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  1. Offend everyone and call them the Washington Foreskins.
  2. I'm not. A Russia/China led world will be worse than the USA in that role.Nah, it'll be different for sure but not worse by any means. There will be things that would be better and things that would be worse. Ecologically the US isn't better than China, in fact China is very swiftly adapting to green energy cause they're sick of choking themselves to death. Russia is an interesting one, their mindset is just totally different to the American people. And the British too to be fair, but I don't think a Russia/China dominated world would be that much worse than the world we have currently, and ha
  3. I've never been able to figure out sex music. I lost my virginity to Duel of the Fates. Spotify's "Mom's Carpool Bangers" is nice: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3lxxd5zJ1SKGZb6JvBkWeG
  4. True. 2016 was the beginning of some fan fiction timeline. The boogaloo guys in my state (OK) are somehow making the masks a political issue, and all I can say is "We deserve this." I get that they're mouthbreathers and all, but it's just a damned mask. It's like you said in the first post, they talk a big game but focus on piddly things because it's easier.
  5. I'm not. A Russia/China led world will be worse than the USA in that role.
  6. Guys, I don't want to rush to conclusions, but Trump as president may have been a bad idea.
  7. I bought a Minions onesie as a joke but it was too tight for me so my spouse tried it on and of course we banged and it was incredible and now I getbaroused by minion s like George castanze and a sandwich
  8. Are we not getting our dicks out for Harambe?
  9. Bad trigger discipline, but that's typical of an idiot. And yeah, Facebook has lost its mind. The Regressive Left and [whatever] Right are at each other's throats. Giant Meteor 2016.
  10. Slap some heat shrink tubing on it.
  11. I have an iPhone 6, and I immensely dislike it. Just putting music on the damned thing is a hassle. I would go Android. I've thought about trying to trade mine away for an Android. Siri is useless, and the Google voice app works like you would expect. When I'm driving and want to order some carryout BBQ or something, I'll ask Siri and it just does a Bing search. I can't sit and scroll while driving, I just want the damned phone number in big text at the top of the screen. Google (and Cortana) do that.
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