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Status Updates posted by Jaycie

  1. Cookie batch one in the oven. At least one more to go.

  2. Yay, I love when my workday just rolls on by.

  3. Started watching Firefly last night and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to get off work to watch more, lol.

    1. Cashmere


      Sweet! I love Firefly.

    2. Undome Telcontar

      Undome Telcontar

      it turns into an obsession. and then you have to watch serenity afterwards.

    3. Jaycie


      That's the plan UT. My man and I have limited off time together but we're already up through four episodes. :)

  4. PS, Nate's now hooked on BSG, muahahaha.

  5. Sometimes I just want to shake people.

    1. Tezcatlipoca


      dats cool me 2. no babies though lol rember louise woodward?

    2. Jaycie


      It's more enjoyable to smack around idiot adults anyway. :p

  6. Ah my beloved sister. I almost forgot you had an account here.

  7. I've been a jerk the whole time!

    1. Tezcatlipoca


      learning 2 frogive yourself is one of lifes most important

  8. **** coldfusion!

    1. Undome Telcontar

      Undome Telcontar

      :o. take that back! coldfusion is an adobe product!
    2. Jaycie


      I mostly do work with OpenBD, lol.

  9. I'm gonna make soup today! It's gonna be awesome.

  10. By the time my next day off rolls around I will have worked 12 straight days. I'm so tired.

    1. GreenLightBaby


      And you're still sane? I made it 7 days with three consecutive close/open and I swear I couldn't think straight and boy if you said one thing wrong to me, I'd go off.

    2. Jaycie


      Well I do work from home but some of the phone calls are just retarded. I went and took a nap just a bit ago and it was pure awesome.

  11. I need to upgrade my ghetto phone. Time to learn something new at work so I can justify asking for another raise, lol.

  12. So that's what happened to the sevens..

  13. It's a tough habit to break, lol.

  14. Well if it isn't Bladerunner..

  15. C'mon baby play me something like here comes the sun!

  16. Bad customer service is just bad.

  17. Thanks Jason! :) You should come around more man!

  18. Woot, going to my favorite bar tonight to celebrate my birthday with great friends.

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    2. Jedi Jami

      Jedi Jami


    3. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Deadly Countdown Day! Mourn your lost time.

    4. Jaycie


      Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!

  19. Nothing is more satisfying about my job than when people needlessly yell at me while I'm trying to help them and then apologize for being an ass when their issue was resolved by doing what I said to do.

    1. Iceheart


      at least they apologize! I've been chewed out royally for just doing my job before, it sucks :(

  20. So apparently the man made lake in the middle of my home town is now totally draining..

  21. God I hate coldfusion. >.<

  22. Thanks pretty lady! Don't be a stranger!

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