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    Being heavily sarcastic. Oh, and also finding wonderful ways to literally rip you to shreds. ^-^

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  1. Contacts? In. Padded booty shorts? On. LET'S ROCK THIS TOWN

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    2. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      Why are you taking Rock with you to town but not me ? *sad*

    3. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      OH DEAR SATAN WHY?! I revise this to "Let's nuke this town!" (I now have urges to go to derby in pirate wear. One woman came dressed as Spiderman. It was insanely awesome.)

    4. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      Now Nuke the Whales is getting more action than me and he hasn't posted here for years! That's it, I'm going away!

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