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  1. Hey, Christine! It's great to hear from you! I've been back for a couple of years--I was there from July 2005 to August 2007. I still think about it a lot, though.

    What are you up to these days? Have you worked on any more Young Mara Jade stories in recent years? ;)

  2. Hi S! How are you? When did you get back from Japan?

  3. Are you prepared for your aotw?

  4. You're a badass.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. I'm leaving you a comment because it says you don't have one! This can't be! *ahem* okay. So here is the comment... :thinks: :thinks some more: Ummm.. what is your opinion on the political ramifications of catsup?

  7. Icy--did you see Gedo Senki yet? I mean, through the web or something? It's directed by Miyazaki's son and it almost looks like Hayao gave Goro a limited set of resources and budget just to mess around, because the quality doesn't come close to the other recent Ghibli films. I just rented it a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed with the whole thing--big holes in the plot that weren't explained, and just sort of typical otherwise. I just got back from finally seeing Ratatouille tonight (it just came out over here this week). WOW. I'll be watching that one again, numerous times. I left t
  8. Well, that's the thing--if all you see is a big hunk of metal, then you didn't really get what the film was about at all. As for the Appleseed trailer--who says Pixar lovers can't like both? I just watched it and I thought the visuals at the beginning were really nice, but I wasn't big on the character designs/animation. But it's very much a genre film--it's the whole anime/video-game thing, which isn't my favorite, and the girl even looks like she's out of a video game FMV, and not like a standalone character. And also, nobody's saying that Pixar lovers only love comedy and not the seriou
  9. Seriously, how can you not cry at this? I was already tearing up at the "I love you"--that's Tearjerker Moment #1. Oh--completely agreed on Grave of the Fireflies. What a chilling film that was.
  10. (Sorry, was traveling for a few days...) Mara--I love Finding Nemo. Let's have crap taste in movies together. Tank/sol--oh! Of course! I definitely see what you're saying now. I never even thought of it that way. David--would you believe I haven't seen MOTP yet? I never really kept up with the Batman animated series but I've heard such wonderf ul things about that film, especially Mark Hamill's portrayal of the Joker. I really want to check it out. I disagree that all CG films are visually impressive. The character animation and general visuals in the Shrek films, Madagascar, most of
  11. I cry at the end of The Iron Giant every time. sol, I don't get what you mean by Lasseter killing the art form he loves by reviving the traditional animation department; do you mean he's killing computer animation by reviving traditional? I do agree when you say it's the single most adaptable storytelling form out there. I completely agree with that.
  12. I don't think Pixar killed traditional animation. It set a new bar that suddenly everybody wanted to aspire to, but it was Michael Eisner doing away with the 2D animation department at Disney that put the nail in the coffin, so to speak. I'm so, so glad that's been reversed...in part because I'm SO, SO SICK of the idea that Japan and Asian animation is the definitive form of traditional animation. It drives me crazy--I'm so sick of the style. I also hate that any and every American animation project now incorporates those Japanese elements. There's not too much innovation in mainstream non-cin
  13. I agree with the opinion that Miyazaki shouldn't do CG films. His studio is pretty much the only major internationally acclaimed studio still putting out traditional animation films--and it isn't that he doesn't use CG; he just has a rule in place that only 10% of a movie can be made with computers, which I respect. It would be interesting to consider what kind of a film Studio Ghibli would put out if they did do an all-CG one, but that's just hypothetical. By the way, have any of you seen ゲド戦記/Earthsea yet? I didn't get a chance to see it while it was in theaters over here, and though my Ja
  14. Oh yeah, he's been banned on multiple occasions. I also remember busting him for attempting to cheat on a homework assignment here, because he somehow felt he was justified in getting someone to do it for him because his personal life was busy, and he really wasn't happy when I told him he wasn't special and either needed to suck it up and do the assignment or drop the class. He got so pissy he created an "andorus sucks" screen name. I see his entitlement complex is still going strong.
  15. I agree. Motion capture is good for things like Lord of the Rings, where they're going for realism and very subtle movements that may be tough to get across through traditional animation methods, but motion capture and rotoscoping are just methods to create animated images. They don't constitute animation themselves. It's funny and sad that they had to actually throw that disclaimer in (is that what animation's come to these days?). Ratatouille doesn't come out over here till the end of July, so I have to wait a bit longer to check it out. I can't wait to see it. Related tangent--I never sa
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