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  1. To me in most cases with comic movies, good correlates with faithfulness to the source material balanced with grounded logic.
  2. I'm torn between waiting to see how it plays out, and bitching about Kylo going from wanting to finish what Vader started to completely telling the past to fuck off. Also, I hope Episode 9 actually feels like Star Wars this time.
  3. I didn't like it. It just did not feel like Mass Effect to me. I ended up quitting frequently to play Star Wars Battlefront or take a nap.
  4. Two episodes in. I'm slacking.
  5. Every old school fan I know likes this more than TFA in one way or another. To me it has that same feel Halo: Reach and Revenge of the Sith both had - you essentially know how it ends, and you know it's generally bleak for the heroes, but you get the feeling that they're going to get you invested and make you care in spite of that, and for that I applaud them.
  6. ...or just smart enough to fool the world into thinking I'm ineffective. Seriously though I'm on an old browser. None of this new code ever works for vids, pics, etc.
  7. Very badass. I don't know how to embed shit on here anymore or I would.
  8. I saw it and I had a good time watching it. Obviously it was flawed, but jesus...what are some of these critics expecting when they go to see movies like this? The Departed? Godsakes.
  9. Wally keeps saying this is some good shit. I usually trust his judgment, so I'm probably going to check it out.
  10. Exodus


    I'd like to nominate Sony as the new holders of the "Best Bad Guy" title in this franchise.
  11. This doesn't reach general Nightly caliber ridiculousness until we veer off topic with a succession of several pages worth of irrelevant quotes and responses that don't pertain to the original subject matter. But we're currently headed in the right direction.
  12. Exodus


    I'm ready to present my non-sexist checklist here. - Aykroyd and Reitman had a script for a long time that didn't actually sound bad at all. Hadron collider @ Columbia University creates a new outlet for ghosts to reach us from, new team comprised of both young men and women has to join with the old team to stop the threat and the torch is passed...however, Sony didn't want to play ball for whatever reason. It was written in such a way by Aykroyd that Murray did or didn't have to be there, it could be done either way, so that holdup wasn't actually a holdup. - Finally, after screwing up
  13. http://www.outerplaces.com/science-fiction/item/12750-first-look-at-the-costumes-and-character-descriptions-for-rogue-one-a-star-wars-story Costume close-ups, character names and descriptions, and possible insight. Really cool stuff.
  14. Exodus

    NBA 2015-16

    It may have to do with the uncertain future of Chris Bosh. It may be about going home. It may be about playing with Butler and Rondo. ...but holy hell, that backcourt duo of Wade/Rondo is not going to be lighting it up from three, that's for damn sure.
  15. Exodus

    NBA 2015-16

    At least Wade leaving for Chicago makes sense because it's his home turf. He sure wasn't willing to compromise a single dollar though.
  16. I wouldn't mind Tank's idea at all, it sounds great. You almost have to have Jyn be the last spy standing and have her do something incredibly ballsy, clever, or downright defiant to get those plans where they need to be. I think overlapping the stories would be a cool way to cement the idea that it's the same universe. Look at Episode III, that wasn't exactly a happy ending. Main hero isolates himself to protect the children of a dead mother and an evil father. That's bleak, but it's okay to be bleak when you know what comes next and you know it's good. Vader can go total asshat mode and b
  17. So generally, nobody cares if the end of Rogue One overlaps with the beginning of ANH as long as it's executed well? Or if new information comes to light that changes how certain events in ANH are percieved? Doesn't sound like anyone is too concerned, which is good.
  18. We know Vader is in it. We know they're testing the Death Star. We know the rebels are after the plans, and ultimately they get them. It's a very similar situation to Revenge of the Sith - what follows the movie we're about to watch has been established, fates are sealed in most cases, outcomes are or should be easily predictable. But the big question is the execution. I know generally people scoff at novels, but sometimes they add extra depth. Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader added interesting details to the story that played out in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game. In a
  19. Exodus

    Roman Reigns

    Even before the suspension, there was big talk of Vince getting bored with his push and considering nixing it. Before news of the suspension broke, it was hard to surmise if the rumors were true about his push or if this was simply Rollins getting back what he never lost and resuming his push. Then Dean cashed in and...well, so it wasn't about Rollins after all. Ambrose endured getting depushed, not being chosen as the turncoat heel or the monster face, had possibly the best feud of 2014 with Rollins that summer, taking several clean losses, carrying Roman's WrestleMania feud with Triple H
  20. - Snoke explained, not necessarily intertwined with any of the original six movies or the EU...but I won't complain if so - An OT loction, but preferably not Tatooine...which leaves Endor, Yavin, or Dagobah. May have to settle for Yavin in Rogue 1 here, but Dagobah and Endor are possibilities in Episode VIII given their potential meaning to Luke, Rey, or Kylo - A plot that doesn't somehow tie to a planet-sized super weapon - not because it bothers me, but because I don't want to hear any bitching from those that it would bother - There's always a shot of a neat looking new alien speci
  21. As long as the bugged quests are fixed, I'm good. I mean shit, it's not my fault if I loot a chest 30 levels ahead of schedule.
  22. Oh yeah...and I saw the movie. Everyone knows Apocalypse is my favorite Marvel villain. They obviously only wrote this "body jumping" nonsense in to explain the crux of the movie with him wanting to jump into Xavier. The moment I saw pruny Apocalypse in the beginning, I wanted to kick Bryan Singer in the dick. He can materialize body transferring machines out of thin air. He can survive some weird suspended animation out in the open air beneath a pile of rocks and debris. So why can't he just materialize a neat blue sarcophagus to go into suspended animation in, and to regenerate his health
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