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  1. are ppl wearing masks in san antonio? only like 5-10% of ppl are wearing masks down here even tho they're required by law in oaxaca. the only business that i know of that actually requires them is the bank ironically.
  2. just tell him it's controlled opposition by our reptilian shapeshifter overlords.
  3. Still travelling around. Hope you are doing well bro.
  4. I live out of a suitcase so kind of difficult to accumulate much of anything.
  5. before after FML I just keep getting fatter.
  6. Sometimes, when I am thinking about how much denser LA is than NYC, I touch myself.
  7. I don't even know where to start. Let's just do a comparison of the two urban areas since you are wrong on a number of points in your post - I am not even sure where you're getting these numbers from - they seem entirely made up. Land Area NYC: 3,450.2 sq mi LA: 1,736.0 sq mi Population NYC: 18,351,295 LA: 12,150,996 Density NYC: 5,318.9/sq mi LA: 6,999.3/sq mi
  8. You know, the ridiculous one where you actually claim that a much larger metro in area (NYC) must be lower density, even though that definition contains part of f-cking Connecticut; when compared to a smaller area MSA (LA).. even though, clearly anyone that has ever been to both cities actually knows LA is a big, sprawling mess that is not nearly as dense. I offer this to consider: The population density of Manhattan is 69,467.5/mi, not only easily the densest place in the US, but one of the densest places in the world, including Manila and Kowloon. The absolute densest place in the LA m
  9. You should try it out, it's not that expensive. I just got back from a 6 week sex binge to Pattaya. I think all in incl flight I spent only $8500. Lotsa TS over there too (altho i prefer women, only go with dickgirls when im bored)
  10. Porn stars aren't unobtainable, Evolence. Most escort on the side. I've been with quite a few (although none on your list).
  11. The lack of interest in mid-term and local elections has always been a point of great amusement to me. People truly don't give a **** and I find it highly encouraging that this sentiment is only growing stronger. For the last month I have been working on a voter outreach campaign for the GOP in one of the states with a close US senate race. My entire job has been to hire canvassers to go door to door using walking lists of registered Republican voters to remind them that an election is coming up and tell them when early voting starts. The impression I have gotten from the people out in th
  12. not much. wrapping up campaign in bumfuck arkansas. trying to decide where im going next. how are you
  13. Stormtrooper X, does the government of New Zealand have the right to place tariffs on imported goods? This doesn't have much to do with your argument with Lucas, I'm just curious as to how you will answer.
  14. For the Jews of the Orient, it has always been about money and business. That's why the overseas Chinese are known as the Jews of the Orient, you silly Jew!
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