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  1. The planetarium had live lo-fi music set to sky/trippy visuals.
  2. Yeah, they just fired me today because they couldn't accommodate. Friends have been sending me games and pizza. XD
  3. I'm bouncing work accommodations for health-ralated crap to my employer, who has openly lied to me more than once. We'll see if they stick! Either they stick or I'm going to wind up fired. Take your pick. If I'm fired, I have friends who want to throw a party. (Its pretty toxic here.)
  4. I managed to groom all three of my angora rabbits today. As a plus, my drop spindle and carders arrived today. I might even be able to gift handmade yarn for the holidays.
  5. Also no, but I have an absurd yoyo collection. Also don't question how many roller skate wheels I have, they are all drastically different in feel! I swear!!
  6. Dang. I missed all that. Hopefully everyone was/is okay. WIIIITNEEEESSSS!!!
  7. Remember when we made book predications for Harry Potter? Good times. Harry still died!
  8. Since everyone seems to need some zen: I present to you an incredibly sus satin angora bunny butt. You're welcome.
  9. For me it depends on the likelihood of major damage if I make a mistake. YouTube can teach almost anything. Fixing a wax seal for the toilet? Sure! Replacing my water heater? Nope.
  10. I'm wondering if I should see it before it becomes free on streaming. It just doesn't seem to have any weight.
  11. Not wrong, but I did marry a troll!
  12. So, I just casually poked around Nightly and realized that I joined here as a high school Freshman. I'm now in my early thirties. Now that I am feeling amazingly old, I am left wondering: When did you join Nightly? How badly do you want to nuke your old self from orbit?
  13. My work just threw me on a project. The senior manager told me to fake it 'til I make it. Then my friends wonder why I have so much anxiety. Egads.
  14. I largely use FB for the groups. Its awesome if you have very specific hobbies or you are in dire need of memes during your workday. How toxic FB is really seems to depend on how you cultivate it.
  15. Professor Hittler. The best part was that he was actually very kind. Being born with that name probably forces you to roll with life.
  16. I made ricotta gnocci! It didn't look like instagram, but it was delicious! I will make this again.
  17. I watered my new tulips from the tulip festival!
  18. Good luck!!! Healthcare sucks, but progress is usually good.
  19. I'm not sure how we skipped into the alternative timeline, but we need to go back.
  20. I pet an attentive cat who may or may not be the ruler of the house.
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