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  1. I mean, it's just not that complicated.


    TPM hype hit, the internet was young, message boards were hip, so a bunch showed up. A dude named Chris started a fan/rumor site called episode something dot com. Nightly was the attached message board.


    It got mentioned in an issue of Entertainment Weekly and hade a huge uptick in membership. Big enough that multiple communities formed out of it.


    Then 20 years passed and here we are.


    You missed the part where that Chris dude was a dick who wanted to delete the boards, but he made the mistake of giving a 14-year-old his passwords.

  2. I'm going to attempt to move the site, archives and all, to a new host by the end of the month. It'll be around $10-15/month to keep it going, instead of $50/month.


    Hopefully it all goes smoothly, but if you show up one day and everything is on fire... Mandard did it.


    But nah, we may just need to put the whole board into archive mode and start fresh. At least that way all the old posts are still around.

  3. We haven't been on a dedicated server since '07-08.

    We were on a Hybrid VPS with 1 guaranteed Intel Xeon CPU core (burstable to 8 CPUs) and 4GB RAM. Now we're on a regular VPS with shared Intel Dual Xeon CPUs and 1.5GB RAM. For $55/month, we could upgrade to 2GB RAM and SSD storage - which they tell me is better for message board performance.


    Meanwhile... they discovered some issues on the hardware node we're on and fixed them. So things might be running smoother now and we may not have to upgrade. Post here if you have any more problems.

  4. - Does the protector of the Island have some kind of crazy super strength? Jacob's mother seemingly killed all of MiB's men and buried the well where they found the light. Was she both good and evil (Jacob and Smokey)?


    - Why does Desmond have this special ability to access the light? And if Jacob knew this, why didn't he use Desmond to turn off the light and kill Smokey a long time ago?


    - So Desmond was able to see forward and backward through time, but also seemingly into the afterlife (the flash-sideways). But why was he the one to "awaken" everyone? And what significance did Eloise Hawking have in all that? Why didn't she want him to "awaken" people in the afterlife?

  5. I'm a little disappointed that the Island mythology was abandoned to instead focus on the flash-sideways becoming "the afterlife." Sure, that provides some closure for Season 6, but it just isn't fully satisfying for the whole series. If everything that happened on the Island was real, there's still a lot of mystery left unexplained.


    The flash-sideways being revealed as "the afterlife" is just too inconsequential of an ending, unless it all ties back into the Island mythology somehow. :shrug:


    EDIT: I agree with Lohr.

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