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  1. I just saw a clip for episode three, which I'm trying to avoid till it streams. I feel like I did twenty years ago when we used to come on here and discuss the prequels. Star Wars hasn't been this interesting in nearly two decades. Exciting times again...
  2. I don't think Vader will learn about Luke during this series, though I think Reva will. She seems to have some good intuition, when she asks Owen if he's hiding a Jedi I think she's feeling something. Obviously she will be stopped before she gets a chance to report back to Vader.
  3. I haven't posted in here for years. I came back here just before 'The Force Awakens' was released, I hated it. I hated the two sequels. I thought 'The Mandalorian' was a very average show with a few good moments in there. I thought 'Solo' was ok despite a few awful moments. Maybe it seemed ok at the time because we had just recently been subjected to the 'Last Jedi'. I loved the third act of 'Rogue One'. I have no interest in watching 'The Book of Boba Fett', it looks terrible. For the last few years I've been spending too much money buying Black Series figures, because I still love Star
  4. The title has been used in actual fan film, and a Marvel comic.
  5. The Focus of the last film was Luke ? Lol ! He was in it for about 30 seconds. The story revolved around his unknown whereabouts, not the character.
  6. I don't mind the title, it implies the focus of this film is on Luke. One thing we can be sure of is we'll see a lot of him in this one. I don't think the title means he's going to die, but I think we'll get to learn more about what 'The Last Jedi' has been up to over the years... If he does die, then does the title mean there will be no more Jedi after Luke ?
  7. Source? Last I heard they were just starting to discuss the plans for Leia's future. +1 Back to top Quote MultiQuote Report Mara, there are articles online which mention Lucasfilm are talking with her estate, if they hadn't already decided to take this route I doubt they wouldn't even be talking with them. No matter how good a CG Leia will look it's going to be both creepy and depressing watching it, knowing she's passed on, even if it's 100 x better than what they did with Rogue One. It absolutely sucks that she died.
  8. Ramon, I'd rather a CGI version with a lot of care and attention to detail than a recast. Mara, I think they've pretty much decided to go ahead with it.
  9. So it seems like Disney are going to go ahead with a CG Leia. In this particular case (for varied personal reasons) I'm not for, nor against it, but I am seeing a lot of comments online suggesting it's wrong to do so. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on here. With all due respect to Carrie Fisher, RIP x She was an integral part of what made those films, which played a huge part in my life only some of us will ever understand.
  10. It also states that Rey is actually the daughter of Mara Jade ;-)
  11. I bought the 'Rogue One' - 'Ultimate Visual' Guide Book, it states it Coruscant.
  12. The scene where they infiltrate the security on Scarif, she is rubbing it, trusting in The Force.
  13. I've never been really all that bothered about the passing of a celebrity, but I'm absolutely gutted over this. RIP Princess x
  14. Yeah, of the two actresses one is Oscar nominated, the other had a guest spot in 'Holby City' or something similar, it's clear to tell which one is which. I couldn't stand Daisy Ridley with her constipated over the top facial expressions, she has all the presence of someone who just came out of stage school. I'm not saying Felicity was brilliant either, but her performance was believable, which helps all the more to make you believe in the character.
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