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  1. That theory works well in walk on/random/casino (non professional) play... Weekly, bar/club member tables are a different animal! IMO, it's all about the environment...
  2. Nothing to do with overeaction/overhyping... Marcus Mariota has the fastest release I've seen since Peyton!
  3. Grab the seat on the RIGHT side of the dealer. Tip him/her GENEROUSLY on your first winning hand... You'll have a good night!
  4. Oh, and Marcus Mariota has the quickest release since Dan Marino!
  5. Neither the Ravens or Broncos score an offensive touchdown?!? The only way the Giants scored on offense was because their defense returned a fumble to the one yard line?!? The Colts have their ass handed to them by the Bills?!? Tony Dungy STILL looks like Obama's special brother! Welcome to week one!
  6. Patriots repeat... over Seattle! Only happened once before (Cowboys over Bills).
  7. Ouch. Feel like I just got mugged by Tusken Raiders, and they left all my crap behind because they just didn't care!?!?!
  8. I realize it's been awhile since I've checked in, however, what happened to the Lando system? Was it clumped together with The Cantina, or now made an 'invisible'/VIP forum?
  9. Took a week, but it seems to have subsided... Maybe just an early browser update glitch?
  10. It also didn't help that he had elephant like feet?!? One of the worst things about the silly Japanese films was that the man in the suit had terribly large, flat, Brontosaurus, like feet! A designer/animater could argue that the toes were simply retracted, otherwise, how could he swim?!? However, it was still a visual letdown seeing unnaturaly round flat feet as a first impression!
  11. Anybody else getting random words hyperlinked? Along with a green colored half circle and arrow? I just updated FIREFOX so maybe it's just a bizarre feature attached, but this is the only site affected?!?
  12. One of the most underrated shows of recent memory. The chemistry between Enrico Colantoni and Kristen Bell was priceless. I own all three seasons and rewatch once a year. A precursor in visual theme, wit, and panache, to Castle, a show that shares most of the production personal from VM. There was a reason fans clamored for (and got) a film adaption.
  13. B to B+. Could have been epic, but a lot of fat should have been chewed! Will make a great at home cable tv movie. Took itself a little too seriously. I get the whole 'Jaws' thing, less is more. Problem is, they faked us out too many times. Just when you watched Godzilla slowly (goosebump inducing) rise and roar for the awesome first round (or two) throwdowns, they CUT TO THE NEXT DAY!?!?! Frustrating. Too much innocuous human drama. YES, the two killing blows were AWESOME, but just a little too late! Better written (considering the content) and almost believable story. However, i
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