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Status Updates posted by Jaycie

  1. Haha.. another comment cherry popped!

  2. Happy Birthday dude!

  3. Has someone been watching bsg?

  4. Heh, an hour into my shift the whole system drops. Fantastic.

    1. jameslikesstuff


      i hope that means you got paid to do nothing, not that your whole shift went to s#!t

  5. hehe, Aprilsaur called you monkeysecks! Hiiiiiii MG!

  6. Hello my lover. How are you?

  7. Hey Jason! Just popped in to say hi again! lol.

  8. Hey Junglistic wanna go tribal? ;)

    ahahahhaaa ok that was just bad even for me! LMAO.

  9. Hey we're talking about hemp shoes. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

  10. Hey you. Just thought I'd hop into say I miss you and I was glad to see you comment tonight. :D

  11. Hey... didn't I have sex with you or something?

  12. Heya man. :D How goes it?

  13. Hi David!! How are you?

  14. How do you order **** online and not know any of the information used in the process? People ****ing baffle me.

    1. Jedi Cool

      Jedi Cool

      Because thinking and reading is waaay too hard, Jaycie!

  15. I know I need to, lol. Damn these responsibilities. Damn them all to hell!

  16. I know!! I miss them too. I don't even have my own phone anymore. You know we live in Indiana now right?... wait... it says on my location. LOLLLLL sorry I'm intoxicated. :D

  17. I need a vacation.

  18. I need to upgrade my ghetto phone. Time to learn something new at work so I can justify asking for another raise, lol.

  19. I'm gonna make soup today! It's gonna be awesome.

  20. I'm ok. :) How are you?

  21. I'm ok. I spent the last couple weeks settling into my new apartment and celebrating my anniversary with my sweetie. How are you?

  22. I've been a jerk the whole time!

    1. Tezcatlipoca


      learning 2 frogive yourself is one of lifes most important

  23. It's a tough habit to break, lol.

  24. It's gonna rain!

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