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  1. I've been trying to build a wooden surfboard but I made the jig for slotting the ribs slightly askew and fucked one up so I have some backtracking to do.
  2. Yeah, some farmers couldn't even get the fertilizer they needed at any cost throughout the growing season. Add to that the mess that is the supply of water to California farmers... It's not just the drought, it's chronic mismanagement of the important infrastructure of this country. All the chickens are coming home to roost at once.
  3. I've been only going out so I can walk too closely to people.
  4. Not if you listen to people like this. Granted, the sample size of these videos may be small, but I don't think there were warnings like this in years past. Preppers and tin foil hatters, sure, but the confluence of high input costs without offsetting high (enough) futures prices and weather/global events seems unprecedented.
  5. I agree, the current panic is not proportional to the risk that most people face. I do think, however, that there is a generational difference in the way people treat the risk. It seems inversely related to how much people stand to lose. I know millennials and younger who have aged 10 years because of constant panic despite the fact that they would most likely have zero long term consequences from an infection. I know a lot of boomers who think that being careful means only going to their favorite breakfast diner 5 days a week instead of 7. They also wear the useless blue surgical masks until
  6. I've come within the window of people's symptoms many times. I am starting to believe that the "asymptomatic" spread is a bunch of BS. I think it's a way of allowing for plausible deniability when people decide "it's only a headache" or "it's just a sniffle" before going to social functions. If it turns out that the headache was really the start of covid... well you just tell people that you felt fine at the family reunion and it must have been asymptomatic spread.
  7. Maybe you're the superhero that Samuel L. Jackson was trying to find by releasing covid?
  8. Am I the only person here who has fallen into the internet rabbit hole of taking various over the counter supplements to augment my immune system (i.e. black seed oil)? Somehow I've managed to not get covid despite close calls with superspreader events.
  9. I have a pear tree and an apple tree. The pears are pretty damned good. The apples make good hard cider. I also have some corn growing way too slow. I planted a few seeds as they were a year or two old and I wanted to see if they would even germinate. I've made a point this year of getting out of my usual eating habits when it comes to local produce. I'll probably hit up a corn festival this year, even though I typically don't eat corn on the cob. I figure that I should at least enjoy every moment I can if somehow everything collapses. There is also the possibility that some phytocompound I ea
  10. I got rid of my Yaris a number of years ago, though I wish I kept it. They are nice little beep beeps. I traded mine in for a Prius Prime. I live close enough to work that I was able to drive on all electric for the vast majority of all of my driving. After 2 years I decided to get rid of it in favor of having a much smaller car payment. Well, my childhood dream car came up for sale and I traded it in for a 2000 BMW Z3. I drove the shit out of that little convertible, including in the winter, which is obviously very inadvisable. Eventually I sold that to a friend who took it off-roading in Ida
  11. Speaking of breaking windshields, did you know that you can't just put a 10 foot piece of lumber into a 9'8" space and expect to close the hatch without smashing glass? You think I would know that by now.
  12. Here's a disturbing question: What is going to happen with pet food? It's already strained, but if the human food supply chain becomes constrained... what will happen to fluffy?
  13. For a variety of reasons people generally feel that the social contract has been broken. I think you can point to a number of concerns that people on both sides of the aisle have for thinking this.
  14. The Sri Lanka thing is insane and terrible. I fear the same will happen to other countries, mostly poorer ones, within the next 12-18 months. I'm also anticipating another "Arab Spring" because of high grain prices. The only thing that might save the US on energy prices is demand destruction. I think oil especially will continue to increase coupled with an overall decrease in consumption. In the Netherlands, the government passed a law intended to cut Nitrogen emissions in the form of NO2 and ammonia. This means forcing farmers to buy expensive "credits" for their livestock or a f
  15. Anybody paying attention to the situation in the Netherlands?
  16. I'm sorry to hear about all of this, Spammy.
  17. I didn't see the movie, but did they revamp the TARDIS?
  18. Do you still have a plant named Shirlena?
  19. So is everything doing well for everybody?
  20. https://www.npr.org/2022/05/23/1100592132/united-nations-food-shortages The UN is warning of wheat shortages, perhaps less than 10 weeks in world stockpiles. I'd venture that's calculated as an average across all countries. So, the US and Australia: probably fine. The rest of the world? Probably screwed. There have already been food riots in a few countries already. Will this lead to another "Arab spring?" Some countries have banned exports and returned to protectionist policies (India in particular is a big one). Plantings in the US currently lag, partly due to fertilizer and fuel
  21. Shit, people remember where I live. Yeah, the Bills are great. I was at a playoff party with some visiting Texan fans a few years back. They got to see firsthand what being a Bills fan is about. Then that game with KC. Boy, that was a good game. But, these days I don't really watch the games until the playoffs. I'm fine being a bandwagon fan. I spent too many years rooting for a team with terrible management. They owe me 17 years of good management before I'll buy merchandise again. That and it would be nice if the NFL teams could stop stealing tax money to build stadiums wh
  22. Man, I haven't worked there in forever. I have, however, considered building one of those pizza ovens in the yard.
  23. That's why I brought you to the penis museum where tickets are a thousand dollars.
  24. If Phil were alive today he would probably move this thread to the music forum.
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