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  1. I'm not sure how we skipped into the alternative timeline, but we need to go back.
  2. I pet an attentive cat who may or may not be the ruler of the house.
  3. No one needs me back. Not a giant gator on a dune.
  4. Nightly passed through a dream, so I logged in here.
  5. That would be a freaky email. "Your past wants you back, Sheepy. WE want you back. Why did you leave us?"
  6. I thought about doing this as an April Fool's joke. Apparently people still live here. Either that or its angry spirits haunting the website. Are all of you dead?
  7. Weirdly, when Castro died the first thing that popped in my head was "Ooo. I bet the Nightly deadpool is a happy place."
  8. This place is still here?! Also: I have tun through nearly the entirety of Stargate in a month.
  9. Oh hey. I'm not too late! *glances at book title* Are we supposed to share what we read?
  10. Thunderstone: Its like Dominion (deck building game) except the idea is to slay monsters. Its as co-op or backstabby as you want to play it. Munchkin....Duh. Red Alert: Seriously, this is like the best day at work ever. Co-op. Make sure the ship doesn't blow up. You will be stressed and yell. Ita awesome. Honestly, if ever you've been curious about a game, I am your girl. I own about a hundred games...
  11. That's....a long time. I'm going to go peel off a teenager's face, wear it, and pretend to not feel old.
  12. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just happened to meet someone as insane as I am. Go ahead, mock me. Wedding dress in the works: "http://s18.photobucket.com/user/SheepMurderer/embed/slideshow/Wedding" Fear my orange and purple! It will be glorious.
  13. I just ordered the first four Dresdon File books. This had better be worth it.
  14. You aren't alone. I was also having this issue for a while...
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