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  1. sorry it took soo long to I hope you're doing well!


  3. It's been cold here today too. I had to turn the ****ing heat on. LOL

  4. was withoiut power for 14 hours, had a tree fall across the driveway and had to use a buck saw to clear some of it away....I thought winter was over..

  5. Happy birthday jay! long time no see!

  6. wait......what shark did it jump?? the baby thing???? the amnesia thing?? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! lololol I'd rather watch Bones than Lost any day! :p lololol

  7. What about Bones? It jumped the shark in season 3 when "you know what" happened. >:-#

  8. I've discoverd that my kitty chases his tail....I guess he thinks he's a dog?? He was laying on the rug this morning and the very tip of his tail was twitchiing, so naturally, he stared at it for a few seconds and then attempted to pounce it. He did this repeatedly for about 5 minutes, then decided to stop. Two minutes later, i look over and he's leaping into the air trying to grab ahold of his tail. He also enjoys running and hitting the area rug just right, he makes it go sliding halfway across the floor.....I always thought cats were supposed be highly intelligent....I think mine wa
  9. I'll have to post a pic of him when he starts really getting better. Apparently he was jumping onto the couch today, and onto the chair, attmpting to get up on the table.....naughty kitteh..but he is back to being his regular old self. It is amazing his recovery rate.........he's not even chewing on his side to get rid of the stitches.....he's an odd one....
  10. Lunar's surgery went really well. it only took a couple of hours. we dropped him off at 11:00 and picked him up at 2:00. He hasn't been jumping,but he's been walking around and doing really well. His pain meds didn't even seem to make him sleepy yesterday, but today he's sleepy. Half of his right side is bald, they shaved off all the fur in order to do the surgery, and the wound is closed up nice and tight, but I wish that the stitching couldhave been smaller.......ah well, once his fur grows back no one will notice.
  11. Mara, aren't your furbabies part boxer?? I can't remember, but I know you've mentioned their breed. I demand more furbaby pics!!! they are all so damned cute!
  12. aw, sorry Daggy, that really sucks..... my kitty is going in for surgery on Friday. He is getting his bad leg amputated finally. He is sooo gonna hate me...
  13. Customers that don't know how to use the kitchen appliances that they buy, and then use it, decide it doesn't work and bring it back, and expect me to be able to resell it. I can't sell it if it's been used!!!!! It has to get detstroyed ya freaking moroms!!!!!!! Then we put it in the box for damages, and we test it later, and it works just fine!! We still can't sell it because Pete and Re-****ing-pete decide to attempt to make waffles and not clean it afterwards!!!!!!!!!!! People who do not go the speed limit.....I can understand thsi at night, but during the day, the speed limit on my r
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