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Status Updates posted by Jaycie

  1. Ouch! Carpal tunnel!

  2. Woot! Started training for my new job today.

  3. Getting ready to break stuff so I can learn how to fix it.

  4. It's gonna rain!

  5. Woot, getting a new VPS this week.

  6. Somtimes I wish I wasn't from Arizona.

  7. You sir are missed.

  8. She's pure awesome. I need to rewatch it all. I've pulled Nate into that universe with Caprica (which I don't like nearly as much).

  9. Has someone been watching bsg?

  10. Drinks, in my previous update I said I was suprised 3 drinks got me drunk but I had at least four. lol.

  11. Why thank you sir. I am pretty fond of it already.

  12. I know I need to, lol. Damn these responsibilities. Damn them all to hell!

  13. I'm ok. I spent the last couple weeks settling into my new apartment and celebrating my anniversary with my sweetie. How are you?

  14. Sorry, I've been really ****ing busy. :( I've been picking up hours at work so other's can have pto time. Thankfully these nice things are providing me with a three day weekend soon ... muahahaha!! Even generous acts have selfish roots. ;)

  15. Gah, that sucks man. :( It's how life seems to go sometimes thought. I always kind of laugh to myself "if it's not one thing going wrong, it's another." It's not really funny but sometimes laughing is the only way to get through **** ya know? Anyway, I hope things improve and you don't end up being homeless after all.

  16. Pretty good lately! How are you? :D

  17. Ha! Good thing I like books. :D

  18. Well yeah, it's monkeygirl, she's like the queen of teh sex.

  19. and you are nothing but trouble I say. NOTHING but trouble!

  20. OH yeah! I wondered what had happened to you!

  21. I know!! I miss them too. I don't even have my own phone anymore. You know we live in Indiana now right?... wait... it says on my location. LOLLLLL sorry I'm intoxicated. :D

  22. Hi David!! How are you?

  23. hehe, Aprilsaur called you monkeysecks! Hiiiiiii MG!

  24. Yep I did! Thanks! I colored my hair and the other photo was bit out of date now. :D

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