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    Laughing more, and working less. And someday, I swear to f-ing Jesus, I will see the Cubs win the World Series. And, you know, all that other stuff like rainbows and puppies and many-tentacled Old Ones.
  1. lol!! Hi Icy, good to see you. Thought of you and Hanfan when I was on the Lake Michigan beach this summer. You still in the same area? Euro - pretty sure we connected about this on FB/Messenger, but IM me if you still need an email. The Swede Abides.
  2. Hey you kids, get off my lawn!! Happy birthday, Nightly, you drunk old shuttered bastdoor. And I mean that in the most loving way. Glad you've kept this place going. It's always been a fun place to blow off some steam, and I've always been grateful to this place for the laughs and for giving me other SW fans in my life to commiserate/anticipate things with. Mostly on FB nowdays, and I lost my original login here, but it's awesome to still recognize so many of you. You know, before the alzhiemers sets in and the vision fails.
  3. Anyone been yet? Planning on going? I've got a work trip to Orlando so will be there Oct 1. Been looking forward to "living" in the SW Universe since ANH so hoping for good things!
  4. I heard it's not IG-88. Like The Mandalorian isn't a Fett, the droid that looks like IG-88 is a different model. I just wanna see Salicious Crumb toasted on a stick. Mmmm, mmmm good!
  5. I keep reading this title as "I need a new boyfriend". Keyboard....Boyfriend....new purchase...decisions decision! Just make sure they're plug and play, right?
  6. It's sad. Good man. Nasty disease. But I can't see his name without hearing a fake Sean Connery saying "Trebeck, your mother's a whore!" Good grief were those skits funny. "Write your name. The final question is just, write your name. "
  7. Boba Sweat lives, hahaha awesome. You were never banned because you used slang no one understood. But I do recall a lot of deleted posts.
  8. Mod me! Mod me! Wait, what's that quote about how I'd never want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member? Oh c'mon, just for a day so I can say I'm a "former moderator"? I promise not to burn anything.
  9. Man, that was fun. I worked 4 days of Star Wars Celebration Chicago as "Crew" and while semi-grueling (on your feet 8 hours a day and then walking the show floor before and after), it was a BLAST. Free pass to the con? Check. Use the VIP entrance and get in early? Check. Back-door, pre-opening access to the store (when staff were being nice) Check. Money spent? oh yeah. Costumes drooled over, content devoured, people oogled, and legs walked off. But the real fun was getting to know more geeks like you guys. Srsly, I thought of this place a lot and especially the fun we had at Cele
  10. My turn? This is real basic, but here goes: since we "renovated" my office building and I have to sit in a teeny plastic cubicle now surrounded by talkers, I'd like to listen to music off my work computer. What are my options?
  11. My phone memory is maxed out, so no more apps for me until I figure out how to clean it out or get more storage. We have one drive at work and I lost so many work files to it that I don't trust cloud storage any more... But I suppose I could move my 2000 pictures to my computer, at least. Then maybe. Meanwhile, I love that a shelter in IN started saying "Rent a dog to walk while you play Pokeman Go" and so many people walked dogs, they made enough money to waive adoption fees. Then so many people fell in love with the doggies that they just took them home forever and the place emptied o
  12. I CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA FIRST. 5 years ago. PS, I forgot how to resize images, sorry. Blame tequila.
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