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  1. ****, I wondered where she was at. edit: We still can't say fuck, shit, fuck, ****ing shit. What the actual fuck?
  2. It's been a real long time since I posted here. So. who still posts?
  3. Hey all, it's been a long time since I posted here and recently, I've been thinking about this place and all the people I have met (on-line only). I never really had an opportunity to go to any meetups due to RL but, I've always wanted to. I have friended a few of you on Facebook and I still keep in touch that way. It's amazing. I was in my late 20's early 30's when I first posted here. I was newly married and just starting to have children with my wife. Work was amazing, I was earning great money and traveling the world on business. When I was posting, I had my serious moments, my trolli

    New Trailer!

    Yay... Hayden Christensen cameo please. /s The trailer does look promising. I loved the end with Han and Chewie. The crashed Stardestroyer looked awesome. I'm hyped!
  5. My faith in WWE has been very low for years. I will still catch the odd PPV and NXT event but, it's been ages since I've seen RAW or Smackdown, especially since I dumped my cable service.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVU0MW-IGrM Your Welcome!!!
  7. When I'm at an interview, I interview them as much if not more than they interview me. I have turned down offers several times. Not as much now day though...
  8. I guess if -1 were possible you would be pressing then.
  9. I found some major spoilers from 4chan. Firstly, sorry about the formatting, I'm on my phone... If this is true I am super hype! But, with 4chan, you can never know...
  10. Looks very JJ Abramish... I'm excited.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlMWYYzVngM
  12. Not dumb but rather a little nerdy... but I like Vulcan, Alberta Canada
  13. I thought this thread was for confirmed rumors and not speculations?... Just sayin.
  14. Carl was awesome in this episode.
  15. Well to be fair, business is business and if she isn't working out for you, I would look for someone else. It is nothing personal. Back in the good old days when I used a cleaning service, I went through 6 different people until my wife and I found someone we were content with and we kept that person until we can no longer afford a cleaning staff. It didn't hurt the situation that she was a hot young filipino lady either.
  16. And people laugh when I wouldn't give up my 1986 Apple impact dot matrix printer.
  17. Sasquatch = Beer Baron of Canada
  18. http://geektyrant.com/news/the-return-of-lost-is-inevitable-according-to-carlton-cuse It could be interesting...
  19. I think its a terrible ideal. Harrison is in great shape and all but there should be a time when a franchise should end and keep all it's glory. If they are considering replacing Ford in some sort of reboot or attempting to pass the torch to another well, that would simply piss me off. Indiana Jones should be left alone and not rebooted or added. It is a classic, and should remain that way.
  20. mmm mmm mmm, she make me wish I had three hands.
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