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  1. The amount of hours of my life this game has eaten in untrue.
  2. did they say its coming out on ps3 in spring 2011??? i'm gonna wait till then methinks
  3. I thought the tardis was gonna come out the box. It was clever definitely.
  4. OMFG. This week's has saved the series for me. IT WAS AWSOME. No complaints at all. Brilliant from start to end.
  5. i did think the doctors peculiarity was a little over the top this week... but i guess i put that down to his tardis being gone and amy being inside it, and him being kinda stuck..... but i entirely see where you were coming from. he was annoying. and i think this series has been particularly weak...
  6. I'm scared that you have a very valid point. if they pull out the 'its all a dream' excuse i will be distraught.
  7. (sorry for double post... my pc glitched) and no... no jealousy at all!!!
  8. the burnt fragment was irritating... because everyone knows it doesn't burn...... not fun!
  9. Good news for Gman, i think that what happened to rory has left Amy nothing to go back for... meaning that she's likely to stay for a long time. Which is good. I know i don't like her, but i got pretty fed up of the assistants changing every series. I agree entirely with the sonic screwdriver thing, but it didn't annoy me too much. I don't like this whole 'deleted from time' thing.. i think it's far to easy a way of getting rid of things without any consequences... and consequences are good!!!
  10. The problem is..... the only reason she's any good is cos she's hot..... i'm not a fan of her acting ability at all.... and i hate her horrible nail varnish colours.... and she's too tall for my liking. I dunno why... but the assisstants should be shorter than the doctor. FACT.
  11. I liked hungry earth... but i agree that it isn't worth a two parter. I kinda hoped that he'd go down and solve it really quickly and then the next episode would be somewhere else entirely. I do however think that getting rid of amy and her fella in exchange for the kid that can't read would be an AWSOME assistant trade!
  12. I didn't have too much beef with vampires in venice to be honest. Sure it didn't feel as finished as the others have done, but i wasn't riled by it :-/
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