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  1. *HUGS* Cerina. I'm sorry you're carrying the weight of the family on your shoulders and holy shit putting all the stuff in the yard you NEED for things to work out would make me absolutely neurotic. I hope you can come to some clarity on what to do about it all soon. Just *HUGS* Even if they are just magical virtual hugs, there can never be enough of them.
  2. Yeah I am pretty heavily in favor of legalization so it's definitely something I wouldn't mind having at present but my access is limited. I AM considering asking my doctor to sponsor me getting a card (since it does help my depression/anxiety as well) but yeah, I don't know where she stands on the subject and am feeling timid about it. It's really ridiculous though it is so taboo, humans have been consuming it for centuries, they've found it in tons of ancient graves and traces of THC in some of the mummies from Egypt. We seem to have a long relationship with the plant and clearly it's not go
  3. hah, I do think that is a common side effect. I mostly just don't wanna get addicted to them though since my god do they make me feel AMAZING.
  4. Dude that's when it came on for me, it was just random. I walked into the kitchen and was overblown by pain shooting through my right side. They put me on this medication that seems to dull it out but lord does it put me to sleep. Which after two months of not sleeping more than a couple hours a day I suppose I'm grateful for. Yeah I'm so annoyed, it'll be a month from my official diagnosis when I finally see them at this rate. I am out of hydrocodone as of tonight but my doctor wants me to go in on Monday before I'll have any of my medications adjusted (I was trying to get her to give me the
  5. I generally don't stray in here too often when I visit but I couldn't help myself. This election has been a circus. heh. It's a really easy test in my family to tell who the racists are based on how big their support of good ol' Joe is. I live in Pinal so I can't vote against him but man I despise that guy and am glad he's on his way out. I think yesterday they officially charged him with criminal contempt. It's hard to say here, I think she's polling ahead of him last I checked but only by a small margin (think it was an AZ Republic poll). Trump has had some big rallies but the st
  6. Yeah I'm feeling a bit impatient cause they've rescheduled me THREE TIMES now and I'm tempted to ask my doctor when I talk to her today (hopefully I talk to her today, I'm about out of pain meds and need to reevaluate that situation) if there's another place she can refer me to. Depression is really hard to deal with, especially as someone looking in, unfortunately I have A LOT of experience with a wide spectrum of depression related disorders because they run deep in my family (and in some part myself). When I was much younger and had problems with that I thought I was a hindrance to ever
  7. At least in my case there's a strong chance I'll be just fine, I just need to be patient. God though fibromyalgia sucks Katrina. I'm really sorry you're going dealing with that. One of my good friends struggles with it and she says it's one of those things where you can have a really great day with manageable symptoms followed by a very painful day where she just kind of wants to do nothing. *hugs*
  8. Don't wanna derail the wonderful feelings/purpose of this thread so I posted an explanation here.
  9. Rather than derail the happy shameless self promotion thread I thought I'd start another one for us to share our miserable health experiences cause I know I'm not the only one that's gone through them. Currently I'm on bed rest because a couple months ago I started having intense pain in my back for some mysterious reason, like I still don't know what caused it, I was just cooking dinner when it came on. Anyway turns out I have a rare type of herniated disk situated right on the center of my spinal column pressing on the nerves on both sides of my spine and it's VERY close to my spinal chord.
  10. Dude this is incredibly rad. I'm going to show my sister, my defacto brother in law collects old games. I think he'd freakin love this. As for me personally I don't work anymore! I think that's definitely some thing to celebrate after toiling my entire adult life (even though it took me getting laid off from my miserable job for it to happen). I'm really thankful Link's job is good enough we can afford to make this happen. Especially cause our boy really needed the extra attention at the moment. I picked up doing handcrafts again and have been really enjoying it. My new love is hand/arm
  11. I wouldn't use Nightly as photo storage, it drives up the bandwidth usage and that increases administration costs. Just sayin, there's tons of free photo hosting services out there that would serve you better.
  12. Sorry Nat and I didn't donate this year, just haven't been around and honestly now my donation money is being sucked up by my social causes. If I still had my server I'd offer space there for you guys but I lost it when I was laid off earlier this year. As much as I love the archives I do think the long term practical solution would be to downsize. As an old member that occasionally likes to live in the past and poke through it, as long as someone makes a dump of the files and stores it somewhere safe I think I'd be chill with it. Heck they could zip it up and make it available for a limited
  13. I'm late to the party, but I tend to give away/donate (if it's in good condition). We have a swap group in my community that I totally under utilize but think it's a fantastic idea. Occasionally with clothes, cause I sew I'll recycle the fabric into something else if part of it's not salvageable. I really like making ribbon yarn from old clothes that I can't give away.
  14. I never pop in and stay as long as I mean to here. Hope you all are well.
  15. Aww. I'm so sorry Spam. That sucks that your family isn't really letting you help them with all this by not communicating well. I hope they get their act together before they end up in a miserable situation.
  16. My family plays a vicious game of monopoly each reunion and yes there's rampant cheating/modification of standard rules. I didn't even know how to properly play the game until I was a teenager. It mostly involves a lot of literal "under the table" surprise business mergers and weird **** like that. I haven't personally participated though as I haven't been to a reunion really since reaching adulthood (they are every four years I think) and the age limit is strictly set to 18 and over. This isn't a board game but like your stuff it's still a game! My friends and I played cross country spoons
  17. Since my family is still tied to the same religious community I was raised in this comes up A LOT for me when I visit with my grandparents. Generally I just try to be pleasant and hope they don't ask me where I got to church now (hint: it's nowhere).
  18. Don't even get me started on Primbud. At one point I actually tried to get the rest of the admins to let me remove post counts cause of him, lol. 12 years of a lot of lurking for me. I was 18, married young, and lonely in Vegas when I found this place. I think it was another year before I actually started posting regularly though cause I'm just like that. Sometimes I stumble upon my old board story drafts and comics in my backups and get the feels. Now I live in AZ with Link and our boy (who will be starting kindergarten this year), and things are generally okay.
  19. I really like ASUS myself, I've been working on a (i5, 4gb ram, two hdd) referb I got off of Newegg for about four plus years now. It gets REALLY heavy use since I work remote and have traveled a bit and I haven't had any hardware issues. My fan is a little loud atm but I probably need to open it up and do a good cleaning. I would never buy a Dell or HP personally but I've had poor experience with both in my history. Just last year we bought an HP printer/fax combo and it's already defective. We don't even use it that much, I use the scanner more than any part of it and that's only like once i
  20. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Balancing things, especially when you have other family (like your mother) also adding to the noise, can make it hard to prioritize. Cause you want to be there for all of them at once but you really can't. It may be worth talking to your mother about your drives to and from work being a time for you to mentally prepare for work and to decompress before you get home. It may be a really difficult conversation though if she is very needy so I understand if you don't want to do that but I would hope she'd understand given the stress you're under right now. Just
  21. We had two video cards just mysterious disappear in route this year. -.- Newegg was kind enough to send us a replacement but we think someone at our post office stole it cause they haven't seemed to use them ever again. Glad apple and everyone but your delivery jerks were kind enough to help you sort it out.
  22. One store I used to shop at did away with coupons all together and said to get discounts you just had to have a clubcard which was free anyway, lol. I thought it was a good decision. Think it was Albertsons, I haven't been to one in years, don't know how that worked out for them.
  23. I love/hate how nothing is ever gone from the internet.
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