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  1. I'm really glad I don't observe Christmas anymore, I'm not religious and I never cared for the holiday anyway. It's nice for my son too cause his birthday was last week and I feel like I wouldn't have spoiled him quite as much if I knew he was getting a bunch of crap on Christmas too. My family is just getting together to eat, the tradition of exchanging gifts has really kind of faded out over the last few years and I suspect my grandma will be the only one giving anyone anything this year.
  2. Hunter was super sick for the longest time after I put them in daycare, he never got better and I had to quit my job for a while. It felt like he was on a lot of drugs for a while there and it's not like he wasn't immunized. Other kids are gross man, even if the daycare has great hygiene practices. How does this work? Do you still get periods? I'll pretty much do anything in the world to stop my periods!! Oh sadly no, I still have cycles >.<. I was told they'd be possibly more uncomfortable but they've actually been better and more consistent.
  3. Aww I hope you guys are able to get some real progress with him soon. It's awful when little ones are just perpetually ill. *HUGS*
  4. Heya guys! Sup with you? I'm just drinkin some torpedo, hangin out.
  5. I actually prefer beer now which is odd.
  6. sup, I really should try to be on more. I'm like on the internet all the time.
  7. I had made a promise to myself if I managed to get knocked up thrice before my 25th that would be the end and it was. Lo was born a few months before said milestone and I got the tubes snipped and tied. The recovery was only slightly worse than a normal postpartum situation but I had a laproscopy previously so I knew what I was in for. I suppose I could have insisted Link did the deed but I was already admitted and figured might as well make it a sure thing. In other news Logan turned five last week.
  8. I don't know I give a lot of love to the shaft and it returns the favor.
  9. Mg- I've been really digging Ms Mr this week but right now... It's just some ****ing pendulum. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGow4nmYkkA"[mediahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGow4nmYkkA[/media] edit: wtf is with the coding on this forum atm? How wonky.
  10. Seriously, he is like numba 1 on my "you are forgiven" list with Nat.
  11. Sounds like it's a good time to break out the whiskey. That's great to drink if you can't taste it. I've cut way back on my drinking these days but when I do drink I fly the mothership: I've really only gotten into beer lately and this one is just so smooth I love it. Should be picking some up tonight at the store.
  12. Man I hated the elves in Oblivion, they just looked odd. -.- It sucked too cause I'm totally the "omg I'm SO going to be an elf wizard" type of person but I went Breton instead and carried on about my business. Just finished installing on my new computer, totally stoked to get playing again. I think I'm gonna start over though and make like a rogue type character, I've been in a real melee kick lately.
  13. Since I can no longer mooch off of my boyfriend's steam since we've been playing the same games I'm actually using mine now if anyone wants to add me: swcjcs.
  14. Usually I'm a huge modder when it comes to games but I've never modded any of the Bethesda games I've played. I think it's cause for the most part they've never been stable enough on my current desktop that I'd feel comfortible doing it. It's like "damn was the crash cause of my ****ty video card running out of memory again or is it my mods?"
  15. I bought this a couple weeks ago, I've been having a lot of trouble running it on my preferred gaming machine so I mostly just did a lot of herbing between crashes. My new computer parts will be here by the weekend and then I'll be hitting this hardcore.
  16. The Naked and Famous - "Punching in a Dream"
  17. That's true, the library is down the street but I have a few giftcards for my local favorite bookstore I've been holding on to for a while, lol. I also don't make it out often so I worry about not returning books on time (this is also why I don't borrow books). My birthday is in a month, I'm asking for a kindle in addition to my usual "omg I'm all about Vons Comics" requests. Though I'm not positive I'll like digital reading or not.
  18. Poetic Edda, cause I don't ****ing have anything else I haven't read a million times. I need to make my way to my bookstore really bad.
  19. The episode was pretty hilarious, I liked the part where Ryan was explaining woof and of course Nick the IT guy's farewell.
  20. I finally got around to creating a psn this morning. PSN: Jaycie14 SteamID: swcjcs
  21. I'm reading through Nate's Creighton collection again. I'm currently about half way through Congo and have plans to follow it up with the Andromeda Strain since I've been in a science fictiony mood as of late.
  22. That book is AWESOME. Nate carries it around in his backpack and we have a copy at the office. Ya know.. JIK.
  23. Get the British version - the one with the flames and the screaming mouth on the cover is the most common and the cheapest that I've seen. The American version omits the last chapter, and IMO, it needs the last chapter. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have to look for that version.. I don't like missing pieces.
  24. Just started reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn again. I plan on picking up A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess next time I go to the bookstore.
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