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  1. Good luck tomorrow guys. You have the chance to undo a terrible wrong, don't blow it
  2. We're our own kind of wacky, but what's going on across the pond is next level. I'm getting apocalyptic vibes.
  3. I'm nearly 10,000 miles away and I'm terrified about all this. What the fuck happened to your country?
  4. Dear America We feel sorry for you. Love The rest of the world
  5. Winter is still to come for us and already we're in a state of emergency, so we're fucked.
  6. Untouchable 1. Empire strikes back 2. A New Hope Brilliant but imperfect 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Force Awakens (Rogue 1 would go here) Enough to like, but missed opportunities 5. Revenge of the Sith 6. Rise of Skywalker 7. The Last Jedi (Solo goes here somewhere) Goddamnit 8. The Phantom Menace 9. Attack of the Clones
  7. The film that culminates a 42 year old story I've grown up with, and 20 years of being a nightly.net original, warrants the below review: "Close enough" For the long version, just read tank's review.
  8. That it's not only conceivable, but highly likely, that Trump will still get reelected despite the clear crimes committed (on top of all the other daily evidence of his unfitness for office) is one of the great mysteries for we non-Americans.
  9. Impeachment will only make him a martyr and inflame his base, especially when the sycophantic senate inevitably shoots it down. The result will be the re-election of the most inept and corrupt US President in history, while the rest of the world laughs and shakes their head at how low a once great nation has become. (I say the above fully aware of the fact of my own Government's incompetence)
  10. My reaction to this thread as a non-American...
  11. Still have my original welcome email and password. I feel old.
  12. This was the first place I read negative reviews of TPM, and it was the moment the internet and fan-culture changed for me. Up until then everything was either brilliant and worth discussing, or you simply didn't bother. TPM was the first time I saw obsession over negative things that would just compound further rage, which has reached new levels today. I was a long time defender but over time the 'minor' flaws I was willing to accept when compared to the overall fun time I had, became gaping wounds. I now see that both sides of the argument ("They're movies for kids, shut up" vs "Lucas kille
  13. Nation votes moron to run the show. Nation surprised at moronic behaviour.
  14. First time fully spoiler-free for this one. I've finally "grown up".
  15. Loved it. Only complaints are that it could've done with some trims in the edit suite, and the soundtrack was too dominant in places.
  16. I'm still waiting for someone to come out and admit this whole "President Trump" thing is just a very elaborate joke.
  17. I still use my original 1999 password to login.
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