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  1. Working? EDIT: Yeah, appears to work.
  2. Thanks Tank. We dont have hosting costs anymore and Ive been covering the domain name. Anything I get over the $200 we need for the initial software cost Ill put toward the $25/bi-annual renewals.
  3. If theres any more questions, shoot. Ill see if I can dig up the old cease and desist letters we got from Lucasfilms legal department.
  4. You missed the part where that Chris dude was a dick who wanted to delete the boards, but he made the mistake of giving a 14-year-old his passwords.
  5. I'm still alive and lurk occassionally. We'd need money for IP.Board updates, unless there's a free alternative?
  6. I worked something out so we don't pay anything for this new hosting. However if traffic suddenly booms, the server may not be able to handle it. But, hey, free is good, right? We still have yearly domain name costs of around $15. There's currently $56.46 in our PayPal account.
  7. Forgot to mention I moved us to the new server a couple weeks ago. It was pretty seamless. Seems to be running OK.
  8. Old email accounts are gone, but if you really need it PM me and I'll see what I can do.
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