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  1. Sorry and Congratulations(?)! I think the whole team that's been running things the last few years has really put in some great effort keeping the community together. Ya'll are awesome. ^.^ Honestly a lot of the reason I ended up leaving. I feel like I knew too much about server stuff but not enough about the specifics on the board software and getting any assistance to do anything on the host side proved difficult. I think this was around the same time I was starting to get sick and wasn't fully aware of what was happening to me. Now as for my time as a Mod of the forum formally known as Star Wars Chicks. The was a chaotic blast for the most part, until the M/A game got weird anyway and the official SWC site divorced us.
  2. Necro posting cause I only pop in every so often (sorry). As someone who spent a lot of time putting random bullshit down in the achieves I'm glad they are still around, but as someone who has been stalked online I'm glad they are hidden.
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