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  1. I just saw a clip for episode three, which I'm trying to avoid till it streams. I feel like I did twenty years ago when we used to come on here and discuss the prequels. Star Wars hasn't been this interesting in nearly two decades. Exciting times again...
  2. I don't think Vader will learn about Luke during this series, though I think Reva will. She seems to have some good intuition, when she asks Owen if he's hiding a Jedi I think she's feeling something. Obviously she will be stopped before she gets a chance to report back to Vader.
  3. I haven't posted in here for years. I came back here just before 'The Force Awakens' was released, I hated it. I hated the two sequels. I thought 'The Mandalorian' was a very average show with a few good moments in there. I thought 'Solo' was ok despite a few awful moments. Maybe it seemed ok at the time because we had just recently been subjected to the 'Last Jedi'. I loved the third act of 'Rogue One'. I have no interest in watching 'The Book of Boba Fett', it looks terrible. For the last few years I've been spending too much money buying Black Series figures, because I still love Star Wars despite what Disney have done to the characters and story that George Lucas and his team created. Then the first two episodes of Obi Wan came along. I was blown away. I didn't think I would be enjoying it this much. I've re-watched scenes over and over again because I am absolutely loving this. We are getting some of what we where expecting but didn't get with the prequels, Owen and Obi Wans relationship. I teared up a few times watching this with one of my long time Star Wars nerd friends, and I had to put my hand over the side of my head so he couldn't see me lol ! That final scene though, when Obi Wan finds out, and he's got Anakin's daughter with him, it was so good. So far they haven't ruined any characters. I loved young Leia, the dialogue that was written for her was perfect. I don't have any complaints about any of it. I just hope they keep this up, and I have not looked forward to seeing a showdown as much as I am looking forward to seeing Obi Wan going up against Vader again. I can not believe how good this series has been so far, especially after everything else Disney have put out since taking over. Can not wait to see more of this.
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