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    I've seen those fingerpaintings you bring home and they SUCK!
  1. Goddam JJ Abrams always killing people. This isn't Lost you know. Who's gonna direct the next 2, Robert Kirkman and George RR Martin?
  2. No but I was selling Japanese eating utensils...
  3. Like many of you, my first thought was "touch base". I used to think that people who overused that phrase had no idea what it actually meant, but it sounded better than saying "Hi, I've called you for no reason at all, want to buy anything?" However, now I'm convinced that it actually has no meaning at all and anyone who has ever said it ever is stupid. I also loathe "chop-chop". This one isn't overused, but it infuriates me. A customer said it to me 10 years ago when I was a young greenpea in sales. He said he was in hurry and I said I understood that and would do my best to respect hi
  4. I think it isn't as exciting this time around for guys like us who were late teens/twenties for the prequel trilogy. We busted our proverbial nut on the excitement in 99-05. I didn't really remember it was premiering until today. I haven't seen any news or spoilers other than what has been in the movie trailers. But 10 minutes ago I logged on the the local movie theater website and tickets to the 1am show in 3D were still available. Woo hoo! Check out how fanboy I am right now. Not dressing up though. In fact I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing pajama pants and slippers. But I'll be
  5. Well let's see now. I think we've tried to do a bunch of these "epic history" type things over the years, but as time goes by, the memories dim and we are left with a lot less than we used to have. Like a special few, I started here in June 99 after reading the EW article about the website. I switched the next month to this username, though for the life of me I can't remember why. For the first bit I was deeply involved in the actual discussion regarding Episode 1 and the theories regarding what would happen. However, after a few months, I switched to total troll mode and started fights
  6. Come back and register the 19k and 20k'th usernames. They'll be your 2k and 2,001'th aliases, respectively. ;)

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