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  1. Yeah! Screw people who may or may not just be reaching out in kindness to someone who is related to them! It's pretty easy to make judgements about things that you have no involvement in other than someone you know on the internet is going through it. Copper, whatever you do, don't be a dumbass and make snap decisions like SD and Maker. Whatever you end up choosing will be the right path and can only make things better as long as you stay strong and firm in your decisions and don't let other people take advantage of you. I have faith in you to be able to handle whichever path you choose. J
  2. Ericka, Damn girl when did you become a woman?!
  3. I have noticed that it seems the amount of anonymous users is going up. What's wrong with the other members knowing you're here? It's not like it's the year 2000 and we're logging on to AIM to talk to one person but 15 other people are going to start messaging you the second they hear that door opening noise.
  4. it's ok. Just come in and hang out with us. We're all human here, right guys?
  5. Jameson in my belly kicking in. This is how I prepare to drive to boston tomorrow and spend the weekend recording some good ol fashion rock music.
  6. Sure there's a whole lot of expanses of nothing up here. Dirt roads in the middle of nowhere that lead to towns built on the face of a dime, but that's part of the allure. and there's a bunch of pretty out here.
  7. but can you do it on this Don't forget to watch out for frost heaves!
  8. New Englanders are special breed of people. Not all Irish dockers but there are a lot of celtics tattoos. Kinda like Yankees hats in NY. And Goddammit Jacob if I find you driving on my road in october doing 25mph so you can look at some orange and yellow leaves I'm gonna ram your behind
  9. how can you even lump harpoon and ganset in the same category? Not even remotely the same thing.
  10. African dust? seems pretty easy to avoid. just don't go to africa. or stay away from ashy black people.
  11. hmmmm.... is danger's dangler worth 20 bucks to me.... hmmm. you've put me in quite the quandary, sir.
  12. Just the gaping supertramps you associate with. Dude's got a monster dong. Or at least that's what bodega tells me.
  13. I wanna rock and roll all day and party some of the night. Don't want to catch a cold or anything.
  14. I have get irrationally angry with someone if they have the hiccups for longer than 1 minute. It just really gets under my skin for some reason. It's like the person in the back of the classroom that would always be coughing all throughout taking a test.
  15. ok, that's apparently a thing then? Some of my friends were playing slap the bag once and I had never heard of it and thought it was just some stupid thing that they made up. What's the deal with that? Is there are an actual method or point? I feel like Tami. am I missing soemtihng?>!
  16. was gonna +1, then you dropped an abbreviated word to show us your youthful coolness. Made me wanna vom. You're so cray cray!
  17. an audio interface. like this that's what i'm sayin. I've never used on though so who knows. Maybe I'm way off. Seems like a good thing to own though.
  18. I was just having a conversation about this very same subject earlier today. It's very true. And this is coming from a guy who normally drinks porters and stouts for those of you who don't already know.
  19. I've never used one, but I've kind of always wanted to get an audio interface for recording. There's a bunch of different levels of them from 100 bucks to 2000. They plug in through usb or firewire ports. I guess it's essentially a preamp with multiple inputs and it seems as though you can record multiple tracks at once with it. It's been a while since I've looked into them though, your post just reminded me that I wanted one. I think that's what you might want tommy.
  20. Yeah, the companions seem to be buggy as hell in this. Every once in a while if I accidentally hit my companion with a grazing pass of a spell she turns on me and starts attacking me. This happened to me right after I killed my first dragon. I ran over to it, picked up everything of the dragon, was overencumbered and couldn't run when my companion started attacking me and she had all my **** i couldn't carry on her. Then I died and had to do the dragon fight all over again afterwards. Otherwise I love this game. I rented morrowind once a loooong time ago and didn't really get into. But since
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