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  1. Critisizing america and americans is fine thats part of your right as a free person to do so and state your opinion. but if your going to do so they you can at least do so equally. i mean americans are not the only ones who are patriotic, or brag about their victories (as an american i have never seen another to this to a foreigner), or interfear in areas of other countries concerns. if your going to critisize you can at least do it equally rather that making america out to be this big bad place where only evil thrives. when all your really doing is holding this generation accountable
  2. yeah I know, I deal with it every day. Did you know that about half of all Americans finished in the bottom 50% of their class in school? Bell curves are a *****. ... wait what r u 4 reel that half of all Americans were in the bottom half of their class? OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. isnt it obvious that you can do that with all countries if you adjust the standards your judging by!!!!!!!!! and isnt it equally obvious that 50% graduated at the top of their class!!!!!!! and why dont you go get the stats on other countries also. leading nations and poor nations also. and make sure they are a
  3. As apposed to everyone else’s hypocrisy? Like the French in the Congo…[qb] Thanks for trying to divert the attention, but you gotta do better than that. The Americans have been hypocrites, time and again, like the French had been, or the Russians, or the Chinese, or the Japanese, or... However, American hypocrisy irritates me the most because they're just so blatant in nature. right so our hipocracy is different. ok got that but its better to just come out and say somting rather than dance around the point. if you dont say somthing people wont hear it and even then if it isnt bold
  4. so now ya'll are complaining about us not intervening!!!!! yes actually we would have stayed out of ww2 if we hadnt been atacked at Pearl Harbor. and yes actually that would have changed the way the world is today if we had stayed out. and by the way would you mind telling be who was winning before the us came into the war? because to my knowledge it was Germany and Britian was the last country standing in hittlers way and the only reason they werent captured also was because of the english channel and because he was fighting on two fronts. and since you find american envolvenment to be
  5. "beat=cop" never knew that. Where are you from? England? _____ Yes i know all that but as the title says after WW2 which equals Cold War which means hight of amerian busy body. how bout an example of us intervention before or after the cold war not including the Panama Canal incident or the mexican one which i cannt remember the name of because we paid them off and i already named them.
  6. I understand where your coming from with the GWB "new heighths" thing but its not really true. Since the last war we were in america has not really had much foreign intervention past the norm. (Except for help programs to other nations like Peace Corp type of work but that has been ongoing since the 60's JFK era) America, during the Cold War (which is where I belive at least most of the anti-american feelings arose from originated) was a busy body working out of the fear of a communistic take over since half the world was communistic and Europe was still weak since it was the grounds of WW2
  7. And who for enders? _____ For a rough translation <<laissez faire>> means hands off. this was praticed by Warren G. Harding (1921-1923) Calvin Coolidge (1921-1923) Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) The blame for the Great Depression is mainly set on Hoovers becaue durring WW1 he was the head of home policies which made him qualified for the presidancy. With that experience Hoover had the ability ease the Great Depression for the common people rather than praticing hands off and beliving that the economy would work itself out rather than continue to spiral. as shown by FDR's
  8. Are politicians not elected to act? What good is a leader who pratices << laisse-faire>> (I belive the answer to that is shown in post WW1)
  9. What do you mean by authoritarian meddlers?? I know what the words mean and know my deffinition of them but what did you mean by them? Example please. _____ Wwhen did I say Anti-Bush made Anti-American?? I said there was a lot of Anti-American steming from Anti-Bush but I did not say Anti-Bush=Anti-American. There is always a loosing side in an election.
  10. SORRY. About the spelling and errors, I agree with you on that point my grammar and spelling seems to go down hill as I find the topic more interesting.
  11. I ve traveled abrod and listened to my friends and in each instance there is a lot of anti american feeling. this is coming from an american (im not quite sure where this forum is based out of, so thats just to clarify). Durring our last election I had alot of my friends say "im moving to canada if bush wins'. well unfortinatly none of them left but the responce to things people dont like in my generation seems to be leave and lets hope its better some where else. how dose that really help? if somthings wrong fix it dont run. although if the democrats who said lets go to canada did actually
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