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  1. LOL, Festivus. One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes!
  2. Well, I've got ALMOST all their albums, and my favorite is Dark Side of the Moon. Hope you're disappointed
  3. Ah yes, The Galaxy of Fear series...I bought two of those books when I was younger, and after reading them I remember going, "WTF? That doesn't seem to fit in too nicely with the swing of things " It was a disappointing series for me.
  4. Hardy. Win a REAL fight: Stone Cold Steve Austin or Triple H?
  5. I love these films too. Plan on picking up the set on DVD sometime. I thought of course, the first was by far the best. I loved that film, and would put it as one of my favorite movies ever. The other two were good too. The second one was pretty good, and the third was decent, althought by far my least favorite of the series.
  6. John Cena shrug Who's hotter: Trish Stratus or Lita?
  7. Well, I've been watching the series since it's debut on CBC in Canada and am quite pleased. The series is progressing quite nicely, with good stories, and a solid cast. It's too bad they're replacing Doctor Who already though, as he was doing a great job.
  8. I have never seen it I want to watch it, just to see how bad this is! I think I might try to pick a copy up on DVD from eBay, or if I'm lucky enough to find it someplace in a store.
  9. I'm currently watching episode 1 as we speak. I just read that CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has picked up the new Doctor Who series, so we Canadians get to see them now, I guess about a week behind you guys in the UK. That's definitely good news for me, I was really excited about the new Doctor Who, but when I thought I'd have to wait until it got to the States before I could see it I was pissed Anyhow, pretty good so far, only about 15 minutes in so far, but still looks promosing.
  10. Holy sh!t! I never realized just how big the EU was! I need to get reading
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