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  1. Just try your best to relax. :) I get nervous in relationships initially cause I get too worked up about what's gonna happen long term. Just go with the flow and I think you'll enjoy it more no matter the outcome. :D

  2. I'm ok. :) How are you?

  3. You'll always be my favorite! I hope you know that! :D

    wow.. I'm drunk! lol. The comment still stands though. :)

  4. You seem like a cool kid. :D

  5. Natar says you're awesome so you must be! :D

  6. Heya man. :D How goes it?

  7. Hey you. Just thought I'd hop into say I miss you and I was glad to see you comment tonight. :D

  8. You're such a pretty lady. :D

  9. Hey Jason! Just popped in to say hi again! lol.

  10. Hello my lover. How are you?

  11. Thanks for the Happy Birthday and all that lot. Hope you have a kick ass day. :)

  12. Aww, I miss you too. :( We need to make time to sit and chat soon.

  13. That's awesome man! Congrats on the new job! :)

  14. What's up you ***** you? ;)

  15. Hey... didn't I have sex with you or something?

  16. Good Afternoon my subservient lover.

  17. Haha, yeah it's me.

  18. "I have killed. I have helped kill. I have killed part of myself. I cannot change this. I... I must seek Buddha. I must seek Christ"

  19. Woah, party in the dawg's profile. *breaks out the rum*

  20. Actually from what I know usually sloppy seconds aren't as sloppy as the first.

  21. "That was such ├╝ber pwnage."

  22. Haha.. another comment cherry popped!

  23. Ahhh the return of Megaman.

  24. Hey we're talking about hemp shoes. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

  25. "Gentlemen, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life."

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