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  1. Somtimes I wish I wasn't from Arizona.

  2. Sorry, I've been really ****ing busy. :( I've been picking up hours at work so other's can have pto time. Thankfully these nice things are providing me with a three day weekend soon ... muahahaha!! Even generous acts have selfish roots. ;)

  3. Started watching Firefly last night and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to get off work to watch more, lol.

    1. Cashmere


      Sweet! I love Firefly.

    2. Undome Telcontar

      Undome Telcontar

      it turns into an obsession. and then you have to watch serenity afterwards.

    3. Jaycie


      That's the plan UT. My man and I have limited off time together but we're already up through four episodes. :)

  4. Sugar craaaaash, need more coffeeee.

  5. Thanks for the Happy Birthday and all that lot. Hope you have a kick ass day. :)

  6. Thanks Jason! :) You should come around more man!

  7. Thanks pretty lady! Don't be a stranger!

  8. That's awesome man! Congrats on the new job! :)

  9. Time's up let's do this!

  10. Totally jealous of my co-workers who are at Hostingcon this week in San Diego.

    1. Darth Krawlie

      Darth Krawlie

      totally mad that you didn't come down here

    2. Jaycie


      Well I'm sure I'll get back to San Diego SOMEDAY. Only the higher ups and our retarded social networking guy got to go this round. :(

  11. Watching Archer :D

    1. Destiny Skywalker
    2. Jaycie


      Figured you'd approve. It's genius. We watched all the way through it this weekend. :D

  12. Well if it isn't Bladerunner..

  13. Well yeah, it's monkeygirl, she's like the queen of teh sex.

  14. What's up you ***** you? ;)

  15. Why thank you sir. I am pretty fond of it already.

  16. Woah, party in the dawg's profile. *breaks out the rum*

  17. Woot, getting a new VPS this week.

  18. Woot, going to my favorite bar tonight to celebrate my birthday with great friends.

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    2. Jedi Jami

      Jedi Jami


    3. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Deadly Countdown Day! Mourn your lost time.

    4. Jaycie


      Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!

  19. Woot! Started training for my new job today.

  20. Yay, I love when my workday just rolls on by.

  21. Yep I did! Thanks! I colored my hair and the other photo was bit out of date now. :D

  22. You seem like a cool kid. :D

  23. You sir are missed.

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