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  1. What a time machine this is! I hope all is well in these strange times! I did most of my posting in my late teens and early 20s in the wrestling forum & lando, but started out in Star Wars. I'm 34 , married , and weirder than ever now. This place woke me up as kid to how screwed up with world can and would be. This place def. helped make me who I am today! Cheers. PS virtual hotdog stand, nAw, and Asians in heels killing cats gifs
  2. Ron Jaworski once made it to a super bowl going 9-29 for 91 yards and 2 ints. LOVED that 10-11 wore white stat.
  3. 41.If foadisto posts a pic of an azn woman take a shot. 42. If you miss nAw take a shot.
  4. Can anyone explain the anomaly that is the "collecting soccer balls thread"? How has it ran for 13+ years and who are the people that post exclusively in it?
  5. Meh, it's mostly rehashed white guilt race baiting crap. He's gone to the well one to many times. Go make a sci fi film or Kill Bill 3 and then retire. The only thing that would have justified this film is if it was QT that played SLJ's snow gimp. It was fun seeing it in 70mm, the red apple cameo, and the twists were fine but I can't give it more than a 6.5 out of 10.
  6. Phasma tracks Poe and Finn having multiple battles which result in Finns capture and Poe's narrow escape. Chewy and Rey have a dog fight with Kylo and his own personalized Tie Fighter.
  7. SPOILERS. Kamino scene in clones in the rain always makes me swoon. Ponda Baba Mos Eisly scene. Tree Cave in ESB. Jaba sequence through Sarlac pitt. Han shouts "Ben" and the sequence that follows. Kylo Ren's beconing prayer to the Vader helmet. Lukes theme when Rey gets the saber and it ignites.
  8. Was Ben Solo was the defector of the Jedi Order Luke was recreating and later formed the Knights of Ren? Luke totally has the I am your father moment with Rey in 8. Kylo and Rey have an epic saber fight in 8 as well. I to would like to see Rey with a double blade saber. Totally agree Leia becomes the Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic. A giant Snoke/Darth Plagueis (8 feetish) and Kylo Ren take on Luke, Rey, and Finn in 9. Finn and Luke are killed, Snoke is killed. Kylo escapes Rey leaving it open ended.
  9. I didn't like that Kylo Ren could sense Han Solo from relatively far away and then Han just proceeds to sneak up on him later.
  10. Why couldn't the creatures Han was smugging be gundarks, kryat dragons, or even freaking wampas! Why make up a silly CGI tentacled blowfish mynock looking thing?
  11. Thursday Tampa Bay at St. Louis Saturday NY Jets at Dallas Sunday Chicago at Minnesota Atlanta at Jacksonville Houston at Indianapolis Carolina at NY Giants Tennessee at New England Buffalo at Washington Kansas City at Baltimore Cleveland at Seattle Green Bay at Oakland Denver at Pittsburgh Miami at San Diego Cincinnati at San Francisco Arizona at Philadelphia Monday Detroit at New Orleans
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