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  1. There's a whole bunch of stuff that was to be the first act of ROTJ that ended up either being cut, or dropped from the shooting schedule. This scene and the sandstorm scene were shot, then dropped, other stuff was ready to be shot, but was dropped.

    What else was dropped entirely? I knew of the lightsaber and sandstorm scene, but don't recall what else off the top of my head.

  2. I think I need to get off the grid for the next week until I see it.

    I am a frequenter of the Star Wars Leaks subreddit. They are surprisingly respectful, with regards to spoilers in titles... it's pretty easy to avoid "big stuff" if you want to. It's been helpful that basically nothing big leaked beforehand - unlike Force Awakens. But when the Visual Dictionary leaked last week I had to extricate myself. Trying to go in relatively blind.

  3. No doubt.


    The shady thing about Luck is that there is speculation that the Colts knew he wasn't going to be able to play this season but didn't put him on IR because they knew his deactivation would affect season ticket sales. If Dex still posted here I'm sure he'd be ranting about it.


    I think Watson will be fine, but I'm starting to doubt that Luck will ever play again. If so that's just sad, because he showed so much promise.

    Meh. This angle doesn't really apply. Those tickets were sold and accounted for long ago.


    I agree they knew longer than they let on. But I don't think it was anything nefarious, just incompetence.


    I'll argue anything that says these movies will be the past, especially the KOTOR stuff.


    No way is Rian going to be hemmed in by anything already covered or "old." It's going to be new stuff altogether, which is great.

    Given that KOTOR isn't canon, I don't see why going back 10,000 generations would be hemming him in. If Rian has an idea for something in the past, especially if it comes from something that came up while writing TLJ, they aren't going to say "No! We already had some old stuff about that timeframe!"


    I agree with this. He's big on the lore aspect. I could see him wanting to explore the 'first' Jedi or something. Not to guarantee it, maybe it's contemporaneous with our other movies just in a different corner of the galaxy.

  5. I got engaged to my girlfriend Megan on Sunday!




    I met Megan when we were short on girls on night at soccer and one of my friends brought her to sub (at the field pictured). I immediately had a crush on her and finally worked up the courage to ask her out several months later. We've spent a LOT of time at that stadium over the years, and she played collegiately there, so it was a fitting venue for the big day.


    Even though I haven't talked too much about my girlfriend on here, it still wouldn't feel quite right if I didn't let my Nightly family know about my big news. I've known (in varying degrees) many of you since I was like thirteen years old for cryin' out loud. I've got relationships on here that far outdistance some that I have offline. I think I read it on here once, or maybe it was elsewhere, but I've adopted saying it - there's no such thing as "internet friends," that's an unnecessary qualifier.







    edit: I have no idea why the last one uploaded upside down :lol: It is most definitely not upside down anywhere else.

  6. I'm in an interesting spot...


    I've got my preorder copy being delivered by Amazon tomorrow. Problem is I am leaving town late afternoon (to a wedding in Chicago, and then going on vacation after that). If it arrives by the time I leave I'll log plenty of hours over the next week. If it isn't delivered by then, then it's nothing. In my experience I usually get Amazon deliveries fairly early in the day, but you never know. Fingers crossed.

  7. Just a couple hundred yard strides should be sufficient. If you feel like you need a running warmup, just lightly jog for 5 minutes or something.


    I don't normally warm up at all funny enough - aside from some dynamic stretching and just getting myself loose.

  8. And the backgrounds are obviously different.


    She's still wearing her Ach-To robes, so she's most likely saying it to Luke, which makes sense given the context of their meeting and what we know about their relationship in the film so far.


    Didn't we cover this already?

  9. My educated but not at all expert opinion is that for a 10k you can pretty much do whatever.


    Hal Higdon, which is what I loosely use for my training plans, says you can do a final longer run near race distance (5.5mi) a week out, then gradually decrease. When the final distance is only 10k your "taper" isn't going to be as substantial or as long.




    For me, I enjoy getting training runs in that are much longer than race distance. So if you can work yourself up to 7 or 8 2-3 weeks before then cut back that's probably fine too. 8-7-5-race or some progression like that.

  10. It helps!


    It also seems silly to say, but another way to get faster is to... run... faster. Get your body and your legs used to moving at the speed you're wanting them too. Start with however small an interval you need.


    Re: soccer

    I organized my team a couple years ago and we've gradually found more and more leagues to play in. Once these 3 leagues are over we'll have played 90(!) games this calendar year. Such a blast.

  11. lol at everyone rationalizing the Luke line every possible way.



    This trailer was really good. However, all of the misdirection is annoying...especially done multiple times in one trailer. It feels gimmicky. TFA trailer #1 is perfect. It didn't need misdirection to cause a buzz.

    It didn't need anything to cause a buzz.


    Misdirection is fine. Keep the plot details as under wraps as possible. Show me cool shit and misdirect away.

  12. 9 MILES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    You people are crazy.


    I'm on death's door after 2.5 miles. Of course I also do a Crossfit class as well every day so there's that.

    I used to think 9 miles was an indication of craziness too! Hell, running for any reason other than someone chasing you! I love it now. I got a few 15+ in last spring training for the Mini. I'd like to eventually do a full marathon but haven't managed that scheduling-wise yet.

    I usually run in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday and lift after work every day so there's usually (mostly) ample recovery time. Of course, I play soccer 2-3 nights a week so that sometimes causes a scheduling headache.


    This is my current schedule for the next 8 weeks until soccer ends.


    Monday: Lift (Squat, Leg Accessory)

    Tuesday: Run, Soccer

    Wednesday: Lift (Squat, Bench, Deadlift), Soccer

    Thursday: Run, Lift (Upper Body Accessory), Soccer

    Friday: Legs (Squat, Bench, Lower Accessory)

    Saturday: Long Run, Lift (easy, full body or makeup a workout missed because of soccer)

    Sunday: Run, Lift (Deadlift, Bench, Upper Body Accessory)

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