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  1. On 1/25/2022 at 1:48 AM, Cerina said:

    Might be better than the archives. Eesh. 

    Anyway, we're coming up on the 10 year anniversary of Jaycie asking me to be an admin. Ten whole years of my life sucked away by this thankless position. I actually think it might be a record...if you don't count JA. 

    And I miss Pong, y'all. 

    Oh and Seth has never once sent me anything I could let my 13 year-old read. 

    Sorry and Congratulations(?)! I think the whole team that's been running things the last few years has really put in some great effort keeping the community together. Ya'll are awesome. ^.^

    4 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

    I think for some reason when I de-Admined myself I kept Mount Olympus access or Supporter access for awhile (probably Supporter) because of some bad overrides on my permissions (I was not fabulous at the control panel) but there was nothing exciting going on anyway. Honestly, I stepped down mostly because I didn't see eye to eye on JA's vision for this place, and got frustrated with his haphazard attention (sorry JA, if you're reading this, don't delete this place). I thought being Admin was more of a committee thing and it wasn't, he just told us ahead of time what he wanted to do.

    At this point I'm pretty sure Spam is an honorary Lyceum mod, she's just smart enough not to take that on. At this point I think this place maybe needs 2 Admins and that's about it. Most of us are well behaved and don't need too much moderation, but not sure how bad the spam registration is. That was pretty bad when I was Admin.

    Honestly a lot of the reason I ended up leaving. I feel like I knew too much about server stuff but not enough about the specifics on the board software and getting any assistance to do anything on the host side proved difficult. I think this was around the same time I was starting to get sick and wasn't fully aware of what was happening to me. 


    Now as for my time as a Mod of the forum formally known as Star Wars Chicks. The was a chaotic blast for the most part, until the M/A game got weird anyway and the official SWC site divorced us. 

  2. Good luck with your procedure Seth! It's amazing what does help when you actually start to pinpoint what is wrong and work at getting it sorted.


    Didgeridoo's are really cool, I didn't know they'd have secondary properties that would be helpful for this. I hope you find relief Jacen.


    I wish my issue was simple. I am actually at face value extremely healthy and don't have any weight problems currently because I work out like twice a day to keep my pain at bay. I did lose about 60lbs after I started therapy for my condition so I've been heavy but since I've had insomnia pretty much my whole life it only made a mild impact to drop the weight. Once I get settled at our new place I'll start insisting on checking for other causes cause I think if I could get handle on the sleep thing for both me and the boy our long term outlook would improve dramatically.


    One thing I feel for you guys talking about the weight aspect that really depresses me is many of my doctors were really insistent if I just lost the weight all my problems would be over. It's kind of sad how often this isn't the case and you have other things wrong with you and they just won't look past that. I don't want to discourage anyone from getting to a healthy weight but stand your ground if you think they are making too big of a deal out of that and you feel like there's something more to it. Usually there is.

  3. Yeah honestly I have quite a few of you on my very locked down facebook. I talk about stuff in my linked blog that I don't really want to be consumed by a huge audience so I feel like the fact there's like seven of you that have access to that says a lot for my faith in this place. Also a few of you even have my twitter handle and frankly I just go there to yell at the universe (like probably most people).

  4. Thought I accidentally locked myself out of this account with an old email but guess not so woooo. Happy Anniversary guys, you all are the awesome. I don't say it enough to those I talk to but this place really did make quite the impact on my life for the better. You all helped me escape an abusive relationship when some of my family were continually pressuring me to stay, you all tolerated my ridiculous poorly drawn comics and silly board stories, and of course I met Link here. My life wouldn't be the same without this place, no correction the best parts of my life wouldn't be the same without this place. So for that, thank you nightly. <3

  5. Man I'm sorry I don't know how I'd deal with that, my parents are not really part of my life so I don't have real direct experience with anyone from my end demanding anything. The rest of my fam is just happy to see me when they can cause they know I'm a recluse. My MIL lives with us and does gets kind of annoyed with me cause I'm not all uber excited about hallmark holidays and goes out of her way to get my youngest into things. I like Tank's idea of a friendsgiving a lot. Sometimes it's just nice to have a chill grill day with your favored family and friends.

  6. I just wanna say thanks again for your input on this Reese, I really appreciated you taking the time to send me those links when I first posted about this on facebook. They have helped me kind of grasp where I am and what I want for him going forward. This school is a good option for now but I want to look into more customization down the road based on his interests and general skill.


    My biggest concern is maintaining my drive to keep him on task, like you sad Spam it's a real job. My parents tried it with us when we were small and because they both worked I think they really struggled to keep it going. We were in and out of public school until I moved in with my grandparents. A couple of my siblings are very social too and it just plain didn't work for them. In contrast it was perfect for me cause I was a hopelessly awkward and studious child who had a hard time keeping focus during the long class day. My son is more like me and he loves his workbooks. The program I'm looking at is mostly book work with some online supplementary items for his age group. I was glad to see it wasn't pure online cause I don't think that would be really good at this point but either way I'll probably do a lot of side reading with him cause that's just a hobby of his in general. I'm leaning towards going forward with this option at this point. I was going to try to make it to the end of the year but since he's hit or miss at even going I don't want to end up knee jerk withdrawing him and not having any backup.

  7. Yeah it's really tough, I've talked to a couple parents in my area with kids who have similar issues, one took their son out while the other had great success there. My oldest son is also ASD and has been in public school the whole time without really any issue so you're right it's a very individual thing. Honestly the school has overall been really great, when they noticed she wasn't doing right by him they did talk to her but it didn't seem to help in the end. I just think his particular speech problems can be hard to understand. He seems generally "normal" just looking at him and in quick conversation so she may have expected him to have more normal reactions to things and when he didn't it was frustrating. He's just not great at saying what he wants and is really easily manipulated by suggestion since he likes to repeat things (he has pretty pronounced echolalia). Even with a college degree in this specifically I don't know that you'll ever be prepared for the meltdowns. Each type of meltdown has a unique flavor to it but if you know their interests the art of distraction can be really useful. Anyway I got him to school today with no fits or crying so hopefully he has a good day, he's a little under the weather though so he may be a bit touchy. Nate seems to be leaning toward it being entirely my decision, he's all for it overall as he wanted to homeschool him from the start.

  8. Hahaha well it's sorta on me too, though I am not in his county most of my siblings are and I have to hear about him on the local news all the time. You're right though, I doubt he'd actually make the cut and probably wouldn't be able to accept for family reasons if he did. He's popular with people who are in favor of the wall I'm sure so it's really no surprise his name was floated despite his current legal trouble.

  9. Does her brother have kids of his own? I know my husband's family has started kind of congregating around us cause we have the only child in the family and everyone likes to see kids open presents. It happened the last couple years, they just invited themselves out too, like without even consulting us first. The first year this happened was really alarming because when his dad said he was coming we didn't even have our house yet, we were living with my sister looking for a place. Anyway if you have the majority of the kids...you might be the new tradition. :p

  10. Omg! Sheriff Joe is top of the list for homeland security. Wtf?

    I almost am mad now he didn't win reelection. :p Bastard's gonna be everyone's probable not just ours. Hopefully that ***hole doesn't get though, he is currently on trial here so he may not be in office that long if he gets convicted.


    I guess this is a good time to say I voted for Stein. I really went back and forth cause I detested the idea of trump cause he's just terrible in every way but I couldn't put my name behind Hilary. Some of her policies changed thanks to Bernie but she never talked about them after the race really heated up between she and Trump so it really made me think she wasn't that serious about it. Like making tuition free for families making under $150k at public institutions and withdrawing support for the TPP (it's not just about the jobs, it's the terrible language about how companies can sue over things like collecting rain water because it cuts into someone's profits. Or countries for passing regulatory measures against like cigarette companies for putting warning labels on things, an oil company already did just this using NAFTA the case is ongoing). She also seems to be a pretty big supporter of fracking which being such a well known environmentalist you'd think she'd do some research there or have someone fill her in on why that's a terrible idea. She even championed the practice as secretary of state. I understand, a lot of the resources obtained that way are cleaner than oil but it causes earthquakes and ground water contamination in a lot of cases. Finally, and probably the biggest issue for me, is she is still pushing war policies and has always seemed to vote for bigger defense. Like her idea for the no fly zone in Syria just is going to antagonize the Russians, they've said as much but she refused to back down from it.


    So I guess in short she wasn't left enough for my taste, I'd be a proud Democrat if they were still the party of FDR but they clearly are not. Did I want her to lose? Not really but in the end I didn't vote for her so I have to swallow that pill whatever Trump throws at us. In the meantime I'm hoping the DNC takes this time to reflect on what their actual message to the people is before the next election. Are they still the champions of the common American or have they sold out far enough that they can't see past blaming everyone else for their mistakes? So far I've only seen the latter but hopefully once the rage dies down they'll have some time to think over things. Right now my eyes are on Sanders and Warren making the most waves the next four years while the rest of the establishment continues to sit on their hands while the republicans do whatever the **** they want.


    Edit: forgot a word

  11. I think a lot of people from the Cold War era would echo his sentiment honestly but I'm not sure my grandparents would put it that way, hah. He did play a pretty big roll in some of the scarier parts of the early 60's and I'm sure many people who remember those times were not pleased we're opening up ties with Cuba again.

  12. Oh yeah there's some super awesome camping gear now. We have extra tents and pads too cause we're always trying to get our relations to go with us on our trips. My younger siblings keep saying they will come but so far no luck haha. I'm going to try to plan something big for the early summer after my brother and sister in law are out of school, then those kiddies will have no excuse!


    My family does do Christmas Eve at my grandmas but we don't really do gifts anymore, the recession hit my family kind of hard and now we do homemade things or just enjoy a good dinner together. I'm actually happy for this change, until a year or so ago I couldn't afford to do any Christmas just for my children much less the rest of my family haha. I really do like the idea of a trip. Since I live in the desert I may try to talk Nate into an annual snow trip, like a drive up to Flag or something so my boys can enjoy the snow. My older sons live in San Diego part of the time so they would probably like it as well... or not cause they are apathetic teenagers but dammit I'm trying lol.

  13. Gah, glad your daughter is okay Fozzie but ouch! I hope your old employer gets shot down, mine tried to deny paying some of my medical benefits from back when I was still working with them. Like the incident happened in January, I wasn't laid off until April. Corporate America is a bunch of dicks.


    I have to make a tough decision about taking my youngest son out of public school soon I think. Logan is ASD and his peer pro they assigned him this year was really inexperienced and now I think it's tainted his desire to be there. I feel bad for her cause it's not easy dealing with him but at the same time many of the incidents she just made worse by not making an effort to understand him or distract him from what was making him upset. They moved her to the special needs class and gave him a new one he seems to like but it's still a horrendous fight to get him to go every day. Like drop to the floor bang his head while crying types of meltdowns which are heartbreaking to watch. My aunt recommended what looks to be a really awesome online charter school but their cutoff for the next semester is December 1st and I'm worried about my health limiting my ability to help him with his class work. My neurologist is convinced my back problems are a symptom of a larger arthritis issue that may be a lifelong problem. I do think I can sit with him at least to encourage him through his workbooks and online tasks most days but some days it's a struggle just to get out of bed. So Nate and I will just have to have a serious talk tomorrow (he's working 24 hours this weekend and is in no shape to make this kind of choice with me) and decide what we're going to do. God that was so much longer than I wanted it to be sorry.

  14. Yeah my uncle really wants to have like a family camp out every year which would probably include most of the people I really like in my family. Not that I hate anyone but there's a fairly major shift in values between generations in my family so gatherings can get heated at times. The older generation is not a huge fan of this idea cause sleeping on the ground is hard (hah) but my siblings and cousins seem favorable so it may happen. Hopefully I'll be able to start planning something for the spring but who knows.

  15. Forgive me I'm a slight bit bored these days but I thought this would be a fun conversation idea. I'm not particularly religious but I feel sometimes in my disinterest my kids don't get as much excitement out of the holidays as they could. I do believe ritualistic celebration is good for the soul though and would like to maybe cultivate some new traditions for my boys to enjoy. What family traditions do you and yours hold dear? For me Thanksgiving has always been my big family holiday, it's really the only one I look forward to every year. Not for Americana reasons or the food (though that is excellent) but because my family always has our reunions that week due to the ease of getting time off.

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