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  1. So I work graveyard now and don't really sleep anymore, what's up guys?

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    2. Jaycie


      Hellz yeah. :D Thanks!

    3. monkeygirl


      so when do you work/eat/sleep now and in what time zome?


    4. Jaycie


      Right now I'm working 1am est to 9:30 but I live on Arizona time so it makes for fun wonky timezone confusion. I generally sleep in the evenings, lol.

  2. People having issues posting/editing/etc please see my last update in the feedback thread. I hope that fixes things for you guys but if not obviously let us know. :)

  3. Of course I'd have insomnia the night before I go back to work, lol. At least it's a short week!

  4. Posted an update about recent changes on nightly, see feedbag thread here: http://nightly.net/topic/72842-nightly-updates-april-2012/

  5. Forum changes = mostly complete.

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    2. Pong Messiah

      Pong Messiah


    3. NumberSix


      Ignore the polls and start changing forum names!

    4. Jaycie


      I should change ALL forum names. NAZIADMINFTW am I right?

  6. My boyfriend's dad just set our stove on fire..

  7. It's kind of horrifying how many people don't keep personal backups of their own site. : /

  8. Sugar craaaaash, need more coffeeee.

  9. So much hate for technology today. >.<

    1. Dr. Destructo

      Dr. Destructo

      Story of my life for the past year. : )

  10. Just got a new healthcare package from work. Totally excited they added vision coverage. Def overdue on getting some new glasses.

    1. Ryn


      So jealous. Vision is really the only coverage I would use.

    2. Destiny Skywalker

      Destiny Skywalker

      Glad to see companies improving their coverage instead of decreasing it!

    3. Jaycie


      Totally, I actually have a fantastic package. 100% of my medical and dental is covered and I just added vision care for $4.00 per month. We had to update ours cause our last company is discontinuing medical coverage.

  11. Totally jealous of my co-workers who are at Hostingcon this week in San Diego.

    1. Darth Krawlie

      Darth Krawlie

      totally mad that you didn't come down here

    2. Jaycie


      Well I'm sure I'll get back to San Diego SOMEDAY. Only the higher ups and our retarded social networking guy got to go this round. :(

  12. Man it's days like this that make me love my job.

  13. Watching Archer :D

    1. Destiny Skywalker
    2. Jaycie


      Figured you'd approve. It's genius. We watched all the way through it this weekend. :D

  14. My mother really, really needs to learn how to facebook.

    1. Destiny Skywalker

      Destiny Skywalker

      Like, how NOT to facebook? Mine keeps embarrassing me.

    2. Jaycie


      Mine needs to learn how to create private messages. She keeps airing out my half-sister's sorted drama's on my and my full sister's wall. >.<

    3. Destiny Skywalker

      Destiny Skywalker

      Sorry, but LOL. This is why I locked down my facebook from family when we told them I was pregnant. Grandma doesn't understand that writing on my wall means that everyone knows about her hemorrhoids.

  15. Seriously, who updates a ****ing dns cluster on a Monday at 9am.

  16. Haha, I couldn't figure out what was on your head in your profile picture so I had to take a closer look. Very cute!

  17. Setting up my first cloud server, good times. :D

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    2. Jaycie


      I work in hosting so it's company side.

    3. Doze


      Whats a cloud server?

    4. Doze


      Whats a cloud server?

  18. Time's up let's do this!

  19. Happy Birthday dude!

  20. Heh, an hour into my shift the whole system drops. Fantastic.

    1. jameslikesstuff


      i hope that means you got paid to do nothing, not that your whole shift went to s#!t

  21. How do you order **** online and not know any of the information used in the process? People ****ing baffle me.

    1. Jedi Cool

      Jedi Cool

      Because thinking and reading is waaay too hard, Jaycie!

  22. Man Tuesdays are always so nuts.

    1. Boba Sweat

      Boba Sweat

      i would imagine man tuesdays would require nuts

  23. I need a vacation.

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