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  1. *BUMP* Just figured some people might not know what we are talking about. Gotta keep it up top.
  2. Yeah SATDIAL. No offense, but I don't think a story like that would break in a local newspaper in El Salvador. Quite honestly, if there was going to be a TV series with Luke, Leia, etc it would be pretty bad (unless animated). Have you seen what Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher look like lately? Not only that, there is no way Harrison Ford would do Star Wars television. The guy makes $25 million a film, so what would it cost to get him to do TV? Maybe it was news about a new book series or comic book series that got mixed up with the other TV series rumors out there.
  3. I kind of look at the Rebel Alliance like this SATDIAL...when you first saw ANH you knew enough about the Alliance to understand the film; therefore the Alliance does not need to be further established in Episode III. I think the ANH opening scroll does a good enough job of setting up the Alliance.
  4. Dantooine is the only possibility, but that would mean that we would have to see the formation of the Rebel Alliance with significant resources and organization to build a base and I don't think the Prequels will go that far.
  5. Don't encourage him and definitely don't disagree with him or challenge him. His first ten rants about it will be relatively on topic. Then he will expand his defense to realms only he understands with his next fifteen responses. Finally it will get back to you being an obsessed fan defending Lucas and the Prequels no matter what. It is only at that point that he will even consider dedicating a definition on this thread to you. Just as an insight into the mind of Justus consider this comment where he calles me pompous and judgemental: Then he writes a list of 50+ ways people are "fa
  6. Your list is very funny Justus. The only problem is #27. Having sex with a girlfriend does not apply to fanboys as they have neither sex nor a girlfriend. "Based on the most logical race in the galaxy, the Vulcans, we will only mate once every seven years. For many of you that is much less. For me that is much, much more." "Be careful with my prized collection of bumper stickers. Especially that one (points to a bumper sticker that reads My other car is a Millenium Falcon). It was given to me by a Harrison Ford look alike." "Oh Jar-Jar. Everyone hates you except me." - Comic Boo
  7. Yes, I think there is a separate caption of fanboys I would call "Classic Fanboys." These are the people who want the Prequels to be re-makes of the OT. They also want every little line in the OT explained in great detail in the Prequels. These "Classis Fanboys" are out in droves following the release of a Prequel questioning why we didn't learn where General Riekkan came from and asking why we didn't see any TIE Fighters. I would say there are also "Ultra-Fanboys" who claim that one little flaw ruined a Star Wars movie.
  8. To me fanboy or fan boils down to how you view the flaws of the Prequels. To me a fanboy believes they are the perfect films and spends countless time defending every aspect of the Prequels. A fan acknowledges that there are weaknesses in the Prequels. This is not to say that everyone who defends the Prequels is a fanboy. I will gladly defend AOTC against being nominated as one of the worst films of the year (don't go there) and I will defend it against nitpicking such as "...the CGI characters didn't leave footprints in the arena sand" (you know who you are). However I can (and have) ac
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