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  1. None of that is particularly impressive as far as super-heroes go. Kyle did a heck of a lot more amazing feats with his ring in ten years than Hal did in thirty-five. Wow. So when did this thread become another in a long line of futile Hal vs Kyle debates? I stated that I think Hal is the best. I didn't dog on Kyle Rayner at all. You asked me what Hal did that was so great. I told you. If you don't like Hal, that's fine. It's not like Kyle has been killed off or something. All indications point to him being a major player in the Green Lantern Corps series. Hal is my favorite, but it
  2. What's he done that's so impressive? We're getting way off-topic here but since you ask: The man's a fearless test pilot, a born leader, has one of the coolest origins in comics, has rebuilt and trained the GL Corps after the Guardians abandoned Oa, has led the Justice League (Europe), defeated Sinestro countless times, is a true ladies' man, has participated in several landmark (and socially relevant) adventures with Green Arrow, AND returned from the dead. I'd say that's pretty impressive. You may not like Hal, Dom, but I think he's pretty amazing. Absolutely right, Shadow. You br
  3. Somehow, this relieves me. Something tells me that WB would screw up a live-action JLA movie, if the rumors were true. I consider this good news. Agreed. If this is the case then we know it wouldn't interfere with the Superman and Batman franchises.
  4. Well...that's because he IS the best Green Lantern ever.
  5. Not necessarily. If done a certain way, Bizarro can come off as a super-powered, tragic Frankenstein-like figure. Just jettison the square-shaped "Bizarro World" concept and go with the failed Superman clone origin.
  6. To see Routh and Bale together would be incredible. Hopefully they'll both be involved in the film. I'm in the "Ryan Reynolds as the Flash" camp too. He has the physique and wit of Wally West...provided WW is the Flash they decide to go with. I see some people here calling for John Stewart to be GL in the film but to me Hal Jordan will always be the man. If this film happens hopefully it'll FINALLY lead to a Green Lantern film. That's one character LONG overdue for a movie.
  7. How can there be a Superman Returns sequel AND a Justice League movie both in the works? Would Routh be playing Superman in both films? Will SRII be cancelled in favor of JLA? So many questions and a lot of uncertainty.
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