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  1. It's way better than the Abrams crap in that regard.
  2. You have to move with the times. This really is an amazing show. We talked before how Star Trek's wheeled out formula needed a rest and now it's back they couldn't just wheel it out again. For me they are reinventing the wheel in such a good way that breathes new life into the franchise. They re boldly going and I don't think we should be too harsh on them for taking the risk. It's interesting how you say it's all great except not as Star Trek. I wonder if this will appeal to new audiences. Tilly rocks so much doesn't she
  3. This is such a good show. Some of the best Trek I've seen. Yes it has its little quirks and flaws but it's so well done. Since Frakes directed his episode it's been amazing. The story moves at such a blistering pace that makes the surprises seem even better because you're concentrating on other facets of the story. Brilliant. Glad I still with it.
  4. The Continuing Adventures of Space Barbie and Kylo Ken!!
  5. Stevil

    The Orville

    I have to say that this show is a flop without the chemistry between Ed and Kelly. They tie the ship and the show together and I'm really invested in the show because of them. Special mention for Doctor Cassidy Yates. She is also very good on her own.
  6. Was only thinking about how it would be nice to do a remake of Colombo today. Peter Falk is such a legend and couldn't be replaced as such, but with enough care I think they could pull it off. You just don't get the cool detective shows any more
  7. I'd strip it all right back to the midichlorians. I'd like to see the foundation of the politics in the galaxy. Who formed the Republic? Who signed those original trade deals??
  8. The pair of them have been smoking crack. The show as great end of. I watched it completely unspoiled and I didn't feel that way about it.
  9. One things for sure Discovery isn't going away. It's the flagship of their new digital platform and they will keep throwing money at it. I'm not sure The Orville will get renewed though. Americans don't get it apparently. I am looking forward to watching it.
  10. We didn't get all of Jar Jar's story. I'm still pining for that.
  11. Yep. Stand alone trilogy Pav.
  12. It's good but it's not as great as it could be. I've liked the Burnham storyline. I also like Tilly and the Engineer. I hate the stupid Klingons. I like the pace that they go at because they don't mess around but my main gripe is that the plot sometimes suffers because they have to add conveniences. Last two I've watched have been proper Star Trek episodes and that's been nice. They've kept it part of the story as well which is a nice touch. If it bombs I'm blaming Kurtzman cos he's a bellend.
  13. I think it's as good a title as any. Also:
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