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  1. However, would I buy anything? Ehhhhh..... Just try to be as comfortable as you would want others to be.
  2. Austin

    NFL season

    It's likely that the preseason is halved, at the very least. Will games happen in front of fans?
  3. Can I get in? I'd love to see some people I'd use to interact with while I'm drunk.
  4. I'll take the Pats. I think I just threw up a bit.
  5. I will never let go of the ultra cheesy Rocky IV soundtrack. https://youtu.be/1SUzcDUERLo
  6. Sunday, September 20 Carolina Pittsburgh New Orleans Minnesota Arizona New England Cincinnati Tennessee NY Giants St. Louis Miami Oakland Philly Green Bay Monday. September 21 Indy
  7. Houston. Leaving for Las Vegas soon, I almost forgot to get a pick in. Has anyone else ever been? Any tips?
  8. Thursday Minnesota at Green Bay Sunday Chicago at Carolina Cleveland at Tennessee St. Louis at Philidelphia Atlanta at NY Giants Tampa Bay at New Orleans Houston at Dallas Buffalo at Detroit Baltimore at Indianapolis Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Arizona at Denver Kansas City at San Francisco NY Jets at San Diego Cincinnati at New England Monday Seattle at Washington
  9. Thursday NY Giants at Washington (I would have picked Washington anyways Sunday Green Bay at Chicago Buffalo at Houston Tennessee at Indianapolis Carolina at Baltimore Detroit at NY Jets Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh Miami at Oakland Jacksonville at San Diego Atlanta at Minnesota Philadelphia at San Francisco New Orleans at Dallas Monday New England at Kansas City
  10. Austin Steelers designate running backs Robert Turbin (Seattle) and Delone Carter (Indianapolis;2nd Year) to the practice squad.
  11. He alone won me the Yahoo league. Just like the other thousands (Millions?) out there.
  12. Is this correct? Yes it is. *****.
  13. Listen, I know I'm mediocre and all, but when my lucky *** can win a game with just Rivers, Lynch, and Harvin, I can forget about the playoffs. For a minute.
  14. Sorry guys, I've been real busy with the holidays and whatnot, but WTF? A tie!
  15. Is that Never Say Never thing broken or has it always been that stupid?
  16. The Global is ****in crazy this year. Five teams within a game of each other!
  17. It's not every week I play someone playing players on a bye week, but when I do, I prefer to be winning by more than 7. At least Rivers shown up this week. Really wish I could get those touchdowns he threw to Green Bay to count for me also.
  18. I think if my team was better (code words meaning "if I didn't suck") then this board would see more action from me than Irish's mom on an average Wednesday night. Seriously, I'll post more. If it's not enough, then by all means contract.
  19. Austin


    I'd play if I can back into a victory again....
  20. Austin


    Just seen the links on the previous page that reminded me of 25 SJs ago... edit: And the temp-ban that kept me from being a multiple champ...
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