naturally want and wish for) good luck squeezing in pre-production, shooting, and post into one of the few six week periods of intermittent relaxation of suppressive measures over the next year'and'a'half!
  19. R.CAllen


    Brent Spiner returning to the franchise's narrative twice over mostly just to play relatives of Data's creator is kind of a neat choice. Assuming there isn't a twist coming and he's going to be shown next episode to be literally and not merely figuratively Data then this is actually one of those rare times the show managed to upend my expectations in a way that I also found really fitting, apropos. Put him in a wig and heels next time [1] and have him be Mrs. Soong! LOL @ them establishing Narissa as the threat for the last episode and now having the Romulan commodore be there instead for the
  20. --- SPECIAL CONTENT UNLOCKED --- I started going to gym. From around Wednesday December 18th to Monday March 16th I went to gym a grand total of 108 times! I went to gym so much, so often, and for so long that gym quit on me. Gym quit before I did! Gym just sent me a little e-mail; said it had to shut down, said it had to be properly sanitized, said it was not available for use under any circumstances. I think we all know why gym did this. I choose to consider it my first victory against gym. [Correction : no, it is my ONE HUNDRED AND NINTH victory against gym.] In recognition of my hist
  21. R.CAllen


    I hold out hope for Worf nonetheless. Not you, not your promises, not the nerd Internet, not CBS All Access itself can take the hope of Worf away from me. (... I guess if we don't get him this year then they have to dole out him and Geordi for one of each of the upcoming seasons, respectively, in order to dovetail w/the abbreviated list of the TNG cast offered by Picard's houseguest/lifepartner in the 2nd episode.) (... Then again, of course, there's probably not going to be another season of this show. Or of any TV show. Well, maybe it's best to just optimistically assume a healthy delay of a
  22. R.CAllen


    - This time the TNG ep I watched before the new one was 'Aquiel', from Season 6. It's generally regarded as something of a clunker, by fans of the series and even by the team who made it, and little more than yet another among a string of episodes focusing on Geordi's lovelife that ends unhappily for all involved. I don't think I've ever seen it before. It's solid stuff! It could easily have been nothing but a dismissible rip-off of an old movie (the wiki told me it was Laura from 1944, and even still, I mean, it's not like that's too bad of a thing for a Star Trek to be; half of TOS was just
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