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  1. In a episode in season 2 i think, Cersi said that if it wasn't for children she would a\have thrown herself from the keep. I know what the prophecy said, but they have never really elaborate on that part, I also think in the end, Gendry will be on the throne, i think that he will either marry Dani....maybe
  2. In a episode in season 2 i think, Cersi said that if it wasn't for children she would aave thrown herself from the keep. I know what the prophecy said, but they have never really elaborate on that part
  3. Knowing Cersi, she will put the blame on house Stark (or someone else), and then the Lanisters with Jamie leading them will go up against them. May be House Tarly too. Of course there could be any number of houses that were loyal to house Bolton. I think that with Walder Frey a gone, wouldn't his army belong to house Lanister?
  4. anyone else got any questions or idea...maybe add on to this
  5. I agree, even tho we know that Tyrion is capable of it...I have always believed it would be Jamie
  6. I don't think Arya will die, instead, I see her with Gendry. In episode 1, Robert said to Ned "I have a son, You have a daughter, we'll join our houses". A little foreshadowing I think, just another son and the other daughter ( who reminded Ned of Lyanna ). As for Drogon, I'm of two minds about that, I see him dying protecting his mother. I don't think Tyrion will die, I think he will re-connect with Sansa.....tho. One thing that puzzles me. in the book the rest of the cersei's prophecy, the valqaur will kill Cersei. They never bring that part up in the movie. There was a scene betw
  7. While there are the obvious question such who will win the Iron throne and is Tyrion a Targaryen and all that....here are 10 question I'd like answered. Please answer or add questions if you'd like. TEN QUESTION I HOPE ARE ANSWERED BY THE GOT SERIES FINALE 1. Will Arya and Sansa finally be able to be the sisters they should have always been? 2. Will we see Nymeria again? 3. What Robin Arryn discover the truth about his mothers death? 4. Will Tyrion and Sansa re-unite or will he look for his first wife Tysha? 5. Will Samwell and Gilley get their happily eve
  8. Well, I do believe that Tyrion will have something to do with the dragons, he has always been fascinated with them, but until the season 6 episode it was only speculation. Jon Snow may have a legitimate claim to the iron throne, but truly, I do not see him wanting to take it willingly. I think, in the end, He will stay in Winter-fell with Sansa or He will go back to the wall. He has always felt that he never truly belonged ( thanks to Catlyn Starks attitude, if she could only see Jon now....King of the North). Sansa Knows how to play the game better than Jon, he is a lot more like Ned Sta
  9. Well this is just speculation on my part...or...call it what you will. I haven't read all the books, to tell the truth, I have only read 1....but for some reason, I cannot help but think of the Targareyens when ever I see the white walkers. I mean the T's were all about dragons and fire, but how ironic it would be if the White Walker ( leader or commander or whatever) that was in the battle against the Wildings, at the end of season 5, was a Targaryen, in his human life, later to turn into a White Walker and only a dragon or blade made from dragon glass could kill them......Yes I know its
  10. i'm glad John Williams is doing the music
  11. It has been hinted that Robin Hood was Regina's true love, but to be honest, I think ( hoped) that it would be Regina and Hook, because all they showed was the back of the guys head and a tattoo of a lion ( i think ). Maybe Hook and Hood knew each other or served in the same regiment or something..maybe it is just being foolish. That would certainly be one way to get Emma and Regina back at each others throat....( of course, I do prefer Emma with Bae/Neil.)
  12. I have been watching what I can. Tyrion is my favorite. He is the best of all the Lannisters.
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