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  1. It's in the Nanowrimo thread.

  2. All right, I give, have your silly username.

  3. Oh yes, there will be blood...and a high word count.

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    2. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      That's exactly what Paul Thomas Anderson said when he decided to make his 2007 classic.

    3. ShadowDog


      I couldn't imagine a story of yours without a high body count.

    4. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      The odd thing is that not many people are dying so far. The body count has actually been quite low...

  4. is being forced to join a couple clubs. Oh dear Satan no.

  5. made delicioud bisquits because she feels iffy. Grrr...i hate sickness.

  6. (At the very least, Stab at Love was funny....)

  7. s going to go to Washington DC in October for the Daile Show/Colbert Report's March to Keep the Fear Alive/Sanity Rally!!! (I stand with the Keep the Fear Alive side! Bite me, Stewart!)

    1. Bethany


      FTW, lol. If something similar is done in Portland, I'll attend.

    2. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      I'm driving all the way from MI for this. I'm stupidly geeked.

  8. Today is a good day for designinmg near impossible weaponry.

  9. is in a good, psychotic, overwhelmed mood. FIGHT ME!

  10. is wondering just how many polish posies she has to make. 0__0

  11. reaaaaally hates herself right about now.

  12. is the very face of occupied.

  13. ...my Master is cruel...*ponders method of attack*

  14. Careful, if you don't finish your training soon I'll take up Icy's training offer. *pushes curtains aside, revealing a pot of boiling tar and some feathers* MUSH!

  15. Hmm...I'm old and decrepit now. I suppose I should go bathe in a bathtub full of virgin blood while eating my ice cream birthday cake.

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    2. Iceheart


      yes, Ms. Bathory, you should do just that.

    3. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Yeah, metallic taste and mint chocolate chip just don't mix.


      Epi, I had a list so long that I had my pick.


      Indeed I did. Thanks guys! This will delay your murder by about...oh...three hours. Yes, I think that's quite generous.

    4. TuskenRaider
  16. Thank you! I will ensure to thoroughly mourn my loss of time and weep for what I have not done this year.

  17. Tell me, did you have an involuntary shiver the other day? I waved at Finland.

  18. just returned....*collapses into a smoky heap*

  19. isn't going to be in the country. Catch you later!

    1. Iceheart
    2. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Oh yeah. I have to disappear to Russia for a while. You know those fires that Russia has been having? Guess whoooooooooo...~_-

  20. There are pain-enhancing drugs, you know. And maybe they could have popped a hallucinogen in there to make things more interesting for you. So yes. Lots of drugs. You should feel cold, now.

  21. isn't here. Mostly. Not that anyone cares. YOU ALL HATE ME MY LIFE IS A LIIIIEEEE!!!! ;P

    1. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      Not so, I left a comment. Or as the dentists say: you can't handle the tooth.

    2. Undome Telcontar

      Undome Telcontar


    3. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Hmm...I think I have a movie scene to reenact. *grabs a drill and a syringe*

  22. can officially say that she has been within two feet of Weird Al's shaking butt. (seriously!) That was an amazing concert!

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